Write Time 12/7/11

Last night we had two big things to launch! One was the introduction of De Atramentis inks on GouletPens.com, and the other is the new writing comparison tool called the Nib Nook. We’ve been working for months to develop the Nib Nook, which is a tool that allows you to view easily comparable writing samples with all of the different pen models and nib sizes that we carry. Like the ink samples and Swab Shop, it’s a revolutionary tool that we hope will be incredibly useful.

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  • Nicky

    I really enjoyed Write Time tonight (I'm Sidheblessed in the chat btw). I LOVE the Nib Nook. It's a very useful tool. Thank you for all the hard work I'm sure went into creating it. Once again, you've elevated yourselves above your competition. 

  • StevenHorvat

    see now that's exactly what I was talking about! Excellent excellent work!

  • Galen

    Just went and used it. Works great. I'm sure it took a lot of work cleaning and filling all those pens. Unless you have a bunch of pens all filled with Noodler's Black now:) 

  • bears_deliver_my_mail

    I'm GUTTED that my suggestion of Nib Nook was posted in the chat milliseconds after the other person who suggested it.  Daaaaaaang.

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it! We did too, except for the power outage! Ug. At least it came back on quickly and we were able to keep going 🙂 

  • Thanks!

  • Haha, yeah, it's been a lot of work, and we're not done yet either. I still have a bunch more pens to do, but I have most of the critical ones done 🙂 

  • Yeah, we're actually trying to figure out who was the first to suggest it! It was a name that a lot of different people suggested to us, which was part of why we chose to name it that!

  • bears_deliver_my_mail

    It fits with your alliterative streak.

  • Anonymous

    The Nib Nook is awesome. I didn't think it was possible to want that Custom 74 with B nib any more than I already do, but now that I have seen its writing sample, a penpocalypse may be at hand :O

  • Kevin

    Awesome tool. Are the images themselves also standardized to reflect actual dimensions, not just relative to other pens, but to their thicknesses "in real life"?

  • Wow!  Lot of work on the nib nook!  Great job guys!

  • Rob

    Genius idea for Nib Nook! Thanks for thinking about what would help us. It will bring customers and get sales. You just keep raising the bar. Well done!

  • Haha…it was really fun for me to do it all too, I was really surprised by some of the results! Especially by how fine all of the Pilot nibs are, and how the Edison 18k nibs are broader than the steel ones. Also, the Kaweco BB nibs really aren't that big of a deal, there are a lot of other B nibs that seem to be broader!

  • No, the images are relative, not absolute. But, the dot spacing is 5mm, so that can at least give you an idea of how the writing is from sample to sample. If we did true dimensions, the images would have been pretty small, and there's no way we could guarantee that they would actually display properly on everyone's screens.

  • Thanks! It was a lot of work, I but also fun to do, too.