No more Sheaffer Prelude colors!

We just went to reorder some Sheaffer Prelude pens today, and found out that the colors Radiant Magenta, Incandescent Green, Luminous Purple, and Electric Blue have been discontinued (and are out of stock at the Sheaffer US distributor). This is news to us, and so I figured I’d pass the info along. It’s too bad, I actually really like these pens…Rachel has the Radiant Magenta herself. C’est la vie.

If you were interested in getting any of these pens, then I’d suggest moving on it sooner than later before they’re gone for good. Retailers should have an okay stock of them for now, but if the distributor’s out, then it’s only a matter of time before these disappear from retailer’s sites, too. Check around to your retailer of choice and see what remaining stock they have, it’s all they’re going to have!

Sheaffer Prelude, Luminous Purple

Sheaffer Prelude, Incandescent Green

Sheaffer Prelude, Electric Blue

Sheaffer Prelude, Radiant Magenta

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-06T18:46:20+00:00 September 4th, 2012|Pen News|9 Comments
  • cerbeos

    Is Goulet sold out of Electric Blue?

  • MrsGouletPens

    Yes, we are. The other colors are going quickly too!

  • cerbeos

    🙁 Looks like I held off long enough to make the decision for me, then!!!

    Plus – there was no Broad option :

    Though, if you happen to find a stashed away Electric Blue that somehow adopted a Broad nib from another Prelude… You can reach me at FPN!!!

  • Maybe they'll replace them with some even more awesome colors! One can always try to think positive…

    Speaking of positive, I just reviewed you guys on my blog. 🙂

  • MrsGouletPens

    The colored ones only came in fine and medium. :-p

  • cerbeos

    🙂 I know – just saying – those Brushed Chrome Plated ones have the non-gold-plated nibs and have Broads haha!

  • Hmmm…I doubt that, unfortunately. Sheaffer's been raising their prices, clearing out less expensive pens, I think it's only a matter of time before they price themselves out of the market, like a lot of other pen companies that are owned by large conglomerates are doing.

  • Gwyneth Swann

    Good thing I got the luminous purple, here in the Philippines. ; ) I like your company by the way, hoping you’d have one here soon. ; )

  • Gwyneth Swann

    Good thing I got the luminous purple, here in the Philippines. ; ) I like your company by the way, hoping you'd have one here soon. ; )