New Product Timelines

In a better effort to keep you up to date on new products coming in to, I’m going to post when we have a better idea of delivery dates for new things coming to us. The reason I’m posting these ahead of time is so you can sign up for the email notification lists for the items you’re interested in, that way you will be automatically notified as soon as we list them in stock. For a complete list of all the new things at GPC, check out the ‘Coming Soon’ page on our site. Here’s what’s on the way:

We recently met with the distributor for Stipula, Conklin, Delta, and Monteverde, and we’re going to be carrying select pens from them, as well as all the Stipula and Monteverde inks. There are a LOT of different choices for pens we can carry within these brands, and we’re going to start out slow. We would absolutely love your feedback about which models you’d like to see us carry, so please shoutout in the comments here or to me by email about which ones you like. Look to see us start carrying these brands in the next few weeks. 
I also haven’t talked much about Stillman & Birn yet, but I will soon enough. For those running circles in the watercolor/ink washing world, these sketchbooks are pretty darn exciting. Here’s a little about them:
Alpha Series: White paper, 150g (100lb) weight. Vellum finish for dry media and light washes.
Beta Series: White paper, 270g (180lb) weight. Multi-media surface.
Delta Series: Ivory paper, 270g (180lb) weight. Multi-media surface.
Epsilon Series: White paper, 150g (100lb) weight. Plate finish for pen & ink.
Gamma Series: Ivory paper, 150g (100lb) weight. Vellum finish for dry media and light washes.
That’s a lot of exciting stuff coming in soon! I absolutely plan to blog about every one of these things, so look for more info about all these coming in the next few weeks. We’ll be updating each of the product pages with more info as it becomes available, and I’ll work to keep the blog up to date, too. 
Write On! ~Brian Goulet
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  • MrsGouletPens

    Just wanted to add, signing up for our email notification lists helps us with our planning to make sure we order enough to meet the demand. So it's a win-win! 🙂

  • Lori

    Any idea when the TWSBI 1.1i nibs will be in stock? I've been waiting for months to get one! 

  • Jay Pulli

    Stipula needs better representation in the US, I think you will fill the bill. Conklins have not served me well. I like the Monteverde roller balls, even though 98% of the time I use a FP. Good for travel.

  • carole

    Glad to hear about the 1670, now to see whether they will be using the Anniversary/fancy bottles, or the regular JHerbin ones.  Either way, as long as we have 1670.  😉  

  • AJ

    I'd love if you'd carry the Monteverde Invincia Stylus fountain pens!  I've been wanting to give one of those a try.  That is, if they still make them.  I've had a difficult time trying to find them anywhere.

  • TWSBI mini?

  • Jason Kilimantzos

    Hmmm Stipula inks, sounds interesting.

  • MrsGouletPens

     We'll have a limited supply coming this Thursday May 3 along with all the other TWSBI goodies. 🙂

  • MrsGouletPens

     They'll still be the Anniversary/fancy bottles, at least for the time being.

  • MrsGouletPens

     I don't think that's going to be ready for quite a while. Maybe later this year, no dates have been given yet though.

  • Thanks for your vote of confidence in us Jay 😉 I appreciate your input, we're looking to get a lot of feedback about these brands before we dive in head first. We're going to start slow with these, there are just so many options!

  • Yeah, those are super cool! They even have a refillable rollerball (that takes fountain pen ink) that uses a standard international cartridge and writes super wet, carbon fiber with a stylus finial….just too many cool things going on that one to pass it up 😉 

  • Yeah they have 7 colors, we're interested to see how they turn out. I mean, we are ink addicts so we're going to carry them for sure, but it'll be interesting to see how they stack up since I don't hear a lot about them. 

  • leesmallwood

    I think you don't hear a lot about them because they're not very available. Back when I was thinking about ordering a bottle of that lovely mossy green I've seen, I could only find it at Swisher and never quite got around to ordering. 

  • leesmallwood

    If this is helpful, we saw the types of photos we've now seen of the mini about a year (maybe longer) before getting the Vac 700. I'd say a minimum of six months (and that's speculative) is what you're looking at on the mini. I want one, too. 

  • leesmallwood

    I have long wanted to try a Stipula Vedo. I also think the Monteverde colored demonstrators they've been mentioning on FP Geeks sound interesting. Those would be my only suggestions for pens. 

  • Good to know! Well, you know when we have it, we're going to swab it an sample it and all the typical Goulet faire. So consider it no longer 'not very available' 😉 That is, once we get it in, of course!

  • I appreciate it! The Vedo is one we have our eye on, I was pretty impressed with it in person. The new Monteverde demos (called the Artista) will be a hit too, I'm pretty certain we're going to carry those.

  • Yeah, basically pretend that the mini doesn't exist. It's going to be that far away. You'll hear more buzz about it once it gets near availability.

  • kondro

    As I own one of these MegaInkballs I can vouch for their quality. They write significantly better/wetter than the Noodler's ones, but they are much more expensive (mine was AUD$220) and their replacement nibs are USD$10.