Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wed. Review- Monteverde Artista Crystal

The Monteverde Artista Crystal is a pen that came out new in the summer of 2012, available in four demonstrator colors: Clear, Lime Green, Pink, and Turquoise. In this video, I review the pen with the following key points:

  • Unboxing (0:43)
  • Showing the 4 colors (4:13)
  • Closeup of the pen's details (5:07)
  • The grip section (8:20)
  • Eyedropper conversion (though not recommended, is possible) (10:10)
  • Details about the special converter (12:05)
  • Taking apart the Artista Crystal converter (14:55)
  • The clear feed, super cool (16:26)
  • Inking up the pen (17:44)
  • Writing with the pen (19:00)

Monteverde Artista Crystals, in Clear, Pink, Turquoise, and Lime Green, medium nib only

Monteverde Artista Crystal Clear, posted

Monteverde Artista Crystal, Turqouise, capped

Monteverde Artista Crystal, Lime Green, uses special standard international converter that's shorter than normal

Moneteverde Artista Crystal, Pink

Monteverde Artista Crystal, closed, open, and posted (courtesy of the Goulet Pen Plaza)

Lamy Safari, Monteverde Artista Crystal, and TWSBI 540, closed (courtesy of the Goulet Pen Plaza)

Lamy Safari, Monteverde Artista Crystal, and TWSBI 540, open (courtesy of the Goulet Pen Plaza)

Lamy Safari, Monteverde Artista Crystal, and TWSBI 540, posted (courtesy of the Goulet Pen Plaza)

Writing samples on Rhodia 80g dotpad, with Noodler's Black (courtesy of the Goulet Nib Nook)

Personally, I'm a fan of the Artista Crystal, and for $36 (which includes the converter), how can you really go wrong? It's an attractive, sturdy, well-balanced, smooth-writing pen. The only real downside is that it's only in a medium nib, and the shiny chrome grip section may be a downer for some of you. But if those aren't deal breakers for you, I think you might really enjoy this pen. 

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. That converter looks exactly like the converter that ONLINE pens make. :O

  2. I know what you're describing, but it's actually a little different than the Online converter. They do look similar, but they're different. As for your Pelikan, that's an issue with the pen, not the converter. Any standard international converter will do that in the Script, it's the thing I hate about that pen. It's a great writing pen, but it's all but impossible to fill it with a converter unless you hold the grip section onto the converter....a total pain. I can assure you, this converter (especially in this pen) doesn't have that problem.

  3. If we should be worrying about letting ink touch the metal parts of the pen... The nib is made of metal...

  4. Yes, but not all metal is the same. The nib is stainless steel, which won't corrode with ink. The other parts of the pen are not stainless steel....I don't know exactly what metal they are, but my best guess would be chrome-plated brass. Chrome will corrode with exposure to moisture over a long-enough time...think of old chrome car bumpers rusting out....now I don't know how quickly it would happen if you converted this pen to an eyedropper...likely not for a while.

  5. Brian, the non-starter for me is that it only comes in a medium nib, my least favorite size. Can the nib be replaced with another brand of nib or is it Monteverde's way or the highway? It's a shame really because I love the clear feed. (My Pilot Petit 1 has it and the clear feeds add a wonderful color dynamic to a pen.) Also, while not a fan of pink, I like the subdued pink of this pen and think that J. Herbin Rouille d'Ancre ink would look incredible in it. Drat Monteverde for being so bloody minded! :-(

  6. I believe the nib is a #5 size nib, and though Monteverde doesn't have any separate nibs in this size, I'm betting there is something that can work (Edison #5 comes to mind).

  7. I use this pen nearly everyday and love it. I love how it looks and how it writes. It is one of the first things I pick up in the morning. I take my research and reading notes in five ink colors and use this pen loaded with Noodler's Lexington Gray for the main body of the notes. The nib is smooth -- really smooth! Yes, it does have a shiny, somewhat slippery, section but, interestingly, this doesn't bother me. It must be how I hold it.

    Mine is delightfully clear - like a clear and fearless mind: everything out in the open, perky, lucid, and polite. I love looking at it and I love writing with it. It's a real favorite!

  8. Brian. You said you have been working with this pen for a little while now. I was wondering, I own two Monte Verdes and they both have the same issue, After only 3 days without writing with them, they dry up. They will not write until I force ink in and then, eventually they completely dry out, usually around day 4 if I let them go that long. What is the word on these as far as that is concered?

  9. I've found that if I store the pen nib up, then it will want to dry up on me a bit. Keeping it on its side (as I normally do) keeps it writing well for me. Of course, ink choice and your relative humidity are both big factors when talking about pens drying up.

  10. Yeah, I thought the section would bother me a lot too, but it really doesn't. As I've been using this pen more, I find that I'm holding even further back on the pen than I did in the video, so that my fingers are barely on the section at all.

  11. These look great. They seem like a good alternative to a TWSBI. Sure it doesn't have the piston system but it comes at half price.

  12. Well..sort of. I don't know that I'd really compare them to TWSBI directly. TWSBI has the advantage of the larger ink capacity and the choice of many different nib sizes. The Artista Crystal is half the price of the VAC-700, but the 540 is only $50.

  13. Monteverde are short changing you in Australia the Artista comes with 6 or 8 different colour cartridges and the Mega comes with a furniture quality box a bottle of ink and 3 spare nibs

  14. Interesting, especially since Monteverde is a US-based company...

  15. can the feed me use on the vac 700?


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