Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow…

You know by now that we Goulet’s don’t like to sit still. We’ve been secretly working on a big project that we’re going to launch tomorrow over at I won’t give it away, but it’s education related, and free 🙂 We’ll do a full announcement tomorrow and talk about it tomorrow night on Write Time.

Any speculations?

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  • Marco Ramirez

    tuning your pen?

  • Rocky Huang

    Oh I am going to guess pen repair and maintenance tutorials. You're gonna do segments on nibs, flow issues and so on? Maybe it's a pro photography tutorial. =P 

  • Paul

    Something with good penmanship?

  • ronhockman

     That's my guess.

  • nope, good guess though

  • Nope, and nope. Haha, though I would love to talk photog 🙂 I'm almost afraid to because it's so easy to get sidetracked 😉 

  • Nope. It's not just a single topic or video, but more of a tool like the Swab Shop, Nib Nook, etc. It's a little broader picture than just a single video or tutorial. 

  • Looking forward to it!  🙂

  • Maybe a tool comparing pen dimensions?

  • Neels Kriek

    Hmmm mixing inks? 😉

  • 🙂 Us too

  • Garrett Lefferson

    Hrm, it has to do with education………As a teacher my interest is piqued.

  • Randall Harris

    Any significance to the fact that you're announcing it on Leap Day?

  • We already have that! Well, sort of, it's the comparison feature on our website:

  • Nope, nice guess though 🙂

  • Melinda

    Perhaps it's something that will allow us to compare pen sizes and/or colours by looking at comparison photographs? 

  • Haha, no, none at all! That's pure coincidence!

  • Not a bad guess, but no 😉 

  • Turtlegeuse

    First a video of Brian Goulet wearing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® t shirt. Then a video of him demonstrating the new limited edition Pelikan White Tortoise pen. I think it's pretty obvious this next big project will almost certainly involve turtles.

  • Haha, that's a pure coincidence, too! Turtles are pretty cool though…

  • Neels Kriek

    Ok, i thought long and hard on this.  Since it involves training and we (fountain pen users) are perfect people, it must be a "how to train xxx" series.  I doubt it will be a "How to train your Dragon" series, since we all know dragons love gold and as such always nibble on nibs.  My dragon is forbidden to set foot (or claw) in my writing room.

    So, that leaves us with a few options: "How to train ball point pen users." – Who cares.  Let them scribble with their sticks. "How to train your spouse." I'm not touching that one. If you get caught watching it your ink allowance might be drastically reduced.

    The OBVIOUS choice then: "How to train Santa." Marvelous idea! I applaud you Brian.  This training at this time of year will let us perfect our skill so that the Jolly fat man will bring us all juicy Limited Edition swag by year end.

    Just when I thought the site couldn't possibly get better …

  • Haha….you nailed it! 😉 Umm…no….but a very creative guess!

  • Its a nib and ink tool. Choose the nib, choose the ink and see a sample?

  • Mike Rivera

    Well, since you already cover two of the three main ingredients to fun fountain pen use (the pens and the inks), how about a sample tool of how pen and ink combos look and perform on the papers you sell?  It would be a trifecta!

  • MrsGouletPens

     Oh my gosh… 110+ nibs, times 630+ inks…. that's a lot of writing samples!!!

  • MrsGouletPens

     Super duper concept, but the possible combinations are math I can't do. :-p

  • Yeah, we just had a baby, after all!

  • Well, let's see….it took us about a month to set up the NIb Nook, which was a writing sample of all nibs with one ink on one paper… take each ink color and multiply it by a month….that's 630 months, or 52.5 years of work. That's per paper, too, so for each paper type you'd have to multiply it by 52.5 years…..I'm pretty sure that just couldn't happen 😛

  • Mike Rivera

    Okay, my last guess was too much work … so how about a tool that sorts pens by size?  I know for me, size is very important (especially width of the barrel)?  I guessed it didn't I?

  • Monkey with Ink

    Ink samples linking to ink review???

  • Hmm…that is a pretty cool idea, I'll have to think about that one. But no, that's not what's coming tomorrow 😉 

  • Eventually, I'd love to do that. But wow, reviewing 630+ colors will definitely take me some time! A couple of years at least (no lie).

  • Eric

    Perhaps a quiz/questionnaire that will match you up with a pen, ink, and notebook?

  • Nicky

    You have the Nib Nook and the Swab Shop. Is the new one the Paper Place?

  • Well the cat's out of the bag now, it's the Fountain of Knowledge that we launched. Coming up with a questionnaire is a great idea, we've definitely considered that. It would take a tremendous amount of work though, requiring us to learn about and categorize every product we have. Paper and pens I can sort of wrap my head around, ink is a little tougher because most of the brands (besides Noodler's) are pretty ambiguous about their properties. We'd have to go on a big initiative to learn every ink inside out.

  • Not a bad name! haha 😉