Write Time Topics 2/29/12 and the Fountain of Knowledge

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature on our website, the Fountain of Knowledge. This is a centralized place for all sorts of educational resources, including lots of reviews, tips & tricks, a glossary of fountain pen terminology, and so much more. We are also planning on doing a comprehensive Fountain Pen 101 video tutorial soon, so we’d love your feedback on what you’d like to see there.

We are also working on some changes to our website navigation, including some helpful tools to let you filter your search results and more easily browse and find the products you’re looking for. We’ll go over that tonight as well. Comprehensive blog posts and videos on both features will be coming in the next week, too.

So join us tonight at 9pm EST to review all these new features on our site, discuss everything else new in the world of fountain pens (all the latest timelines on new or out-of-stock products), and answer all your FP questions!

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  • Kidhawk91

    This is a magnificent new feature for the website. My only suggestion for the tutorial would be to have a things to NOT do when it comes to fountain pens. Something along the lines of "if you do this, then you will have serious problems now or later."

  • That's a great idea! We've thought about doing that….sort of like when you see a tv infomercial and there is someone fumbling around with a mop or whatever in black and white, looking all flustered like they've never used a mop before… 😉 We're thinking of making the FP 101 series a little more 'produced' and entertaining than our normal videos. It'll be more time consuming but I can see having a lot of fun with it!

  • Freddy

    Every time I think the Goulets have reached the apex of fountain penology, they top themselves!  It sounds fantastic and I am really looking forward to it. Congratulations!

  • this is fantastic! I remember being a FP newbie and being overwhelmed by all this world had to offer. This will be a valuable resource for new fountain pen users, and I'm sure I'll direct more than one person over there 🙂

    On an unrelated note, do you happen to know if Kaweco has any plans to stock spare nib units with their calligraphy nibs? I'd love to have a pink ICE Sport with a 1.5mm nib 😛

  • Nicky

    It would be incredibly entertaining to see you doing something like trying to write with the nib upside down and then reacting in mock horror or frustration ala informercials. 

  • MrsGouletPens

     Yes, actually we were supposed to get some with our other nib units but they forgot to order them. So we should have them in a few weeks.

  • that's so awesome, thank you! 😀

  • Haha, I know! We'll definitely do some stuff like that.

  • Thanks Freddy! We have so much more planned too…we weren't even done with the Fountain of Knowledge and we were already excited about the next thing 😉