Encore Teaser Pics, Day Six (Size Comparison)

Part of what I’ve touted about the new Edison Nouveau Encore is that it is smaller in size than other Edisons. So (without revealing the whole pen) I wanted to give you at least a little perspective on the size of the Encore.

Here are all the detailed dimensions of the Encore:

  • Overall Weight:…..16g (0.56oz)
  • Cap Weight:…..9g (0.32oz)
  • Body Weight: …..7g (0.25oz)
  • Overall Length (capped):…..132mm (5.2in)
  • Overall Length (posted):…..154mm (6.1in)
  • Body Length: …..118.5mm (4.67in)
  • Cap Diameter (no clip):…..13.4mm (0.53in)
  • Cap Diameter (with clip):…..17mm (0.67in)
  • Body Diameter:…..11.25mm  (0.44in)
  • Nib Length:…..19mm (0.75in)
  • Cap Length:…..62mm (2.43in)

Encore (left) slightly tapers on the body end, but not as drastically as the Premiere (right).

The overall length of the Encore is shorter than the Premiere, especially the body. The diameter is smaller, too.

Though the Encore and Premiere ends taper differently,  they are both still able to post.

The diameter of the Encore cap (bottom) is slightly smaller than the Premiere (top), and it is shorter overall. 

Edison #6 nib (left) on a Premiere, Edison #5 nib (right) on an Encore.

Size comparisons of Edison nib and grip sections (top to bottom): Collier, Hudson, Encore, Premiere. The Encore has the Edison #5 nib, smaller than the #6 nib used on all the other Edisons.

This is all, of course, leading up to our big release on April 18th, where we’ll be showcasing the pens in full, and making them available for purchase. Feel free to check out the other pics revealed yesterdaytwo days agothree days ago,four days ago, and five days ago. Tomorrow I’ll be showing the last ‘new feature’, as well as a recap of the whole teaser.

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  • Noah

    The new Encore looks nice. I don't post my pens. Does the Encore have to be posted to use? What, in terms of body length, is is comparable to?

  • No, it doesn't have to be posted. It's not like a Kaweco that's super-short and nearly unusable without posting. The body is 4.67 inches, and to put that into perspective, the Kaweco body is only 3.14 inches. A Lamy 2000 body is 4.9 inches, and a Pelikan m200 is 4.76 inches, almost exactly the same as the Encore. With my big hands, I can use the pen comfortably without posting, but I prefer to post it for long writing sessions. 

  • Looks like it's about M600-sized in most respects, but with the slightly smaller diameter of an M400. Very nice!

  • MTruppi

    I see something on top of the blue cap… Awesome.

  • Nicky

    The more I see of it, the more I like it. It might be my birthday or Christmas pen this year. ^.^

  • It's actually pretty close to an m200, except a bit longer.

  • Good eye 😉 I purposely showed that to see who might notice!

  • I'd love to hear what you think now that the whole pen is released 😉