Rohrer and Klingner Helianthus Review

Rohrer and Klingner Helianthus comes from Germany in a 50ml bottle, and is the only yellow in the brand. It’s a sunny yellow, leaning just a tad towards gold
The dry time is pretty fast, about 15 seconds on Rhodia paper which is more ink resistant than most papers. It’s on the faster end of the Rohrer and Klingner inks in terms of dry time. There’s basically no water resistance, which is not shocking for a yellow ink as most aren’t. On the flip side, it’s very easy to clean from the pen. The shading is okay but hard to see because of the light color, the flow is on the wet side but I would call it more medium. It’s a fairly effortless ink to use.
Yellows are a funny color for fountain pen ink…I can never quite figure out how to best use them. Half of the yellow inks out there (maybe more) are so light that you can hardly tell what you’re even writing! Helianthus is kind of borderline. It’s not so light that it’s unreadable, but it isn’t the darkest yellow I’ve used either. I don’t know that I would recommend this as the best yellow ink out there for use in writing, it will be a bit light especially in a finer nib. Go with a broader nib with this ink. Yellows aren’t my thing though, so maybe some of you yellow ink fans can give some insight here about what’s best when choosing a good yellow. I will say though (since I’m a retailer) that in general, yellows are the least popular of any other fountain pen ink color. The ones that are ‘successful’ are the darker ones with more of a gold hue, and Helianthus is on the lighter end of the gold inks….or the golder end of the yellow inks….does that make sense?
I used a Ruby Lamy Al-Star with a medium nib for this review, mainly because it’s a popular style of pen and the nib size is a good balance between dry time and shading ability.
Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star
There are a couple of other colors similar to Helianthus:

Yellows are a hard color to capture on a computer screen, as there are a lot of subtleties to their hues that just don’t come across. All of these colors look a little better in person, take that into account!

Helianthus comes in a 50ml bottle, and is available at in both bottle and sample form. I do sell this ink, so read my whole review with that in mind and use your own research and judgment to determine which inks are best for you.

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If you’ve used Helianthus, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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  • Rhincodon

    It looks really nice on the white paper.  I tried it in my Exacompta journal (which is off-white/ecru/whatever), and I could barely read it!  😛

  • Yeah, using yellow ink on cream paper usually doesn't work out so well! Like I said, these color inks aren't popular at all, because most of the time you can't read it!

  • Marc Bloom

    I used a Pelikan Script 1.0 on Natural paper with a similar yellow for some holiday cards and it seemed to work well. Wide and wet is the way to go.

  • StevenHorvat

    Brian, you make it look so easy to use yellow inks. I just don't have the knack I guess to make it work for me. I've got the platinum yellow and sunshine yellow and I can see it… after I wrote but I cant see what I am doing well enough to write well. With the Platinum it sets into a darker color after a min or two and it looks great. But wow does the shading look spectacular, kinda like fire!

  • That seems to be the consensus…you need to go broad and wet to get your yellow inks to do much good.

  • I won't lie, I had to concentrate pretty hard to be able to write clearly with this color. It's not the kind of color that I would likely journal for a long time, as it's a little tough to read back. 

  • chupkar

    Testing it out as a highlighter basically.

  • Yeah….but with actual highlighter fountain pen inks out there it's hard for me to recommend any conventional yellow pen ink as a highlighter ink. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I struggle with these yellows (I don't think it's just me though).