Wed. Review- Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo

Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo is one of the more popular Pilot colors, and for good reason. It has an amazing dry time, is very vibrant, and all-around performs very well. It’s expensive, but worth it to many fountain pen fans. Whether it is or not for you will depend on what’s important to you. Here’s my review:

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Here are some colors similar to Yama-Budo:

What do you think about Yama-Budo? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Jared

    I'm not big into super bright ink, but I got a sample of this off a friend a while back and I really love it. I use it for birthday cards, and other things that need a little pop.

  • Yama-Budo is bright, but I don't know if it's 'super-bright'….Dianthus, that one would be super-bright! But yeah, this ink definitely pops more than most. 

  • Bob

    Is the fast dry time uniform among the whole line of Iroshuzuki inks? As a left, dry time is everything…

  • Debi

    This a wonderful ink!!  I have a Levenger TrueWriter Kyoto inked with this color and I find it to be on the darker purple side.  It is a wonderful color though.  Love the flow of the ink.  It is worth the price in my opinion.

  • Writetomeoften

    I have an Aniki ink which is very close to Yama-Budo called Anatolian Violet

    Only difference between them, Anatolian Violet has a great water resistance.

  • Beth Irwin

    For those of us with high end, expensive pens that stain, this ink's performance makes it worth the price. No staining of light colored resins to date, rinses clean, doesn't stain ink windows, makes your nib float over the page, and behaves perfectly right up to the moment it runs out. I don't understand the obsession with waterproof inks, but MY obsession is keeping $1000 USD pens pristine and this is one ink I use to do it.

  • This is one of the faster drying inks in the brand. Most of them are pretty good. Not every ink dries at the same speed, even within a given brand like Pilot. In the video I was trying to convey that as a brand, these inks tend to be faster in general than most other brands. I would still look to see reviews (or even better try a sample) of the individual ink you're curious about before buying a full bottle, especially of ink this expensive.

  • I've never heard of this ink, actually, thanks for sharing.

  • It's one of those inks that's really borderline for color between magenta/fuschia/purple…it definitely has a strong pink component to it, but depending on the wetness of the pen will appear more purple or pink. I'm glad you like it : )

  • Thanks Beth! These Pilot inks are great for this, even with a strong color like Yama-Budo they are some of the 'safest' inks around. 

  •  Dear Brian !
    Since 2010 I started to produce a FP ink in a small quantities as a boutique manufacturing in Turkey. I have a many customers who use ANIKI FP inks including urban sketchers with water colors. Because ANIKI ink is celulose reactive and waterproof. If you contact with me on aliikizkayagmail .com I can send some samples to you.
    Warm Regards.

  • Helios

    Although the reviews are helpful, the part that helps me the most is the color comparisons with ink swabs.  What a great idea!

  • Good! This is actually one of the more time consuming parts of the review believe it or not, so I'm glad to know it's helping 🙂 

  • Jadie

    The sheen, the sheen–when I tested a sample with a dip pen in an Exacompta silver sketchbook, Yama-budo gets gold sparkles. So gorgeous! <3 

  • Yeah, if you get a really heavy-hitting pen (like a dip pen) and dump the ink on, you'll see that beautiful sheen 😉 

  • Love the color and flow of this ink. Plus I can't resist the beautiful bottle. 

  • deda

    The obsession with waterproof ink is for people who like to paint. Definitely water soluble are great for washes but some people like to mix watercolors with ink and usually add colors after the lines.