Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Noodler's Nib Creaper Rollerball Disassembly

Did you know you can take the piston mechanism out of the Noodler's Nib Creaper Rollerball? Yeah...it was news to me, too. I had tried previously, but it always seemed like it was glued in place or something like that because I was never able to get it out. But thanks to a persistent customer who proved me wrong, I was able to take mine apart. It's a bit of a delicate process, but it's pretty simple to do. I wanted to share it with you in case you want to grease up your piston rod or clean ink from behind the piston seal.

I also have a separate video showing how to change out the rollerball tip in this pen, you can see it here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. I did this the first day I got one of these pens. I also found the piston assembly to be too tight. First I thought about using section pliers to get the part to unscrew, but I was worried I might crack the plastic. So for jobs like this where I need a better grip, but better control as well; I cut the fingers off a rubber kitchen glove and use them for better traction. That did the trick.

    When I put the piston assembly back on the pen, I put some silicon grease on the threads. This keeps the threads from gripping too much. The piston is much easier to disassemble now, and the grease provides a layer of protection against leaking.

  2. I really like my Kondrad rollerball and would like to own a few more if Noodler's would reintroduce them with the new Konrad design.

  3. Oh yeah, silicone grease will keep it all operating smoothly. In fact, when I put my pen back together I greased up the piston seal, the piston rod, and the threads, and the thing operates like butter now!

    That's smart with the kitchen glove!

  4. They are planning to do that, sometime in the not-too-distant future. It's being redesigned a bit, from what I understand. Not drastically, though.

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