Write Time 11/2/11

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It was nice to actually have in some of the new products we have been talking about! We got to play with the new TWSBI bottle, black matte Lamy Dailog 3, and Taccia Savanna. We recapped on Tuesday’s flex pen release, which went amazingly smooth! The pens loaded right at noon, we had no bog-down and all went well! Finally, I think we’ve figured it out. That’s much better hope for the Ahabs ūüėČ

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  • N√∂lff

    I finally got a flex nib pen. Thanks.

  • Guest

    Any specific arrival time for the Ahab?

  • Awesome! You're welcome : )

  • Not yet, we're still waiting to hear. It's going to be a couple of weeks, probably.

  • Got the pretty TWSBI bottles. Filled the purple with vintage Parker Quink Permanent Violet, and the green with Sheaffer's Skrip Peacock Blue (probably the actual bottle I bought in 1973 for my first pen). The happy thing is the visibility and washability. Not afraid of the SITB causing any lasting harm. I think the violet might not be quite as permanent as it was when it was new. It seems a little washed out.

  • Aren't the bottles just gorgeous? I'm glad you're enjoying them, and what inks you have there!¬†