Wed. Review- Platinum 3776 Extra Fine Nibs

As I recently learned, Platinum has decided to revive some of their nibs from the past, and I suspect it will excite a lot of you. Japanese nibs are usually finer than their European counterparts anyway, so they tend to be the choice for anyone who likes fine nibs. Previously, the finest Platinum has regularly offered their nibs in a fine nib width. But, what we have here is something exciting, three new nibs!

These are the three new nibs I test in the video:

  • Platinum 3776 Black Century Soft Fine, a semi-flex nib with a line variation from about fine-broad
  • Platinum 3776 Black Century Extra Fine, which is quite thin be surprisingly smooth
  • Platinum 3776 Ultra Extra Fine, which is the thinnest nib I’ve ever used, and is smooth considering how thin it writes

I don’t know to what degree these nibs will be available ongoing, I know there are limited numbers of them arriving in the US right now. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of these pens (especially the UEF!), so I wanted to share my experience with you. Here’s a writing comparison with a Lamy Al-Star extra-fine and TWSBI 540 extra-fine:
Platinum 3776 fine nib writing comparison to TWSBI and Lamy extra-fine nibs, done on Rhodia 80g dot pad paper with Noodler’s Black.
It’s funny that the soft fine nib seems so fat compared to all these others! The dots on the paper are spaced 5mm apart, if that gives you any reference. I can say, the lines we’re looking at here are quite thin, all of them. The Lamy extra-fine was surprisingly close to the Platinum extra-fine, though as some of you have experienced the consistency of the Lamy EF nibs can sometimes waver, I mean it is a $12.50 nib. The end result is close, but the Platinum nib is a whole different writing experience, writing so much smoother. The TWSBI wrote much nicer, similar to the Platinum but just a bit wider on the paper. The Platinum ultra-extra-fine is definitely the thinnest nib, and flows surprisingly consistent for such a fine nib. I honestly enjoy all of these nibs, as much as I can anyway (I’m kind of a stub-junky!). 
My conclusion: bravo Platinum! Thank you for offering these nibs again, I hope to see them regularly! I would love to see you expand into the 3776 Bourgogne, that would be amazing. These Black Century models are beautiful though, I really like the improvements made over the old 3776 design, particularly with the cap insert that seals the nib so it won’t dry out for a year. I know the Century 3776’s deserve their own full review, and I’m working on that. 
Platinum 3776 Black Century, available in extra-fine, soft fine, fine, medium, and broad.
One thing to note, Platinum has released the next 3776 limited edition pen, the Shoji with a soft-fine nib like you see here. There won’t be an extra-fine on it, unfortunately, but you’ll see it in soft-fine, fine, medium, and broad. This pen is yet another that warrants its own video, but it’s worth mentioning here since it’s the same body style and nibs that I use in the video.

Platinum 3776 Century ‘Shoji’ Limited Edition, available in soft-fine, fine, medium, and broad.

I’m very eager to see what the extra-fine nib aficionados think of these nibs once they get them in their hands, I for one am impressed. I’d love to hear what you think, let me know in the comments!

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  • Tamara

    Thank you for this comparison. I have had my eye on the new LE 3776 and wondered about the soft fine nibs. I love the Fine on the 3776 Bourgogne. Now you have me wanting an extra fine to accompany it 🙂

  • maiboo

    How is the flow on the soft-fine compared with the medium nib. On your nib nook, the line width are about the same. I was thinking about getting a medium but would love to try out a soft-fine.

  • What happened to the nice intro music? It was refreshing.

  • Very nice video! I especially like how you demonstrated the softness of the "soft fine" nib. Videos like this one really help me see the writing qualities of a pen. Thanks for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brian, I would also like to know the answer to Maiboo's question. And also how does the medium run compared to the German/Italian mediums? I assume the latter runs broader? Thanks

    • The medium on the Platinums tend to be a bit thinner than the German nibs. That's a generalization of course, but they're usually about a 1/2 to full nib size narrower.

  • I was curious about the soft fine nibs too, which is partly why I wanted to make this video! All three of these nibs were new to me.

  • The flow is good on all of the pens, even the EF and UEF, which kind of surprised me! I know in my sample the soft fine looks really fat, and that's because I have kind of a heavy hand while I write. But if you're not pressing down on the nib to flex it, you get a line similar to a normal 'fine' nib (just look at the crosses on my 'T's'). 

  • I switch up the music from one video to another, which music did you prefer?

  • You're welcome! I'm glad to help : ) I want to do more videos with pens and how they write, I'm just trying to work out the best way to show them. It's actually surprisingly hard to show how well a pen writes in a video…

  • The one you use on most of your 101 videos (very useful, by the way). It's kind of jazzy; this one is more lounge.

  • Ironically enough, the jingle I use for my FP101 vids is called 'Starlight Lounge'! 😉 I save that tune just for the FP101 videos, the rest of them I kind of mix and match depending on what I feel.

  • Anon

    How would you say the SF compares to the Falcon SF? In the Nib Nook it looks to me like the Falcon's line width is a little fatter, but pretty close, does that mean the Falcon is softer?

  • The 3776 soft fine feels just as soft (maybe even a little softer than the Falcon), but the tines don't spread quite as wide as the Falcon, that's why the Falcon writes wider. So the answer would be both yes and no, the nib feels softer on the 3776 than the Falcon, but the Falcon gives more line variation. What I don't know is if the 3776 tines would end up spreading more over time as the nib is broken in, I just haven't had one long enough to be able to tell how that'll change over time. 

  • GGG13

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    Best regards.

  • CJ

    Brian: wondering if you can comment on the Platinum UEF nib vs a Pilot PO nib? Do you find one to be smoother than the other?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I will pass this one for a future Q&A

      • CJ

        Thank you, Lydia 🙂