Pelikan m600 White Tortoise

At we don’t currently stock pens like the Pelikan m600 regularly, but we often do special orders. We had a customer order one of the brand new m600 White Tortoises, and I jumped at the opportunity to take some pretty pictures and shoot this video. The White Tortoise was available as a limited run a few years back in the m400 size, and now it’s the m600’s turn for it 😉 These pens aren’t numbered LE pens, but they will be instead just made for a certain length of time, how long I don’t know.

One of the things I get asked a lot is how the Pelikan pens compare in size to each other, and since I happen to have an m200, m600, and m800 on hand, I thought I’d show it:

Top to bottom: Pelikan m800, m600, m200 capped

Top to bottom: Pelikan m800, m600, m200, posted

Here are the detailed dimensions of the three pen models:

I don’t have an m400 on me, so I can’t include that in this measurement comparison right. I’m told that the m400 is pretty close in size to the m600, that the m400 to m600 isn’t as big of a jump from an m600 to an m800. This is what I’ve heard, I’m open to any feedback from m400 owners on this one!

Okay, so now just a bunch of pretty pictures of the m600 White Tortoise. Enjoy!

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, as presented in its box

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise with the included leather-like pen case

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, posted

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, showing the 14k nib and gold-on-gold logo on the finial

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, reads “Pelikan Souvrän Germany” around the centerband

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, macro shot showing off the two-tone 14k nib details

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, gold-on-gold finial

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, more detail shots

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, nib unit is removable like most other Pelikan pens

So what do you think of the new m600 White Tortoise?

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  • The M400 is the same size as the M200, except it has a gold nib and different trim, I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I only have a M200 and am going by what I heard.

    How much does it cost to special order one of these nice looking white tortoise pens? It looks great!

  • Whoops! Looks like I forgot to mention that in the post 😛 It's a list price of $475. You'll typically find it for 20% off that (including from Goulet) which is $380. Not cheap, but pretty nice.

  • Neels Kriek

    Great photos!!

    The thing that just jumps out at me is the white grip section and filler knob. Your eyes tells your brain 'Yes, this is the correct shape for a Pelikan.' Then the brain takes a couple of cycles and says 'No, it has white parts.' 😉

    Unfortunately my friends and coworkers are such FP noobs, they won't even realise it is something 'different', hehe.  But hey, as long as I know 🙂

    Hurry up postman!!

  • Yes, ThirdYe is right, that the M400 and M200 are the same size. In the old days (pre-1997?), the M600 was smaller, being the same size as the M400.

  • Oh, I didn't realize the finial was all gold. Pretty sleek…the M400 White Tortoise uses the standard gold on black.

  • KCat

    Want one. I love my 400 Torty though and it would probably get neglected if I had the 600 because the 600 fits my hand better. Besides, I can't buy any pens for a while. Dang.

  • BHB527

    KCat I feel your pain! Gorgeous pen that I''ll bet many Goulet fans would love to own me included!

  • Nicky

    Given the price point, this is one of my grail pens. I might just have to save up for it and hope I've saved enough before they stop making it. I know you can still get some of the m400 white tortoises on eBay but they can be few and far between. 

  • Will

     I think people might be getting confused about the logos….. Pelikan has changed ALL of the souveran logos to the gold on gold–if you bought a m400 torty in germany or somewhere where they are still sold, you would find a gold finial on it. It bugs me that they took the pen out of
    US sale……

  • Will

     can you order m400 white tortoises? I know that they are no longer sold in the U.S…..

  • GardenWeasel

    The M600 white tortoise is gorgeous!!

  • Nope…they're gone. There may be some around somewhere, but they're going to be hard to find at this point. They were discontinued before we even sold Pelikan pens!

  • You're right! There aren't a lot of white Pelikans out there….this one looks really nice. Thanks for the advice on the nib removal too 🙂

  • Are you sure about that? 

  • Yeah, this pen isn't exactly an impulse buy! Hopefully it'll be around for a little while though, I like it 🙂 

  • Me too! I'm thinking about getting one for my own collection 🙂 

  • This pen JUST came out, so I'd hope it'll be out for at least a little while. I haven't been given any info on how long though. 

  • I know, right!

  • Tracy M. King-Sanchez

    Dang! Just purchased the m400 white tortoise two weeks ago. If only I had known. I could probably return it, but it is a perfect match for my m400 green tortoise. I got to hold the m600 at a pen store this past week, and this is a gorgeous pen. I'm trying to save for my grail – m1005 Demonstrator – but the Goulets are making it difficult with all the new pens they've been adding. Grrrrrr 🙂

  • Wow that is beautiful! Watching the video was great but man the pics you took show just how stunning that pen is. Price point does make it a top end pen for me but certainly one I will have on my list of "Grail" pens to get. The gold accents were done so well and tastefully. Thanks so much for taking the time to really show off this new and exceptional pen. GREAT review!

  •  The White Tort is a beautiful pen, and your photos really do it justice Brian! I am glad to see that Pelikan is making them again.

  • David

    Too spensive…

  • Will

     just go to their website–or you'll see the scribes chamber had listed some new logo ones…

  • Will

     and the last difference is the turned versus injection molded body, right? (and the logo at top—to add to the logo confusion, the non souveran m series pens don't have the new logo….)

  • Want…

  • Stuart

     I have an M400 Tortoise and it has the gold on gold finial. At the time I bought it, the seller had both the old gold on black and the newer gold on gold for sale. I liked the gold on gold better, so that's what I bought.

  • Sorry we're making your life so hard, Tracy! We can get you that m1005 though if you want though… 😉 Just don't pay attention to us for a while to get tempted by anything else!

  • Thanks for complimenting my pics! It's almost easy to do when taking a picture of a pen like this. It's so clean, it just begs to be photographed! It is in the 'grail' range for most, thankfully it should be around for a little while anyway. 

  • Indeed!

  • Yeah, it's up there. 

  • Me too! I hated to send this one out, I just wanted to keep it…. 😉

  • Jules

    Hmm, I never thought I could easily be swayed by nice looking photos of a beautiful pen, but this one got me thinking (and dreaming) …

  • Normally I have to do a bit of work to make the pen look anything in the pictures like it does in real life, this pen was quite photogenic though 😉 It really is that nice in person.

  • Gonzeloy

    Me too… dreaming I mean!

  • Philipf

    Wow! Pretty and mighty functional, it appears. Philip

  • Philipf

    Wow! Pretty and mighty functional, it appears. Philip

  • soniasimone

    I have the m400 of this, I love it, still use it every day. Beautiful colorway for this pen, one of Pelikan’s nicest, I think.

  • soniasimone

    I have the m400 of this, I love it, still use it every day. Beautiful colorway for this pen, one of Pelikan's nicest, I think.

  • Vivi Bernau

    I have the m400 white tortoise–it has gold on black for the end cap.

  • Vivi Bernau

    I have the m400 white tortoise–it has gold on black for the end cap.