The Ahabs are Coming!

We got a sneak peek at the new colors of the new Noodler’s Ahab Flex Pen coming next week. There will be 11 colors in the first batch (pictured below).

We’re tentatively scheduling our release for Monday, November 21, at 12pm EST.
(In the event our shipment ends up being delayed, it’ll be pushed to the following week, and we’ll announce if that’s the case).

We encourage you to sign up for the email notification list for any color you’re interested in. Some of these colors will go fast! But the good news is, a few weeks later, a second batch will arrive with even more colors – a variety of tinted demonstrators, possibly an all-black one… we’ll see when they arrive! In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks of the 11 colors we’ll have next week:

Clear demonstrator

Lapis Inferno – blue and white swirls

Mandarin Yellow – solid yellow

Bumblebee – yellow and black swirls

Arizona – yellow and orange swirls

Poltergeist Pumpkin – orange and black swirls

Medieval Lapis – blue, black, and white swirls

Ivory Darkness – black and white swirls

Cardinal Darkness – red and black swirls

December 25th – red and green swirls

Jade – green and white swirls


P.S. In case you missed it, check out our other blog post from September with even more pictures and a video overview of the Ahab flex pens.

2017-10-06T18:51:59+00:00 November 13th, 2011|Pen News|6 Comments
  • Marco Ramirez

    Any writing tests forthcoming before the release of the pen? In your previous post you mentioned a possible issue of "burping" with pens that have higher ink storage capacity as well as possibly having to press down more on the pen for flex than previous flex pen versions. 

  • Nicky

    I quite like Medieval Lapis! 

  • Susan_T_meowmda

    Ivory Darkness, come to mama!

  • Yes, I certainly will do a writing test. I've been a bit hesitant since I found out there was a slight alloy change from the original quality control batch (which includes the few pens I initially received). The 'new' pens, which are the ones you see above, are supposed to flex a little easier. I don't know to what degree though, because I don't have any of the new ones. So I've been debating about doing a writing test with the version of the pens that I know have already been changed, instead I may just wait a week (not even, maybe) and have the new and improved versions to test. 

  • That's the one new color that we've never seen in a Noodler's pen before. I'm excited to see it for myself!

  • Haha! 😉