Write Time Topics 11/30/11 with Brian Gray

We’re back, and with a guest! Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company is joining us live by phone tonight at 9pm EST for another broadcast of Write Time. We’re going to be announcing our latest collaboration, the newest Edison Nouveau Premiere LE. The first LE that we did was a huge hit, and we’ve been thinking about doing another since the first one 6 months ago.

So if you have the time, join us tonight as we hang out with Brian and talk pens and other random stuff. Write on!

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  • Brian Gray

    I'll be there!

  • Haha, well that's good! 😉 

  • Anonymous

    If it fits into what you have planned for the broadcast, could you guys update us on when DeAtramentis is coming into stock, if you know? I've been holding my trigger finger in check on a couple other things, hoping these inks would be available fairly soon.

  • We don't have anything to update on DA yet, but we should soon. I'm sorry for the long wait!