Write Time 10/26/2011

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Thanks to everyone who joined us live in this broadcast! We didn’t have a lot of new product info this week because just about everything new is in transit to us right now. We took some trips down memory lane with the early days of GPC and Ink Nouveau. We’re in a bit of a nostalgic mood having just moved our business out of our house, and having an empty garage again just like when we first moved into our house. It’s encouraging to see that so many of you still came to our broadcast to hang out with us even though we didn’t have a lot of writing stuff to talk about. Thanks for all of the fellowship and support you’ve given us, we really do appreciate it!

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  • Sven Opitz

    The celluloid pens:
    I love Celluloid, it is my favourite material. However a) I don't like the design b) I am never sure with Japanese nibs, as I like quite broad nibs (my main gripe with Noodler's pens) and c) at the price I buy only in Europe, if something is wrong it is drama enough without having to involve customs…
    I just had to send back a Blue Ripple and I don't expect to see it again for two months, if customs were involved I would have to take vacation days for each little thing, as they are only open when I have to work, it would be much more of a nightmare.

    I am never sure, what people expect from a community, I really like FPN and I can't wait for the new FPN pens!

    De Atramentis and Rohrer & Klingner:
    My hands down favourite is De Atramentis Altrosa. (The colour is too red for a real Altrosa, but that makes it look really good). Both companies produce high quality, well behaved inks (and yes R&K have two iron gall inks, which I don't use). The problem with De Atramentis is, that they quite often repackage old inks under special names and then try to sell them for a much higher price. I gave up scented inks, I am quite sure my Sheaffer Valor still reeks of chemical Vanilla aroma… others had better experiences. It is important to clean your pen often, when using scented inks! (I learned that the hard way)

  • Kelly Chiu

    Had problem signing in last night.  Gave up after 35 min. of getting in and out, rebooting, resetting… I tried.

  • Celluloids make beautiful pens, that's for sue. I completely know where you're coming from on customs. The less you can deal with customs in your life, the simpler your life will be! As for FPN, it's a good forum, no question. But like any forum, it has its quirks, and you have to take it in stride. All in all, it's still the best fountain pen forum out there.

    Thanks for your advice on the DA and RnK inks. We're excited about bringing them in and learning more about them. I'll be aware of the scented inks! 

  • I'm really sorry! Everything seemed to be working okay on our end, nothing unusual from the other broadcasts. Are you able to watch the recording?