Cardinal Darkness Ahab Makeover

Nathan Tardif, the man who creates all things Noodler’s, really likes to keep everyone on their toes. The most recent adventure is with the Cardinal Darkness Ahab Flex pen. Previously, this was a mostly red pen with black striations. However, it was really close to the December 25th pen, which is red with dark green striations.

 So Nathan made a change, Cardinal Darkness will now be black with red striations, sort of an inverse of what it was before:

Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen, Cardinal Darkness ‘old’ color (top) and ‘new’ color (bottom)

Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen, Cardinal Darkness ‘old’ color (top) and ‘new’ color (bottom)

Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen, Cardinal Darkness new color

Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen, Cardinal Darkness new color

Cardinal Darkness is now inverted in color from what it used to be.

We just received our newest shipment of Cardinal Darkness Ahabs a few days ago, and we’ve sold off all the ‘old’ colors. So if you get one from, it will be the new, black one. If you’re shopping anywhere else, you’ll want to inquire as to which versions they have on hand if you have a particular preference.

I always liked the red with black, and I will miss it a little bit. But I must say, the new color is actually pretty slick, and especially nice because the black Ahabs have been available in such short supply, this one could definitely work as a substitute. What do you think of the change?

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  • PigPen

    Beautiful update on that color, Nathan!  Great photos, as always, GP!  Thanks!

  • Shjonsweet

    I like the new Cardinal Darkness. I don't have enough cash to keep up with all the Noodler's pens I want. ㅠㅠ

  • love the new version!

  • Rocky Huang

    Yay my pen is now a 'limited edition'! =D

  • leesmallwood

    Has this change been made on the "nib creeper" line of "standard" flex pens (I'm never 100% sure what to call them)?

    I have a Cardinal Darkness $14 pen and a December 25 Ahab. They really are close. They're not so close it's impossible to tell them apart but they're even more similar than Lapis Inferno and Medieval Lapis are. 

    My reaction is that I want this pen but will be holding off on it just a bit because what I really want is it in the Konrad line. If a suitable period passes and I become convinced it isn't coming, then I'll consider getting it in Ahab. My second reaction is that a black and green pen like this would also be gorgeous. 

  • Having the only one in Australia wasn't enough for you, was it? You pushed this change! I know it! :p

  • Two weeks a go, One of my friends bought for me a cardinal darkness. He brings me(to Turkey). AHAB color doesn't have any rapport with cardinals dress color or with the color seen in the pictures. I named it TOMATO Darkness. And I made an review about AHAB for Turkish FP addicts on my blog;
    next week I will publish this article  in English also.
    Please inform the Nathan about my cardinal darkness which is deeply disappointed me.

  • MrsGouletPens

    I would suspect it will in the future. We (and the distributor) are all out of the "standard flex" Cardinal Darkness but I wouldn't be surprised if the next batch had the new design. It was just too similar to the December 25th.

  • TheMrZanshin

    I think it would have been a great addition to the line but I don't like that it replaced the old color. My guess is that Nathan simply uses what materials he can get the best deals on to help keep his costs down.

  • Nicolas Cheung

    I like the new colour, I was considering Ivory Darkness but I love the subtlety of the new red striations…

  • Anonymous

     The colour has nothing to do with cardinal dress; it's a reference to a red bird.

  •  Thanks for the info. But Noodlers should explain that on the public adv.

  • Thanks! I had to take these in the madness of getting in the Konrads, VAC-700's, Rome Burning, Stillman & Birn….it was a busy day 🙂 

  • I know, and he's coming out with more and more all the time!

  • Great!

  • Haha, that it is 😉 

  • Noodler's is only one man, Nathan Tardif, and he often focuses more on making his pens and inks than giving full details about why he does what he does. There's so much to keep up with, even a retailer like us has a hard time with it!

  • It doesn't have anything to do with materials, all of his pens are the same material. He just changed it so it stood out from the Dec. 25th colors. 

  • Yeah, it's a cool color. I actually liked the old one too, I personally would have preferred ditching the Dec. 25th altogether, keep the old Cardinal Darkness and add the new one….but alas it's not my decision that counts the most 😉 

  •  Thanks Brian, for your kind response. I know very well whats to be a one man. Its so difficult to interest with the details.

  • He really does try his hardest. He's honestly the busiest person I know, I don't know how he does what he does already….he continues to amaze.

  • Now, I liked new Cardinal Darkness. Very noble look. Compatible with DARKNESS word.
    But I had very bad experiences with AHAB nib and ink flow problems with feeder.
    For that reason in next shopping I will buy a KONRAD.

  • I can't blame you….the Konrad is supposed to be an improvement over the Ahab, we'll see once a lot of people start using the Konrad how it really holds up. I can test all I want but I'm just one guy, there's nothing like getting a whole ton of pens out there and seeing how they hold up.

  • Jim

    I like the new color. A lot. I'm just getting started in FPs, working through a 3-pack of Pilot Varsities, and I think my first non-disposable will be a Konrad. Having said that, if (when?) I were to get an Ahab, I would be torn between this one and the black. At this point, I prefer a pen that is more discreet.

  • Jim

    Also, I do like the natural backgrounds in your photos. The natural colors and the texture make a nice contrast to the smooth surface of the pen.

  • David

    Where is the White Ahab?

  • I would say go for the Konrad, if you want to be a little more discreet, the Ahab is a big pen and tends to draw (pun!) a lot of attention with its unconventional styling. 

  • Thanks! I'm having fun with them, I get bored taking pictures on the same background over and over and over again 😉 

  • I know, right! I'm sure Nathan will make one someday…..maybe not though…that would kind of ironic if everyone was searching for a white Ahab that they were never able to find… 😉

  • Nicky

    I really like the new colour scheme! It's a little more subtle and has more depth. 

  • It is more subtle, yes. I like it too because the all-black Ahabs have been in short supply, and this is a good alternative.

  • AnnPeek


  • Dick Davies

    Think it looks better than the Konrad.