After teasing you for an entire week, the day has finally arrived when we’ll release the Edison Nouveau Encore for sale. We’ll be doing it tonight during our Write Time broadcast, putting an end to our month-long hiatus with Brian Gray as our guest by phone. The pen has been a collaboration between the Gray’s and the Goulet’s more than 6 months in design. I’ve been using the opportunity to practice my photography skills with my new camera, and to tease you to have a little fun 😉

kicked off the teaser last Thursday with a really blurry photo of all three pens. You really couldn’t tell what was going on, and I wanted it to be that way! I had a whole plan laid out for teasing over the coming week 😉

You could see hints of the material colors, but hardly. On Friday, I decided to show extremely close macro images of the three materials (names to be revealed tonight during Write Time).

I’d mentioned that there were going to be three new features never seen on an Edison pen before, and I wanted to leak them out one at a time. Even from the blurry first image, a couple of you were able to guess that a centerband was one of them, sure enough you were right!

Brian Gray had told us a while ago that he was thinking of trying a pen with a centerband. We asked about it and if it was something that he was going to be able to make on a production basis, and when he said he could, we were all about it!

Saturday I posted about the centerband and showed some broader scope material shots. I’ve been taking just about all of the images with my macro lens at this point, trying to get as much detail as possible. Keep in mind, pens aren’t that big to begin with, but when you’re trying to fill the frame with 1/4″-1/2″ of surface area, it gets really small! Dust that you can’t even see with the naked eye becomes glaring!

Sunday came around,  and it was time to show the second new feature. Engraved #5 nibs! Edison has had engraved nibs since last year with the launch of the Edison Nouveau Premiere, but this is the first pen to have it with a #5 (smaller nib). We’re excited about it. 

These nibs are also removable and swappable, just like all the other Edison nibs. That’s a huge plus for the brand as a whole, and as an added convenience we are going to be stocking additional nib units and making them available for sale.

These nibs write just a bit wetter and broader than the Edison #6 nibs used on their other pens. For this reason, I wanted to devote a day just for the way these pens write. That was what Monday was for!

I included writing samples of all of the new Encore sizes (fine, medium, and broad steel nibs), as well as samples of all of the Edison #6 nibs. These samples are also available in our Nib Nook so you can compare it to any of the pens and nibs that we offer.

Finally, yesterday I did a size comparison with the Encore to some of the other Edison pens and listed full detailed dimensions.

And so, that brings us to today! The official day of the release, where I reveal the last and final (or should I say finial) component to the Encore, an inlaid medallion in the cap:

This is something else that Brian Gray had mentioned to us a while ago, and we were excited about having the opportunity to use it on our collaborative pen. It’s been a lot of fun doing this teaser over the last week, thanks to everyone for your interest and comments on the blog.

We’ll be sharing the whole story of the pen’s development during our Write Time broadcast at 9pm EDT where Brian Gray will be joining us by phone. We’re going to have the whole pens to show by video, as well as make the pens available for sale. If you have the time, join us tonight! I’ll be posting a recording of the video with full pictures of the pens tomorrow.