Rohrer and Klingner Verdura Review

Rohrer and Klingner Verdura is a bright green German ink that comes in a 50ml bottle. This also is the last of all of the Rohrer and Klingner reviews for me! I’ve gone through the entire line in alphabetical order, and Verdura is the final color.

Verdura is a bright green ink, with a pretty average dry time of 20 seconds on Rhodia paper. The saturation is middle-of-the-road, but the shading is high, so you get some distinctive variation while you write (which I love). It writes wet, but won’t hold up well to water. The plus side is that it cleans easily out of a pen.

I used a Ruby Lamy Al-Star with a medium nib for this review, mainly because it’s a popular style of pen and the nib size is a good balance between dry time and shading ability.

Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star

Vibrant greens are always fun to use, especially as we start to think about Spring around the corner. Here are some other greens to compare:

Verdura comes in a 50ml bottle, and is available at in both bottle and sample form. I do sell this ink, so read my whole review with that in mind and use your own research and judgment to determine which inks are best for you.

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If you’ve used Verdura, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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  • Freddy

    Hi Brian,

    I realize that I may be alone on this but is there any chance that you would consider not going through an entire ink range, or entire range of anything for that matter, before moving on to other types of reviews?  Speaking for myself, I found that I was skimming them rather than reading them with interest, as I usually do.

    I fully understand that with your young and growing family and your successful business you may not have the time to do many in depth reviews of other inks, pens, or products but I would rather see less frequent but more in depth reviews about a variety of products rather than the "plug and play" reviews that these Rohrer and Klingers seem to have become.

    I have always enjoyed your reviews for their complete honesty and variety.  However, I felt that after having read a few of these R&K reviews that I had read them all.

    Please understand that if everyone else feels differently then I completely understand and do not have any intention of abandoning Ink Nouveau or the Goulet Pen Company.  What Rachel and you have done for the fountain pen community goes far beyond reviews.

    Thank you for hearing me out and may I wish everyone at Goulet Central continued success.

  • I appreciate your honesty, Freddy! Probably the reason these reviews all seemed so similar is because the inks were all so similar! There are some minor drying/shading differences between them, but really it's kind of like reviewing the same ink over and over, just a different color. 

    I've already done reviews for Pilot Iroshizuku (at least the 17 original colors, I have to do the 4 new ones still), but I don't know that I'll post them all in a row like I did with these. I'm really struggling lately with how to keep Ink Nouveau going every day, I'm just not able to keep up with it like I used to because (like you mentioned) of the demands placed on me in my personal life and with the daily operations of I'm open to any and all suggestions about how to help. One thing I've considered is cutting back to a few scheduled days each week and sticking to a more predictable topic such as 'inky monday' or 'pen friday' or something like that. The only problem with that is I know myself, and I sometimes am just not able to produce consistent and predictable blog posts like I want. I had tried a 'topic of the day' type thing a year ago or so, and it didn't last more than a month. 

    The bottom line is that I'm running GPC (with a staff of 8, currently), helping with our two young kids who are there with us in the office every day, doing all our photography, and also doing all of the research, production, and post-production for all of the videos for Ink Nouveau….it's sometimes just impossible for me to get done what I want. I know that the way I'm running Ink Nouveau right now isn't ideal, but it's honestly all I can handle at the moment. Trust me though, thinking of a way to better manage it is on the forefront of my mind.