Write Time 01/18/12

It was great to be back this week! We had a fun broadcast, and got to show off our beautiful little girl. Brian Gray was kind enough to join us by phone for a few minutes to talk about his new production line Herald pen, as well as several other models he has in the works (links below). We laid out timelines for a whole host of new products coming out. These dates are subject to change, but they’re the latest estimates we’ve been given by the various manufacturers/distributors:

Estimated Arrival Dates
Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng- arrived
Noodler’s UK inks- arrived
Noodler’s Russian inks- arrived
Noodler’s Waterase inks- arrived
Noodler’s Brush Pen replacement tips- arrived
Pilot Custom 823- January (mid)
Noodler’s Ahab – Pink Tiger- February (early)
Noodler’s Ahab – Charon’s Panther- February (early)
Noodler’s Ahab – Black- February (early)
TWSBI 540 Smoke – February (early)
TWSBI 540 Blue- February (early)
TWSBI 540 Orange- February (early)
TWSBI 540 Clear- February (mid)
Kaweco Classic Sport nib units- February (early)
Kaweco ICE Sport nibs units- February (early)
TWSBI Vac700- February (late)
Edison Premiere #2- February
Edison production pen #4- February
Noodler’s Konrad Flex Pens- February
De Atramentis new colors and restocking- February
Pilot Custom 74 Orange- March
Iroshizuku new colors (4)- March
Diamine new colors (5)- March
Exaclair new stuff TBD- Spring

The 5 new Diamine colors to be released next are Apple Glory, Aqua Lagoon, Eau De Nil, Matador, and Merlot. The new Iroshizuku colors are Chiku-rin, Ina-ho, Kosumosu, and Murasaki-Shikibu.

Here is more info on the Edison Herald at Edison’s blog post.

Thanks to everyone for joining us for the broadcast, we had fun! The whole recording is available in an audio Podcast through Ink Nouveau on iTunes. We’ll see you next week!

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  • During the broadcast, people were giving suggestions for the website.  I'd LOVE to see an option to see all inks by colour (all blues, greens, reds, etc.)  Sometimes I'm looking for 'anything' that's blue.  Or I'm trying to easily find a comparable colour.  Perhaps this option exists but I've not seen it?

    Also, I think a write time during the day or from work would be a great idea!  Thanks for everything you do and congrats on the little one 🙂

  • Nicky

    Thanks for a very fun and interesting Write Time!

  • Veronica

    I think the website is perfect, you have earned your reputation for being very customer oriented, and why not take more time to enjoy your beautiful children? They grow up so fast, as my cheek pinching grandma would say. Honestly, you two are major overachievers!  

    PS thank you for stocking replacement Kaweco nibs for the Ice and Classic series.  

  • Well, we kind of have that through the Swab Shop. You can view groups by color: http://www.gouletpens.com/Swab_Shop_Color_Groups_s/814.htm and under the swabs you can purchase a sample or bottle, but it's not quite as comprehensive as the actual product pages on our site. We're working on improving better search functions on our site, I appreciate the suggestion!

    Daytime Write Time is tough to coordinate, especially because Joseph requires our full attention when he's awake! I might be able to do it while Rachel watches the kids though. We won't be able to do that for a while though. Rachel's still recovering from her labor, and she can't even lift Joseph on her own right now so I get to change all his diapers and everything 🙂 Once things settle down a little bit (haha!) for us, we will look to do some more stuff like that. 

  • It was fun for us too! It was good to be back 🙂 

  • Nothing's ever perfect 😉 We're always looking to improve! But thank you very much, we both put a lot of time into making the website as awesome as we possibly can. And don't worry, we are taking plenty of time to enjoy our kids! When we are at the shop, we drive the whole family over, and we all work together. Joseph helps us by creatively rearranging everything in the shop that's under 3 feet tall 😉 And you're welcome for stocking the Kaweco nib units! We think it'll be an even more convenient way to enjoy Kaweco pens, and look for a video from me about how to swap those out once we get them in. 

  • NHY

    Yea, I know this will sound pretentious and pedantic, but a note about the pronunciation of Iroshizuku is in order. 

    First off, the "i" sound in Japanese is always pronounced like long "e". Also, an "r" is somewhere between an American "l" and "r" ("l" is often closer). So phonetically, the word Iroshizuku is more like "Ee-lo-she-zu-ku". 

    Bear in mind that there is no stressed syllable. And there is also no "u" sound in the middle (I often hear people say something like "IroshUzuku".

    Great to hear that you carry the line! That's all…

  • I appreciate your input! I say the name with very much an 'Americanized' pronunciation, and I'm not familiar with the Japanese language at all, really.