Encore Teaser Pics, Day Three (First New Feature)

Today is the first day where I’m going to reveal a new feature of the Encore, never before seen on an Edison pen! I must say, I’m just having a total blast taking these pics, see the ones I did yesterday, and the day before.

New Feature #1 on the Encore….metal bands. But where are they on the pen? (I’ll share tomorrow)

My personal favorite material, showcasing the subtle markings of the pen’s name.

End of the pens peeking out of my Aston Case 20.

Encore Feature #1…
Encore threading on the pen body, very subtle and unobtrusive when holding the pen.

Me, holding all three Encore pens. 

All of these pictures were taken with my Canon 5D Mark 3, along with either my 100mm F/2.8L Macro or 24-70mm F/2.8L. MUCH editing was done to take out all the dust! Macro photography should be renamed as ‘pre-dust removal editing’ 😉

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  • Rocky Huang

    Amazing shots Brian, I appreciate all the effort you go through to get the shots pristine and dust-free and looking as beautiful as possible! The blue one is definitely my favourite, with its beautiful and creamy waves. It looks like something I remember doing as a kid, adding food colouring to milk and blowing over it with straws and eye-droppers to create different swirls and patterns.

    Definitely loving the metal band on the cap, it gives the pen a very stylish look and breaks the pattern up a bit. I love the effect. Thanks for the update, cheers.

  • Nice looking pens!!! Totally in love with the purple one already… the metal band… for the clip? Or perhaps something to do with the filling system?

  • MTruppi

    I am so excited to see the whole pen, the blue swirl is already calling my name. I love the cap band. I'm guessing maybe there is something neat going on with the top of the pen? Some kind of cap jewel or something? I'm trying to think of something else never before seen on an Edison pen…

  • anaximander

    That blue swirl looks amazing!

  • Great teasing job! Gorgeous materials. Looking forward to the reveal. Bravo!

  • Karlo

    I agree! The cracked ice patterns are chic but the blue swirl is truly elegant! I can imagine Kon Peki or Caribbean Sea flowing out of that one.

  • Lili

    Brian…you are clever with these pics. Can't wait to see all.

  • Paul Rice

    Those are some magnificent looking pens.  I really like the metal band.  Here's to looking forward to Wednesday.

  • AJ

    All of the pens look amazing!  Will you be sharing the available quantities, or if there is a risk of you selling out?  I want to make sure I get one.

  • Melinda

    So there IS a metal band! 😉 I think it's on the barrel of the pen, placed in such a way that it remains visible when the pen is posted. I absolutely love the material, especially the purple one. Looking forward to the final reveal! 🙂

  • Thanks Rocky! The blue one definitely is the winner for me, but then I'm a total sucker for blue pens anyway! Seriously though, that swirl pattern in there is intense! It's actually a new material that hasn't been used in Edisons before, and I'm really in love with it. The first time I saw it, I knew it would be used for the Encore!

  • Cap jewel, huh? I think you might be the first to guess that, interesting thought…

    I'll be showing the whole pens soon enough, just a couple more days to wait 😉 

  • Definitely! Oh, yeah, either of those inks sounds tasty to me 😉 

  • Thank you! I'm having fun teasing, can you tell? 😉 

  • Haha, thanks! 

  • Brian Gray's done a great job with these pens. I had the easy job, just telling him what we wanted….he has to actually make it happen 😉 Then I get to have fun and take all the pictures!

  • These pens are going to be available ongoing, no limitations in the foreseeable future. Brian Gray has already started making a bunch of these pens to prepare for the release, so we'll be able to hit the ground running! You can have your pick, starting Wednesday 😉 

  • Neat guess! You'll see tomorrow 😉 The purple one is great, it actually photographs better as a whole pen, so look to get more excited about that color as the teaser pics progress here…