Write Time 11/9/11

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Well, I almost accidentally canceled last night’s broadcast! We were debating about doing it or not, mainly because Rachel has been really burned out this week and we had a dinner arrangement with my parents. The dinner fell through and Rachel felt good, so we kept the broadcast. I’d originally titled yesterday’s post ‘Write Time Canceled 11/9/11’, but when I wrote about everything we were going to talk about, I forgot to change it! Silly me….you’d think after nearly 500 blog posts I would do a goof like that 😛 And yeah, 500 posts is right around the corner! I’ll hit it in the next two weeks, probably.

So anyway, we DID end up doing a broadcast, and here it is. We talked about :

  • How we’re bringing back almost all of the Clairefontaine and Rhodia notebooks we’d stopped carrying a couple of months ago
  • Changes (for the better!) to our quantity discounts on all notebooks
  • Noodler’s Ahab flex pens will be here in the next two weeks (definite ETA coming soon!)
  • New pictures I’ve been taking and what kind of videos we’re working on in the near future.
Thanks to everyone who joined us live! As always, we had a great time. If you’re able to join us, we’ll be here again next week on Wednesday, November 16 at 9pm EST!
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  • Anonymous

    I haven't had a chance to watch the recording yet. Did you happen to reveal this month's Ink Drop colors?

  • Renard

    Are there audio or video downloads available? Justin.tv doesn't work on iDevices.

  • Does anyone else have problems loading the chat screen on Justin.tv? I have tried Explorer, Firefox, chrome and Safari, plus all the hints I have found on the web, and I am still unable to view, or contribute to the chat during the broadcast.

  • Not this week….we should have but didn't think of it until the very end of the broadcast! We'll do that next week.

  • I have the audio recording in a Podcast! Just look up Ink Nouveau on iTunes and you'll see us there 🙂 

  • I'm really sorry! I've been getting reports of issues with Justin here and there lately, and it kills me because there's really not much I can do on my end. I know that Firefox has been doing a lot of version updates lately, and perhaps sites like Justin are having a hard time keeping up?

  • No worries Brian, I know it is not your fault. It is just frustrating as I have tried "everything" and it still does not work. I still enjoy watching when I can. Hopefully Justin will sort out the issues on their end soon.

  • kondro

    I have that problem with Justin.tv a lot too. Refreshing a number of times usually ends up fixing it.

    Their chat application is Flash-based so browser versions (even completely different browsers) shouldn't cause much of a problem because they are all essentially running the same version of Flash.

  • Ah, this just kills me! I've used both Ustream and Justintv, the only two live broadcasting tools I really know of, and they are both really buggy. It seems like there's no perfect option, and I'm really sorry for that.