Original Crown Mill is in!

No joke, we just got in our first order of Original Crown Mill cotton and laid paper not an hour before the release of the Noodler’s Ahab pens! We’re running around like crazy people to get these listed in time so that you can get them at the same time as your Ahabs, so check out the OCM paper here.

Original Crown Mill is Belgian paper that has a great reputation with fountain pen ink. There has been a bit of a gap in its availability since Swisher went out of the picture, and we’ve had a lot of people asking us for it. We just got in our first shipment and haven’t even had the chance to really play with it to a great extent, but I did grab a few pens I had inked up and write on the Pure Cotton, which is what I’ve heard a lot about:

I tested it out with three different pens and inks. The paper feels great, it’s most certainly all cotton, and does have a much more textured feel than the Rhodia and Clairefontaine that I’ve been using regularly for the last two years. The paper is more absorbent than clay-coated, pulp-based paper. As such, your lines will appear a little broader than on Rhodia/CF, and the color will also be a little more flat. The shading and color variation will not be as dramatic on this particular paper.

I did noticed a little bit of bleedthrough on the back with the flex pen and Purple Heart (lubricated) ink, as well as a tiny bit with my Pelikan italic:

I would fully expect these pen/ink combos to bleed on most papers, though, since these are realllly wet pens and inks. The Pilot with Noodler’s Blue did great, though. This is cotton paper, after all, and will be more absorbent than Rhodia and Clairefontaine. For those of you that like the more textured (also called ‘toothy’) and absorbent feel of cotton paper, this may be what you’re looking for.

We just started carrying a limited offering of the Original Crown Mill line, and we’re always open for suggestions of what else we could carry (see our line-up here). I also plan to do a lot more playing around and reviewing. Just post here in the comments if there’s something you’d like us to get that we don’t already have, or if you have any experience with OCM that you’d like to share.

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  • StevenHorvat

    Neat O! I want one! How about the envelopes?

  • I haven't tried the envelopes yet. We literally got these in less than an hour before the Ahab release, and I quickly did up this post. Just about all of the OCM we had was gone after that, so I'll have to wait to get replenished before I can do a more thorough review! We didn't get a huge first order of this paper because we wanted to dip our toes in the water before we dove in, and we also didn't expect that we'd get it so fast! We've already ordered more and should have it in next week, in greater quantities.

  • Kevy

    Hi Brian and Rachel! Thanks for the update… but but … you're already out of the small 100% cotton tablets!!! Are you getting stock in soon? I'll place an order when the TWSBI 540's also come in … and already have an order enroute.

    Many thanks for getting OCM in. It's more affordable than Crane's and is a brilliant paper, especially the 100% cotton.

  • Shoot, you're right! Dang, and we just got more in….I think we'll have to up our quantities. We JUST started carrying the paper, so it's hard to know what the demand is. We'll order more and get it in later this week or early next week. TWSBI's are going to arrive again mid-late next week, but those are going to fly since we're not going to get as many as we'd like. 

  • Elethea

    Hello! Will you also be stocking OCM's deckle edged stationery please?

  • We don't have any immediate plans to carry it regularly, but we certainly can if there's enough interest. In the meantime though, we can special order you anything you like 🙂 Just shoot us an email.

  • Elethea

    Thank you.  I'll keep it in mind.  =)

  • Eric Shelton

    Have you had any more requests for the deckled edge? I'd certainly be interested.

  • None, really. We can always special order, though.

  • Nathan

    I hope to see the deckled edge stationary come into stock!

  • We've considered that, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. It's pretty costly.

  • boar_d_laze

    Pure Cotton is good stuff. Laid takes more ink and color, and the laid pattern makes it easier to write a straight line.

    Not discussed in the review (and why would it be?) is the Crown Mill papers' suitability for ultra high-end business purposes which don't involve hand-writing. Both papers function well in a laser printer, can be "embossed" with letterhead by a commercial printing service, and — compared to what else is out there for the purpose — is competitively priced.