Pink and Black Ahabs are Coming!

I’ve known that the Noodler’s Ahabs would be coming out in a black, pink and black, and pink with white and black colors for a while now. But a lot of you may not have seen pictures like these until Eric Schneider showcased them on the Fountain Pen Geeks blog (with a special shoutout to Dan Smith, who is the co-founder of the blog!). They were sent one of each color to review and post pictures on their blog, and they have done a great job. I enjoy reading a lot of what they post on there, so I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

Eric was nice enough to let me share his pictures and video on the newest Noodler’s Ahabs. I’m appreciative that he allowed me to do so because I haven’t even seen them for myself yet! Ours are scheduled to arrive over at sometime on Wednesday, our shipping delivery is confirmed. So if you’re interested in getting any of these from us, I recommend signing up for our ’email me when back in stock’ list so that you’ll be notified the moment we list them for sale. Go here to sign up for the Noodler’s Ahab in Black, Charon’s Panther, and Pink Tiger.

Enjoy the Fountain Pen Geeks’ pictures and video, and go check out their awesome blog!

Noodler’s Ahab Flex in Charon’s Panther, picture courtesy of Eric Schneider of

Noodler’s Ahab Flex in Pink Tiger, pictures courtesy of Eric Schneider of

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  • Maria LoCastro

     I think I'm going to have a bruise on my chin from my jaw hitting the desk over that Pink Tiger…

  • Guest

    I find the video featuring the black Ahab amusing because it advertises the pen as a luxury item whereas Nathan seems to want his products to be viewed as affordable tools for everyday use by the average person.

  • Well, this video isn't anything official, it's just something that FPGeeks put together, so they took their own artistic liberty with it.

  • Perhaps I should put up a warning 😉 

  • anaximander

    A bit off topic, but "Pink and Black" is a really good song by Robert Plant.

  • Nicky

    I can't wait to get mine. 

  • Michael Matteson

    My wife and I are suitably impressed with our Pink Tiger and Black models. My black one has a slight tool mark on the grip, but I wouldn't notice it if the rest of the pen weren't so sleek.  I was super impressed by the speed and quality of the shipping.  They've really improved these pens since I got my first one around Christmastime.  

  • I haven't heard that one, but it certainly seems applicable!

  • 🙂

  • I'm glad you're both happy with it! The blacks ones are pretty slick, and the pink ones really jump up and punch you in the eyes!