Kaweco Sport New Arrivals

Kaweco just came out with 5 new Sport pens, so I wanted to show them off. There are two new ICE Sport pens, Pink and Yellow. These pens are exactly the same as previously existing ICE Sports, just a different color. They have all steel (silver colored) accents.

Kaweco ICE Sport, pink

Kaweco ICE Sport, yellow

There are also three new Classic Sport pens, Guilloch 1930, Green, and Bordeaux. These are identical to the previously existing Classic Sport pens, with gold accents.

Kaweco Classic Sport, Guilloch 1930 (black)

Kaweco Classic Sport, green 
Kaweco Classic Sport, bordeaux

These new pens are the same price as their already existing siblings. They accept standard international cartridges, but alas, no converters. However, you can convert these to eyedropper pens like I show in this video. It’s also hard to see the details in the pics of the Guilloch 1930, so I made a video on it here.

What do you think of the new colors?

5 new Kaweco Sport colors
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  • The first thing I thought when I saw the green one was "Bad Green Gator" ;o)

  • Anonymous

    Love the green with gold accents. A very nice color combination.

  • Not far off!

  • It does look nice!

  • I was not really a fan of the design of these pens – too modern & boxy. But the Guilloche 1930 is interesting. It almost looks like vintage chased hard rubber. And converted to an eyedropper it could be a good pen for travel – compact yet with a large ink capacity. It's growing on me…

  • Doug Fishback

    My mainstay inks right now are Aurora Black, Diamine Oxblood, and Diamine Green-Black, which would pair great with those Kawecos.  I have a Kaweco Ice (in orange) on the way now, and depending on how that one works for me, I may be buying more — though it would be tough to pass up the aluminum version.  And the Pilot Prera.  And the Noodler's Ahab…

  • The Kawecos definitely have a distinct design, you won't confuse them with many other pens! The style isn't for everyone, but that's okay. The utility of these little pens is their main attraction. 

  • Haha, sounds like you have quite the wish list going on there! 😉 The Al-Sport feels really nice in the hand, the only problem is that it's aluminum so it can't be converted to an eyedropper. If you're okay using (or refilling) cartridges though, it's certainly worth a look. Also, you have great taste in inks!

  • Fred Mannis

    Just received my Classic Sport Guilloch and it just what I have been looking for to carry in my pocket for casual note taking. The EF nib is smooth and I'm sure will get even smoother with use.
    Do you expect to carry the Liliput? Looks like another fine pocket pen

  • I'm glad you like the Guilloch! We've looked into the Lilliput, it's a bit more expensive ($60 each). The only thing regularly imported in the US is the medium nib, other sizes would be a special order from Germany with a several month wait…

  • Frank Jackson

    Great Store! I'm using the Noodler's "The Blue Ghost" invisible ink to sign my
    photographs… I also bought the small finger black lights.

  • Very cool! Blue Ghost is a great use for that too, because it's a permanent ink.

  • James Hyde

    Now if they would just come out with a Purple Ice…

  • I know, right? A purple anything would be nice…