Countdown to the Edison Nouveau Encore Release!

It’s official, the new Edison Nouveau Encore pen is set to release on Wednesday, April 18th during our live Write Time broadcast at 9pm EDT. We’ve been on a hiatus with the broadcast over the last month as we’ve been moving our shop, and we thought there would be no better way to end the hiatus than with the release of our newest pen collaboration with the Edison Pen Co! Brian Gray will be joining us live by phone for the release of the pen as well, and he always makes sure we have a grand ol’ time!

So here’s how it’s all going to go down, I’m going to use this opportunity to really have fun with my photography. I’m going to take a slew of teaser pictures of the new pens, posting them every day up until the big release on the 18th. Each day I’m going to reveal a little more on the pens, so it’ll be a titillating week for Ink Nouveau 😉

A few things I can give away at this point:

  • The official name of the next Edison Nouveau is the Encore (the first pen was the Premiere, sense a theme?)
  • It is going to be smaller than any Edison pen we currently offer, in length and diameter
  • It uses a #5 nib (smaller than the #6 nib on all of the other Edisons we carry), it’s the same nib used on the Mina, if you’re familiar with that. 
  • It will showcase 3 new features never seen Edison offer before
  • It will be available in 3 materials
  • It will be cartridge/converter/eyedropper just like all the other Edison pens
  • It will be available in fine, medium and broad steel nibs, no extra-fine for the time being unless custom-ground by Brian Gray
  • The nibs will be easily swappable and available separately for purchase, just like the #6 Edison nibs are for the existing pen models
  • The cap is postable
  • It does have a clip
That’s all I’m going to say for now, I have a week to tease you and I don’t want to give it all away up front! Here’s the first of a bunch of teaser photos yet to come, it’s all three pens and I’ll let you try to figure them out. 🙂
Edison Nouveau Encore pens, in all three colors. 

In order to take this picture, I took the image from several feet away with a 24-70mm lens (set at 24mm), and put it as out of focus as it would go. I blew a breath of hot air on the lens to make it hazy, to obscure it even more. Then I gave it a heavy vignette in post for added dramatic effect! I’ll be posting more creative pictures each day, revealing a little more about the pens every day. Enjoy!

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  • Nicky

    You're enjoying teasing us, aren't you?

    Anyway, the new pen sounds pretty awesome and i love the name. I'm looking forward to finding out what these new features are and I think it's great that they're postable. From what I can tell, the colours look pretty sweet, too. 

  • Melinda

    I'm guessing one of the features is a metal band around the mouth of the cap. That's all I can guess so far! 😛 

  • Rocky Huang

    Interesting, oh and guys, of course Brian enjoys teasing us. It's one of the best perks of the job.

    I won't be guessing about anything but I am gonna bring something up, I talked to Brian Gray and he said you're responsible for the name. I was expecting a five part concert, why is Encore straight after the Premiere? What happened to the rest of the show? I was expecting Rising Action, Crescendo and Resolution?

    I hope this won't be the last collab. I have this theory that the next collab will have a different theme. Probably gonna move away from this 'musical theme' thing, am I right? Thanks for the awesome update Mr. Goulet. Awesome effect on the shot man. I am definitely loving the size, I have a feeling that this is gonna be perfect for me. Also, that's definitely the perfect nib size for me. It's as if you're a mind reader Mr. Goulet and you designed this pen for me.

    If I could, I would put down an order straight away as an early birthday present to myself. It's about a month and a half away. =P Post-able and everything and also, I am extremely excited about the new features!! It was definitely worth the wait, you were right Brian.

  • AdOrientem

    It's a Piston Filler.

  • I sure am! 🙂 We're really excited about this release, and honestly I'm just having a blast taking pictures!

  • Hmm…I can't say! Maybe 😉 

  • Nope….I wanted to dispel that rumor before it started….notice I said the filling mechanism as a bullet point in the post.

  • I do enjoy a good tease. You know you do too! 😉 Yeah…we thought about making the theme of the names be the whole concert, but then we would have called the Premiere the 'Prelude' or 'Overture' instead, and those names are already used by both Sheaffer and Taccia. The purpose of the name Encore is really just because the Premiere has been such a popular pen, that we wanted to give an 'encore' to the success of that design. I don't know that we'll keep with the whole musical theme ongoing, we're taking life one pen at a time here 😉 

    As for the design, we have taken a lot of subtle details into account on this pen. We could have rushed some things and gotten this pen out two month ago, but we wanted to take our time and get it right. You'll see that it's worth the wait once we reveal the whole thing 😉 

  • MR McC

    Based on the smaller sizing alone I am very excited for this pen (I actually sent the other Brian an email about a smaller pen in the Edison line up and he told me to look for this announcement).  Great work.

  • I'm sure one will be mine. I think I see green, which is good! Maybe the new logo nibs is one of the "new" features eh? 🙂 Can't wait!

  • anaximander

    I have a very good feeling about this one! I definitely see the glint of a cap-band! On my monitor, it looks like we're talking about a dusky violet, an aqua, and a dark grey or black, but it's hard to be sure.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Looking forward to a small pen. I'm assuming this means I can't use the custom ground nib from my Premiere on this new pen?

  • Karen

    The suspense is already killing me and this is just the first picture! I can't wait for the reveal … But I guess I'll have to. Looks like the colors are scrumptious … Maybe one of the 3 features is a new material? Hmmmmmm…

  • Rocky Huang

    Yep, I know. ^_~ The details are definitely gonna be incredible. All the little things together make a big difference to the end product. It's important that you and Gray are happy with everything, that way I am sure we'd be happy with everything as well. 

    I know it's crucial to get everything right, no point rushing out a pen if you have all these new and innovation ideas to put forward. I completely understand your approach. I know it's worth the wait. It'll be amazing.

  • Thanks! I love how the pen is smaller but not 'too' small. It's VERY close in size to a Pelikan m200, which is a widely popular pen.

  • Great guess on the logo nib!

  • Nice guessing 😉 Of course now everything's been revealed, so it's neat to see how close all the guesses were!

  • That's correct, I'm sorry! The Premiere uses a larger #6 nib, this one uses a #5 nib.