Wed. Review- Rhodia Rhodiarama Webnotebooks

Rhodia has come out with a new line of Webnotebooks called Rhodiarama! It’s the same great 90g off-white Webbie paper you enjoy in the previous Webbie versions, but now with 15 different fun colors. They are coming in lined and blank versions, only in the 3.5″x5.5″ (small) Webbie size, and they all have orange elastic straps and ribbon markers.

Here are the 15 different colors: Anise Green, Beige, Black, Chocolate, Daffodil Yellow, Iris, Lilac, Orange, Poppy, Purple, Raspberry, Sapphire Blue, Tangerine, Taupe, and Turquoise Blue.

Anise Green Rhodiarama
Beige Rhodiarama
Black Rhodiarama
Chocolate Rhodiarama
Daffodil Yellow Rhodiarama
Iris Rhodiarama
Lilac Rhodiarama
Orange Rhodiarama
Poppy Rhodiarama
Purple Rhodiarama
Raspberry Rhodiarama
Sapphire Blue Rhodiarama
Tangerine Rhodiarama
Taupe Rhodiarama
Turquoise Blue Rhodiarama
Another fun design element is the rainbow stripey zebra on the inside covers of these notebooks! I don’t know why they’re there, but it’s fun. It reminds me of Fruit Stripe gum 🙂 You can also see it has the same inner back pocket that the other Webbies have. 
Rainbow zebra!

Sorry I didn’t include a writing sample on the paper, the quantities I have are limited and I didn’t want to take one up just for me to use. They’re the same 90g off-white paper used in all of the other Webbies. The only thing that kind of stinks about these is that they’re currently only offered to US retailers in a case-pack of all 15 colors, so when I go to reorder, I can’t get just one or two colors. This means that as some colors sell, others won’t, and we’ll either have to stock WAY up on the colors that don’t sell as much, or just be out of the most popular colors for periods at a time (this is the more likely scenario). Sorry, but it’s hard to keep popular colors in stock when they’re only sold as part of a set 😛

The Rhodiaramas are a little bit of a premium, $18.50 each instead of the regular $16 for the non-Rhodiarama Webbies. I will say though, the colors are all really nice, I think Rhodia has done an awesome job with these! What you do think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Brian Goulet

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  • DRCY

    So many colors! I just ordered a “normal” Rhodia webnotebook from you guys before I realized they came out with these and the parcel is on its way. Oh well, these do look pretty nice though. I’ll have to burn through my new one before I get to sample one of these. So basically, the only differences between these new ones and the standard ones are the color covers and the inside cover zebra-like patterns?

  • Jumps

    I think they’re gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to try Rhodia notebooks (not the webbie size). I would love paper that is a joy to write on and that will not bleed significantly when I use my fountain pens. All reviews point to Rhodia, and I’m willing to pay a premium price for a premium notebook. However, I’m not willing to pay a premium price for a notebook that I don’t enjoy looking at and holding, and I dislike the color orange.

    Hopefully these are a look at things to come!

  • Donnie

    Sapphire Blue (Or maybe Iris) would make a nice dream journal, especially paired with J Herbin Poussier de Lune.

    Poppy (paired with Noodler’s Widow Maker) would be good for super angry, red-faced rants.

  • carweb

    They look stunning.

  • Elizabeth

    I think Iris might be my favorite, but they all look really nice! I do sort of wish they’d skipped the black & orange and gone with 2 different colors, though.

  • Nicky

    They are so pretty! I’m very fond of Raspberry, Purple, Lilac, Iris and Turquoise but also like the other colours. Even though I prefer a larger size (and I’ve asked Rhodia about the possibiliy in the future, I suspect they’re seeing how they go for now), I think the vibrancy and choice of colour is worth the smaller size – it just means more notebooks for me!

  • Mr xles McFuzzypants

    The purple one would make an excellent (and pretty) journal, if it only came in sizes above tiny.
    Gorgeous notebooks regardless though.

  • molossus

    Oh! A chocolate Rhodia! It looks good enough to eat!

  • Hans Packer

    So, what ever happened to these? The price was really high, but the journals were both beautiful to look at, and full of amazing paper. Is Rhodia making them still, and selling them in those silly color packs? I mean, how can a person special order one even if they want a particular color? Just curious if you could post a quick update on where these went. I discovered them late.

    • Bannef

      If you’re still interested, Goulet is currently selling the medium size in a few colors. Unfortunately they did not have the daffodil color, so I went digging, and if you go on Rhodia’s website this line is listed under “Boutique”, and once you’re on the page of the product you want, Rhodia has a “Buy Now” link that brings you to a list of online vendors that sell them.

      I honestly might sacrifice the daffodil color and order one of the colors Goulet carries since I trust the company, but it’s good to know your options! And I was afraid that Rhodia had dropped the line, so I’m reassured to see that isn’t the case.