Write Time 10/5/11

Boy, it was great to be back! We missed everyone last week, but we certainly had enough to talk about this week. Sheaffer VFM’s, TWSBI ROC-100’s, Noodler’s Flex Pens, our big move for our business….just excitement all around.

We were getting a lot of questions about new products and their scheduled availability, so here’s a list of what’s coming and when:

  • We’re moving our whole shop! Friday Oct. 7 at noon- any orders placed on GouletPens.com after this time will not begin shipping until Wed. Oct 12. We’re moving our whole facility and we’ll need a few days to  get organized before we begin shipping again. Our website will remain up the whole time.
  • Noodler’s Flex pens- tentative GouletPens release date of October 17th, barring unforseen shipping delays. Ahab flex pens are going to be a couple of weeks later, no exact date yet.
  • Kaweco BB nibs and new pen colors are coming ‘late October’, we’re told
  • Taccia Savanna, sometime in October 
  • Lamy Dialog 3 in black, sometime in November
  • TWSBI ink bottles, smoke 540, Vac-700, italic nibs, and others…..no dates yet.

Be sure to join us next week during a super-duper special broadcast! We’ll be announcing our first true Goulet exclusive Noodler’s ink with a special guest by phone….Mr. Nathan Tardif himself! We’re going to share our collective thoughts creating the ink, as well as dive deeper than ever before into the properties of the various Noodler’s ink and Nathan’s logic behind his ink classifications. Quite a buzz has stirred up since we helped compile a list of Noodler’s ink properties, and it’s generated a lot of questions about the very specific properties of certain inks. We plan to go deep and settle some long-asked questions about Noodler’s inks. So if you have any questions for Nathan, let me know. He’ll be joining us for our broadcast live at 9pm EDT on Wednesday October 12th.

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  • Jordan H

    Make sure and take lots of pictures of the new shop!

  • Philip W

    Vibrant Fun Modern?! …That's the worst acronym I've heard of in a while…When you said VFM, I thought it stood for Value For Money!

  • We'll see, I don't want to go showing any proprietary stuff that we have going on 😛

  • Yeah…I love Sheaffer pens and I'm a big fan, but that's a name that leaves something to be desired.

  • NoonianAtall

    Please put your broadcasts on YouTube.  Trying to get the old shows to play on Justin.tv is an exercise in frustration.

  • I'm really sorry. I wish it were easier to upload them to YouTube…it's not nearly as simple or easy as you might think. It's a very manual process that would take me around 3-4 hours per week, and that's just time that I don't have right now. I'm really sorry! If I'm able to figure out a way to do it faster, I'll jump on it in a minute, but for right now it's just not something I can easily manage 🙁