Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 Ink Drop Reveal

January's Ink Drop is out! This month's theme is "New Year, New Inks". The idea behind it is that we have this whole new brand, Rohrer and Klingner, and we're really excited about it. It's an ink that isn't widely distributed (especially in the US), so we thought that sharing the whole line with the Ink Drop community would get a lot of exposure for the brand, and get conversations started all over the internet about the different colors. Since we have 5 inks in every Ink Drop, we decided to mix up each Drop and include 5 randomly selected colors to give to each member, though some consideration was given to try to give each member a nice variety within their selection.

There are 18 inks in the line, and we used 16 of them for the Ink Drop. The two we left out were Salix and Scabiosa, and the reason we didn't include those is because they are iron gall. Iron gall inks are kind of a special type of ink and require a little more care when using them in some pens. So we stuck with the conventional inks in the line.

Ever since we started the Ink Drop club back in September of 2010, I intended to review each of the inks and post about them here on the blog as we released them. I have not kept up well with that in the past, but this month I am. I have already done reviews for all 18 colors, and I will be posting them throughout the month, I've posted Alt-Bordeaux, Alt-Goldgrün, Blau Permanent, and Blue Mare already. I'm optimistic that if I can post reviews of 18 inks while I have a 3-week old newborn (and a toddler to boot), then I should be able to keep up with 5 inks in the following months. The idea behind my reviewing the colors as we release them is that it gives Ink Drop members a central place to talk about the inks and how they like them, and I hope we're all able to do that here with Rohrer and Klingner.

Just like every month, you have until the end of the 14th to still get this month's colors if you'd like to join....it's $10 for US members, $12.50 for international. I really hope that this month's theme will help to get a lot of awareness about Rohrer and Klingner, and that we can all share our experiences with our own colors with everyone else.


  1. I loaded the Konigsblau today. It looks very pretty.

  2. wait... so is all Montblanc Ink iron gall? I also didn't know these inks came from Germany, that's crazy good.

  3. I like that color too, I'll be posting that review here pretty soon.

  4. I don't carry Mont-Blanc so I can't say exactly what's up with them. I'm under the impression that their Blue-Black (and maybe one other color, I can't recall) is iron gall, but the others are not.

  5. I don't know what it is but I did not feel a connection with any of the R&K ink colors in the Ink Drop this month or the rest, shown in the Swab Shop.  For me, they just seemed to lack something.  In general, they don't hold a candle to Diamine, Private Reserve, or Noodler's inks.  Again, this is just how I reacted to them but I can't think of another ink brand that Brian and Rachel carry (where there are more than just a few colors to choose from) where none of the colors piqued my interest.  Ah, but now I get to look forward to February's Ink Drop. ;-)

  6. That's quite alright, there are plenty of other inks out there! 

  7. It has been my first Ink Drop, and I'm very very happy with it !

    Here a quick simple of my lot, written using a dip pen.

  8. I'm thrilled to hear it! Dip pens are awesome for testing Ink Drop colors. Thanks for posting your pic ;) 


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