Write Time 4/18/12 (Encore Release)

After a week-long teaser, we finally released the new Edison Nouveau Encores last night during our Write Time broadcast, with Brian Gray of Edison joining us by phone. The chat wasn’t working for most of the broadcast which was a total bummer, especially since we had so much to talk about! The broadcast went for a solid two hours, mainly because we had been on hiatus for the last month and had a lot to talk about.

So here they are, the Edison Nouveau Encores!

Edison Nouveau Encores in Amethyst Ice, Turquoise Lagoon, and Blue Agate

Edison Nouveau Encore in Amethyst Ice

Edison Nouveau Encore in Blue Agate

Edison Nouveau Encore in Turquoise Lagoon

Thanks to everyone for all of your great feedback and positive affirmations on the teasers this week. I spent probably way more time than I should have taking pictures for this pen, but it was a total blast for me and I saw it as a somewhat rare opportunity so I wanted to make the most of it 🙂 I’d love to hear your feedback about the teaser, and what you think of the pen as a whole!

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  • Tamara

    Really excited about the Encore. Tracking says mine will arrive tomorrow. Thank you!

  • James

    Agate is prounounced like "maggot" without the "m".  BTW, that is the color I'm thinking about getting.  Nice job!

  • Let me know what you think of it when you get it!

  • Ah, I thought so! You can tell in the video I wasn't real confident in the messed-up way I was saying it 😛 Thanks for the tip!