Encore Teaser Pics, Day Five (Writing Samples)

Pretty pens are nice, but pens are also functional and need to write well. The way a pen writes is important, and can make or break the whole experiencing of owning a fountain pen. I’m proud to say that the nibs on the Encore keep up with Edison’s stellar reputation for writing excellence. Brian Gray tunes his nibs to ensure his famous ‘smooth with a touch of feedback’ writing experience. 

The #5 Edison nibs are just this, and they rather wet. Here are all of the nibs as you can find them in our Nib Nook, the writing comparison tool I’ve compiled with my own handwriting on GouletPens.com:

Nib Nook sample of Edison nibs used on the Encore, done in Noodler’s Black on Rhodia 80g dotpad paper. 

Comparing them to the other Edison nibs (#6 nibs), I find they do write a little wetter, and a little broader on the page than the steel #6’s. These #5 nibs write closer in wetness and line width to the Edison 18k gold nibs:

Nib Nook writing samples of Edison #6 nibs, done in Noodler’s Black on Rhodia 80g dotpad paper.
Edison Nouveau Encore with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
Edison Nouveau Encore with Diamine Amazing Amethyst
Edison Nouveau Encore with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
Edison Nouveau Encore with Lamy Turquoise
Edison Nouveau Encore in Lamy Turquoise, this pen will fit and fill fine in just about any ink bottle.

This is all of course, leading up to our big release on April 18th, where we’ll be showcasing the pens in full, and making them available for purchase. Feel free to check out the other pics revealed yesterdaytwo days ago, three days ago, and four days ago.

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  • Love the kon-peki ink in water shot! 

  • Rod

    You know, these teasers are quite cruel. My anticipation is just about at a bursting point! The photos are wonderful. I look forward to getting my hands on one of these.

  • Okay, three new, never before seen on Edison pen features.  I figured out two of them.  The third has got me stumped.  The obvious and already stated is the cap ring.  I can also see a metal cap finial in these pictures.  The third?

  • Thanks! Ink in water pics are always fun to do 🙂 

  • Haha, I'm sorry, but also not 😉 I'm having fun but the anticipation is killing me too! I want to see what everyone thinks of the pen as a whole….all in due time! 

  • I've only revealed two yet, you missed one: http://www.inknouveau.com/2012/04/encore-teaser-pics-day-four-new-feature.html