Write Now 5/17/12

I’d mentioned a while ago that I would try out doing live broadcasts on the fly when I have time during the day. Well, I had some time today while I was swabbing up 5 new Diamine colors (Sargasso Sea, Grape, Ochre, Peach Haze, and Misty Blue) and 10 new De Atramentis colors (Verdi, Puccini, Shakespeare, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Raphael, Augustus, Dante, Brahms and Don Quichote), so if you have any interest in watching me do that, enjoy!

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  • Michel de Montreal

    It's the actual German spelling of the name George, I guess that's why he wrote it like that.

    as for the pronunciation it would be something like this GEH – OR – G.
    Hope this was useful 🙂 

  • Michel de Montreal

    I sometimes forget that I wasn't watching the live feed, and have to stop myself from answering every time you ask a question….. but as for FP101 I think it's a brilliant idea, and really quite nice of you to take time out of your day and put something like that together. 
    There's always things to learn no matter how much you know about things, so I do think it's great for ppl starting off and can also benefit those who already have some background!


  • Thanks! I have no German expertise at all 🙂 

  • Thanks! I appreciate your feedback…this is kind of a different style than I'm used to doing, even when I was doing Write Time I'd always plan out topics ahead of time and I've have Rachel with me to help out.