Lamy Studio Royal Red Giveaway!

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway here at Ink Nouveau and, so we’re going to make up for some lost time. You may have heard about the new Lamy Royal Red Studio that’s coming out in the next few weeks. And you may have thought about picking one up for yourself… well, wouldn’t it be better to win one? That was our thinking, and rather than just give one away, we’re going to give away TWO of them, along with eight other sweet prizes.

Here’s a list of all of the prizes that we plan to give away:

That’s a total of 10 prizes that will go to 10 individual winners, with one winner for each prize.

How to Enter

The contest will begin as soon as this post goes live on, and will end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern US time on Sunday, October 28, 2012.
There are three ways to enter. You can enter once if you’d like, or in all three places to increase your chances of winning.

  • Ink Nouveau: Post a comment on this blog post (below) to answer the question “What is your favorite fountain pen and/or ink and why?” (max. 1,000 characters). Please be sure to use your name or an alias, NOT anonymous, so that we can track you down if you’re a winner! 
  • YouTube: Post a comment on the YouTube post for this video answering the question, “What is your dream fountain pen?” (max. 450 characters)
  • Twitter: Retweet the announcement of this blog post from @GouletPens on Twitter
If you enter in the same format multiple times (i.e. multiple comments on the blog, multiple retweets, etc), we will only count your original entry. Any blog/YouTube comments that do not answer the question will not be counted. We encourage you to comment on each other’s entries as we hope to spur some interesting conversation from these questions, just realize that you will only have one counted entry per site (YouTube, InkNouveau, Twitter). 

How to Win

All qualifying entries will be compiled from all three sites (Ink Nouveau comments, YouTube comments, Twitter retweets) into a master list and assigned a number. From this numbered list, we will randomly select 10 numbers using and those will be our winners. The specific prizes will be randomly assigned to each winner. 
The winners will be announced during a special episode of our live broadcast Write Time at 9, on Friday, November 2nd (which is also the first-ever Fountain Pen Day!) at 9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -0400). We’ll also post the winners the following day on Ink Nouveau.

You will only be eligible for one prize, and you may only qualify for one entry per site. If we find that you have posted using multiple aliases in order to increase your number of entries, you will immediately be disqualified from the entire giveaway. We want this to be a fair contest, so don’t be all sneaky, that’s all we ask.

If you have multiple legit entries and are chosen for more than one prize, we’ll give you the option to choose which prize you want, and then choose an alternate winner for the other prize. Our goal is to make sure that 10 different people get to win something.

We will contact all winners after the announcement to coordinate getting prizes to them. If there is no way to reach them or if they don’t respond to us within three days after we announce winners, we will consider the prize forfeited and offer it to an alternate winner. We will cover all shipping costs for the prizes if applicable, both within the US and internationally. Whoever our two Lamy Studio winners are will have to wait just a little bit because they aren’t yet available, but we will mail them as soon as we have them (expected arrival we’re told is mid-November).

We hope this contest will be a fun way to share our fountain pen passion with others, and it’s a great way for us to say thanks for supporting us and what we do. Thanks everybody, and good luck!

***This contest is officially closed! Any new comments posted will be purely for conversational purposes***

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  • Spencer

    My favorite fountain pen and ink right now is the combination of Baoer Skywalker and Diamine Blue-black. The ink fits so well with the classiness-with-a-bit-of-flash pen, and the pen looks great being carried into a business meeting or just used at home.

  • Alejandro Morales

    What is your favorite fountain pen and/or ink and why?

    My favorite fountain pen, hands down is my Sailor Sapporo. I got it during a really difficult time in my life and it was an unexpected gift. It fits in my hand perfectly and the nib has the right amount of feedback in it to give it personality. It has been my go to pen for nearly 3 years now. While I have other pens I love in my collection, this is the one I would really mourn were I ever to lose it.

    My favorite ink at the moment is Rohrer & Klingner Salix which I purchased at GouletPens! It's a perfect shade of blue, wonderful shading and excellent flow (not to mention waterproof!). It's currently living in a LAMY 2000 and a Blue Demonstrator Pelikan M205.


  • Emre Caliskan

    Hey! My favourite fountain pen is Lamy 2000 as it is very smooth and touching that pen is really outstanding! My favourite ink is Aniki Hadar which is a handmade ink bottled in Turkey. It is wet and smooth. Thank you! Emre CALISKAN from Turkey.

  • Susan Pigott

    My favorite pen is my Pelikan M600 Green o' Green with a Binderized italic nib. I love this pen, first, because it is beautiful, and second, because the italic nib makes my handwriting look so much better.

  • What's my favourite fountain pen and why?

    Hm. That's actually a really hard question. I suppose it would be a toss up between two – my Parker Frontier in Twilight or my Lamy AlStar in Ruby Red. The Parker was a random present from my stepmother, and the Lamy was a two year anniversary present from my wonderful Other Half.

    Actually. My favourite fountain pen would be my Parker Frontier. Why? Because it got me back into fountain pens, handwriting and appreciating stationery that much more. Without it I wouldn't be as knee deep in this hobby as I am now. And, without it, I wouldn't have my Ruby AlStar.

    I can't tell you what my favourite ink is, because I don't know that yet! 🙂

  • Without question my favorite fountain pen ink is Iroshizuku – tsutsuji. I use it with my Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen – Bourgogne fountain pen. This ink / pen combination are magnificent! I rotate among several fountain pens and get to use this pen / ink combination once possibly twice per week. It ALWAYS writes, first time, every time. The pen / ink never feathers, streaks or smears… just a consistent, lovely experience. I write lots of cards and notes to folks and the ink has a pleasing color that quietly stands out. This combination of pen / ink offered a wonderful side benefit during this month of October – breast cancer awareness month!

  • JakobS

    My favorite fountain pen so far is an Esterbrook Relief with a Relief #2 that I picked up earlier this year. the nib is a very smooth medium and niether flows to wet or too dry, the pen is classic black which is different than most of my pens, so I make sure to fill it up with something shocking like Diamine Orange or Apple Glory. Diamine is my favorite ink, I have probably 15-20 bottles of it, and enjoy the array of colors as well as the bottle design, not to mention the flow, and shading charateristics found in a number of colors.

  • snedwos

    I already talked about pens on Youtube, so here come the inks! My favourite ink at the moment (I don't have very many in my possession) is Noodler's Apache Sunset (could anyone seriously not like this ink?), although I am quite fond of El Lawrence, and impressed by Criptid Zhulong…

  • My current favorite ink would have to be Noodler's El Lawrence. It's an absolutely beautiful green that's dark enough I don't mind using it in a professional setting.

  • My favorite ink is Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses. The shading is absolutely fantastic with a stub nib. I have yet to find my perfect fountain pen, but I am having fun trying!

  • My dream fountain pen would be a Visconti Homo-sapiens. Mainly because I'm really interested in geology, and the idea of a pen made out of volcanic rock just blows my mind!
    My favourite ink is Private reserve sepia, I really love the colour, the shading and the fact that the ink is so wet. 🙂

  • My favorite fountain pen right now is the namiki falcon, I love the line variations that you can get with that pen. I could spend hours just writing with that pen, it's really fun. And the nib looks really cool.

  • anaximander

    I'll have to go with the Pelikan M400. It's the perfect size for my smallish hands and has a very responsive nib. My favorite ink is J. Herbin Pearle Noir. I know black ink isn't the most interesting, but I like that ink because it works perfectly in every pen I've ever used it in.

  • WritingImplement101

    My favourite fountain pen is so far is Parker Urban blue. It was my first expensive parker pen and i got it for my 13th birthsday, i wrote so many things with it, old good times.
    My favourite ink would be Diamene oxblood or MontBlanc toffee brown.

  • redhairedwriter

    My favourite fountain pen is my Graf von Faber-Castell Anello in Ivory. It's not the pen I use the most, but it was a gift from my parents so it has sentimental value to me and regardless of how my collection transforms itself throughout the years, this is the one pen that will always stay in my collection. It's also an amazing writer — so smooth and wonderful to write with. It doesn't hurt that it's a gorgeous pen, too.

    I don't know if I can pick my favourite ink because that seems to change all the time. The ink I use the most and always end up going back to is Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses, so I guess that would probably be my favourite. It's such a wonderful colour and can be used for a variety of purposes. That said, though, I'm currently in love with Diamine Kelly Green because it makes me feel happy on a typical rainy UK day.

    Thank you so much for this great contest! As if you don't already provide enough to the fountain pen community through all the tutorials and information you put out, this really is just the icing on the cake. I know that I greatly appreciate all I've learned!


  • Thomas K

    My favorite fountain pen is the Geha Schulfüller mit Reservetank. I got this pen for a good price off the German eBay, and after cleaning it up, it writes as wonderfully as the next fountain pen and even with a tiny amount of flex! Furthermore, it uses a piston filling system, which holds a tankful of ink, allowing one to write page after page with it.
    My favorite ink on the other hand, is just the humble Sheaffer Skrip BLACK! It is BORING, but adds a bold character to my writing. Furthermore, it is VERY well-behaved, even more so when compared to my dog. In many a pen, the Sheaffer Black also provides the lubrication for the pen, to allow for smoother use.

  • bluestem

    As a rhetorician, I'm used to saying "it depends" a lot–it depends on the situation, on the purpose, and on and on. Favorite pen and/or ink? Well…it depends! There are many favorites for different reasons–some sentimental (granddaddy's old tortoise Sheaffer that got me into this glorious pen world), some snobby (that hefty Pelikan 805). But for its writes-every-time consistency and tough-as-nails, knock-about materials, it would have to be the Platinum Plaisir. Reasonable, too! Fill up a basic black Plaisir with that delicious, petrol-y green-black Noodler's El Lawrence and I'm happy all day!

  • Gerald Taylor

    My current favourite fountain pen is a 1991 gold plated Parker Duofold Centennial. I got it new old stock and the thing just writes like a dream. It also has such classic lines and all that gold is just blingtastic. This pen always gets looks. My favourite ink would have to be Waterman Florida Blue. It's just such a great colour and it behaves sooooooo well in all my pens. I think people don't take Waterman seriously because it's a pen brand before it's an ink brand, but honestly–their inks are tops.

  • Jenna C.

    I am a fountain pen newbie – I only have one (Lamy Safari). My husband has three different Lamys, with a variety of nibs, and we do love them all. As for inks, my favorite one so far is Noodler's Turquoise. I love the deep green-blue color. The Sailor nano black is a great black, and I just love their bottles – beautiful.

  • Alison Hawke

    Favourite pen is my Noodler's Ahab, it is thick enough to feel right in my hand, but not too heavy. Favourite ink is Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses, for the shading.

  • For me, its a Sheaffer 100 filled with Noodler's Bad Blue Heron. Smooth writing, excellent flow, dries quick!

  • Curtis Cornwell

    My favorite fountain pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black. I like it because the design is subtle but very cool. The retractable nib is key. I think it really modernizes the fountain pen and can attract non fountain pen fans, who view them as antiquated and messy.

  • Valerie Owens

    For a perfect pen and ink match up, my favorites are Pilot Iroshizuku Winter Persimmon (fuyu-gaki) in my transparent orange Sailor Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) and Pilot Iroshizuku Cosmos (kosumosu) in my transparent pink Sailor Pro Gear Slim. Wonderful ink! Great pens!

  • Erin

    My ink is Noodler's Apache Sunset because of the beautiful shading!

  • Christopher Dabbs

    I'm going to have to say that my favorite fountain pen that I own is my Matte Black Lamy Safari. I love the everyday usability of it for taking class notes and what-not, and I enjoy the clip that makes for an easily carried pen.

    -Christopher Dabbs
    Bamaboyrome (Youtube)

  • Tim Verpoorten

    My favorite pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point, in Fine Gold nib. I love writing with the Noodler's Blue Eel lubricating ink the best, it's wet and wild. 🙂

  • My favorite fountain pen is the Sensa Meridian and my favorite ink is Noodler's Widowmaker. The Meridian writes so smoothly and has a nice weight to it. Widowmaker is a nice red, but my favorite use for it is as a stain on my lips 😉

  • Chris

    My Edison Herald EF nib is perfect with J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir. Smooth and such a perfect purple-blue! Love this match

  • Zoë Won

    My favorite fountain pen has to be the Lamy Vista, my first fountain pen (aka the gateway drug). Since this pen I've expanded my collection exponentially. I've bought other starter cheapo junior pens, beautiful vintage pens from the 40's and 50's, shiny new modern pens but it seems like I always go back to the Lamy Vista. Since I first bought it 2 years ago, it has always been filled up with some kind of ink. Though I rotate all my other pens, this is the work horse that's always inked and the one pen I always reach for.

  • Ed Jelley

    My favorite pen and ink combo as of right now has been my Pelikan M605 filled with Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine. The pen writes beautifully, and what better way to take advantage of that than with a vibrant green ink with great shading properties.

  • Ellen125

    My absolute favourite combination is my portable cigar Nakaya in Araishu filled with Levenger True teal… Now, THAT's a winner 😉

  • My favorite fountainpen is the Pelikan M800 Demonstrator because it's my favorite nib – an O3B.
    (But I really love my other fountainpens).
    My favorite ink is DeAtramentis RedOrange because of it's great shading.

  • My favorite fountain pen currently is my Hero 9075. While it's not perfect, it's my first c/c pen, and it gets the job done. Waiting on my Pilot 78G to get here in the next couple days, which should be awesome. My favorite ink currently is either Noodler's Blue or Baystate Blue. BSB is super vibrant, which I like, and NB is a bit more professional, but is still a fantastic shade of blue.

  • aeroblazer

    I absolutely love the combination of my Brown Pilot Metal Falcon (Soft Fine) with my Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri (Wild Chestnut) ink. It is a wonderful experience every time I put pen to paper.

  • Matthew James

    Right now my favorite ink is Diamine Red Dragon.

  • Josh Goldstein

    My current favourite pen is my Pelikan M620 New York with EF nib — mainly because this pen and I have a lot of history together. If I could choose any pen it might be the Omas Bologna Burkina, just for its beauty.

  • Patrick D

    I really love the Sailor Reglus Fountain Pen – Stainless Nib – Fine – Orange Body. A friend of mine has this and I love the way it writes.

  • Tom Rohrer

    I have dozens of fountain pens. Some of them are quite expensive and works of art. I like them all. But my absolute favorite in my old Pelikan M800 filled with South Seas Blue by Waterman. It is my daily "signature pen".

  • glinn

    My favourite fountain pen and ink combination is currently my Lamy Safari in Apple Green filled with Diamine Apple Glory. It's the only ink I've bought so far just to match a pen and I love it!

  • snedwos

    Green? Really? Wow, colour perception really does vary between people! To me it seems more like a dark, warm grey, which is more obvious when you dilute it (as I do).

  • My favorite pen is my TWSBI Diamond 540 in the ROC colors. It writes so smoothly, even after sitting for a few days, and I just love the colorful look of it. My favorite ink, without a doubt, is Noodler's Air Corp Blue Black. It's dark enough to use in almost any situation, and the greenish-teal color is gorgeous. I also feel like the ink is alive sometimes, because it can look so different depending on the pen/paper I'm using.

  • Patrick D

    I like the Sailor Reglus Fountain Pen – Stainless Nib – Fine – Orange Body. I love the way it writes.

  • Ryan

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Baystate Blue. I bought it before I knew anything about fountain pens, ink, and what a controversy it was. After hearing more about it, it only added to my fascination with the ink. Gotta love how blue it is!

  • Melinda

    My favourite ink at the moment is Diamine Marine. I got a sample of it from the May 2011 Ink Drop and loved it so much that I decided to purchase two bottles of it! I love that I can use it in any pen to show off the gorgeous colour and shading. It's best in an italic nib for calligraphy. 🙂

  • Stefan Vorkoetter

    My favourite pen and ink right now are my Pelikan 140 with it's Medium 14K semi-flex nib, and Rohrer & Klingner Salix. There were a lot of things wrong with that pen when I got it: the clear plastic nib/feed collar was cracked, the tines were misaligned, the pen was a gusher, and I really prefer Fine nibs. But the seller treated me like an intelligent being and sent me a new hard rubber collar, and I aligned the tines and adjusted the flow. The pen was still a bit wet, so I bought a bottle of Salix (from Goulet Pens of course), which has greatly tamed it.

    After all that, why is it my favourite pen? Because it has the perfect amount of smoothness, with just enough feedback to retain control. Because of its history (how many words in how many languages has it written?). And because it's a Pelikan.

  • Kalpana

    My current favorite is my lavender Waterman Ici et La with Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel. Smooth pen and the color complements the pen beautifully.

  • Janar

    I have used many fountain pens as a child maybe 25 years ago. It was mandatory in learning letters technique back then. Now i've turned to the roots if one can say so and i have Parker I.M. Gun Metal. It has M nib and writes very well. It's filled with Parker Quink blue, but I would prefer some lighter green ink. So these can be my only favorites so far.

  • My current favourite ink is JHerbin 160 rouge hematite. I like how my writing looks with a noodlers' flex nib, but my all-time favourite pen is an old italic I inherited from my husband's granny.

  • I'm still sort of new to the FP world but so far I'm enjoying the Noodler's Bulletproof Black as my favorite ink! 😀 Great for sketching and writing, a standard color. I only wish it could be darker in shade.

  • Roger Bello

    I agree with Ryan, my favorite ink has to be Noodler's Baystate Blue. It is such a strong blue. i have also been able to use it to color some of my clear preppy pens to a nice light blue shade.

  • Erin

    I have one of those too. I love how durable it is – I just throw it in my schoolbag and I don't have to worry about it. I use a black F nib and I love the way it writes so smoothly. The black nib on black pen is also a nice look that I enjoy.

  • Jumps

    My favorite fountain pen is my Estebrook SJ with a 9556 masters
    nib, and I am currently using it with J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis. It's not my
    favorite ink, but it's my favorite ink with this pen as of today. I have a
    small hand, and this smaller pen fits very comfortably in my hands. I was
    worried that the slimness would cause cramping, but there is no problem with
    that (probably because I don't clench and press with a fountain pen like I do
    with other pens). The pen glides across the page. It's much smoother than my
    other fountain pens (Lamy Safari and Sailor Candy), and the fine point means I
    can write rather small if I need to. The pen is also very attractive. It's a
    pearl gray with a silver-colored clip. My favorite ink is a Watermans brown,
    but I prefer this pen with the blue ink because the blue contrasts nicely with
    the gray. I purchased it refurbished from applejm on eBay, and I plan to
    purchase another pen from him. Oh, the
    final reason I like this pen is the price. It is an inexpensive pen that writes
    beautifully. The smooth writing, the size, and the price make this an amazing
    everyday pen. It's a joy to write with.

  • Larry Kirby

    My favorite pen is my Edison Huron in Blue/Black swirl ebonite with a medium steel nib. It is wet writing and smooth, perfectly weighted, and feels warm and inviting in my hand. It's the only pen that I have inked all the time. I'm still looking for the perfect dark blue/blue-black ink for it, although Diamine Denim looked really good.

  • Erin

    If I am lucky enough to win one of the gift certificates, I think I'll put it towards the Apple Green Safari. It's a fun color and I just love the way my Charcoal Safari writes.

  • Greg

    My favorite pen is the Red/Chrome Aurora Talentum my wife bought for my birthday a couple years ago. An absolutely fabulous writing pen and the large size makes it quite easy to use. Favorite ink to go in that and most other pens is R&K Salix.

  • Pat

    My favorite pen so far is Noodler's Konrad – for the simple reason that it fits my hand perfectly, and is comfortable to write long journal entries with.

  • Andrew

    "What is your favorite fountain pen and/or ink and why?"
    Right now? TWSBI 540 with Noodler's Midway Blue.

  • Pelikan_FP

    My favorite FP is my Pelikan M215 but I do have a Pilot Custom 92 on the way so who knows in the future.
    My favorite ink currently is CdA Amazon which is a great dark green.

  • Ashish Purohit

    I was surprised by how much I liked Noodler's Apache Sunset. When I looked at it first I thought there was no way I'd use such a light color but with a wet writer the shading is just amazing.

  • It is hard to put my finger down on my favourite, but I really like my Visconti Homo Sapiens, with my De Atramentis Lavender Blue. This pens write a little wet, and is well-used, so it is quite flexible. Coupled with the very relaxing scent, this is one fantastic combo everytime my subordinate wants my signature on reports. =)

  • Craig

    probably an old Montblanc 149 from the 1940's (i believe) – it's the perfect combination of width and flexibility. Priceless!

  • Jianghai Ho

    Favorite pen: Pilot vanishing point – it's so conveneient, and so smooth!

  • I enjoy Noodler's Inks as a company and Nathan as a person and what he stands for. Liberty's Elysium is my favorite ink. I was always a black ink fan and never cared for blue ink. I purchased a bottle based off of Brian's video review and I couldn't be happier. I have so many people ask me what type of ink it is. It's a beautiful shade and I truly enjoy supporting a small American company. That's why this country became great; because individuals are free to express and pursue their great ideas.

  • My favorite pen right now is a vintage Parker "51". It is just about a perfect pen for me. As too ink, I'm a big blue fan and would have to pick Salix by Rohrer & Klingner.

  • Casie

    My favourite fountain pen is easily the Sailor Sapporo Mini! It's the perfect size for me to carry and use, and the Sailor extra-fine nib is fine enough for me to write as small as I usually do with pencil. The anchor motif is also gorgeous, and the weight is just right.

  • Eva W.

    I recently bought Noodler's Baystate Blue from your site and I love love love it! Still searching for that perfect fountain pen though.

  • I'm new to the world of pens, but I love my Lamy Safari. It's affordable and writes superbly

  • My favorite ink is Noodler's Manijiro Nakahama Whaleman's Sepia. It is a hardy ink, and since I tend to spill stuff all over my desk and am a parent to a toddler and a cat, I kind of need that 😉 I love that it is a somewhat muted cool purpleish brown. It turns red when exposed to bleach, which I haven't tried myself, but I find the fact that it does that very interesting.

    So far, my favorite pens have actually been Lamy Safaris. I absolutely HATED my first one and gave it away, but I saw an Aquamarine and Apple Green and had to have them, even if I never used them. I discovered my favorite nib size is the EF, and all 5 of the ones I have purchased have been smooth, unlike my first, so I am now in love.

  • Ryan White

    Favorite pen is a 1940's Eversharp Skyline. It's special because it belonged to my grandmother and is engraved with her maiden name initials. Favorite ink at the moment is Pelikan Edelstein Topaz.

  • My favorite fountain pen is my Sailor 1911 from Why? It just works. It's flows amazing, its super smooth, and it just works.

  • I like my Lamy Vista, love the clear demonstrator body, but mostly how easy it is to change nibs, even italic ones!

  • My favorite fountain pen of the ones I've used so far would have to be the Namiki Falcon. That nib is fantastic for both writing and sketching.

  • Emilio Villegas

    My favourite pen is my Lamy Dialog 3 loaded with Waterman Serenity blue (Florida Blue) Just because it's a classic ink!

  • Danielle

    My favorite pen is my Pelikan Polar lights with F nib although I also really love my Namiki Falcon. Favorite ink is Noodler's Air Corps blue, with Pilot Blue-Black a close second.

  • Will Kimball

    My favorite ink has got to be the J. Herbin Orange Indien that my girlfriend got me for valentines day this year. I just love the way it shades from a pumpkin orange to an orangey brown. It's too bad that it looks horrible in my favorite pen: my Monteverde Invincia Black Tie that my parents got me for Christmas!

  • Zachary Jones

    My favorite fountain pen is definitely my Lamy 2000 with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink. The Lamy 2000 is such an iconic pen to me. One of my art major friends at the university actually recognized it. The styling is so simple, so minimal, and yet so striking. The Lamy 2000 is, to me, a defining piece of modern design.

  • Kara Wexler

    I guess my favorite would be my Sheaffer VFM, because it's the one I seem to reach for the most… it's so smooth!

  • Shane Peterson

    Noodler's Fox, I enjoy the nice rust red look

  • seoci

    My favorite ink is De Atramentis Steel Blue because of the serious color and good shading.

  • Dan Solomon

    I would have to go with a Pelikan 400NN with a semiflex EF ( tuned beautifully by Richard Binder) with Organics Studio Manganate V.

  • LisaG

    My favorite pen would be a tiny flex Wahl Eversharp that got me into fountain pens in the first place and my favorite ink would be Noodler's Kiowa Pecan – it holds my super extra fine lines and has a vintage look I can't get enough of.

  • Bahuser

    Favorite pen is Pilot Penmanship EF. I love that fine nibs.
    Ink – Diamine Imperial Purple. Awesome color, not too bright, not too dark.

  • My (current) favorite pen is my TWSBI 540 with a 1.1 italic. But if I win a LAMY Studio here, I'm pretty sure my favorites can be flexible…..

  • Jessica

    The first ink I bought was Noodler's X-Feather and it's by far my fave. I've tried others, but I like a viscous ink and it fits the bill; other inks I've tried tend to be too wet!

  • Mike

    My favorite pen and ink combination is TWSBI 540 F with pharmacist's turkish night ink, filled from an Akkerman bottle. However, IF I had a nice flex nib, that would likely be my favorite.

  • alpha11sponge

    I would have to say my favorite pen is my Lamy 2000. It's so smooth and is great for taking notes in college!

  • This is going to sound like a suck-up, but I'm a huge fan of Liberty's Elysium. According to my list, I have it in three pens right now. The only other ink I have in multiple pens at the moment is Noodler's Air Corps Blue Black.

  • My ink is Noodler's Bullet Proof Black, though I keep it in a PW Ackerman bottle. My favorite pen is my current Lamy Studio. Both of these work well for my work and the Lamy is at that sweet spot of a wonderful write while also taking some of the abuse that goes with my job which can see me sitting and writing one minute, running down a hallway the next and involved in hard physical labor the next. My studio looks great on my home office desk but it doesn't need to stay there. I've had the studio for over a year and it has taken everything time and circumstance could throw at it.

  • I like that one too, but it keeps drying out in my Lamy's fine nib. What're you using it in?

  • Freddy

    My current favorite pen/ink at home is my TWSBI Diamond 540 (fine nib) filled with Diamine Grey. The pen writes beautifully and the ink color is great for both casual and formal correspondence yet is easy on the eyes.

    My favorite carry pen is my Kaweco Classic Sport (fine nib) currently filled with a J. Herbin Orange Indien cartridge.

    Both pens are demonstrators.

  • Edu Almeida

    My favorite ink is the one which fixes my dreams on the paper, despite of any trouble or fear, and makes them fairly visible. The ink which crosses the lines on the sheet without caring for barriers, without being washed away by the first overflow. Then I may look at those dreams and contemplate a true realization.

  • Charles Barilleaux

    Too many to pick just one! Right now, it'd be my Lamy 2000. I love the Bauhaus look, and it's an incredible writer. Also, it's hard not to love bottle-only fillers. I've been pairing it with Diamine Sapphire ('cause I miss Penman Sapphire).

  • Gary Ryman

    My current favorite pen is a TWSBI 540 with EF nib in red, blue, and clear. It is incredibly smooth and writes well with every ink I have tried.
    Gary Ryman

  • XiaoMG

    Thanks guys for the wonderful giveaway. My favorite pen is probably the Pilot Capless Decimo, though there are several other wonderful pens that I'd love to mention as well. I love the smoothness and feel of the nibs on the best ones, the finish is gorgeous and much more interesting than most of the other Capless models, and the size is just right. I don't really care much about the click mechanism, but I am happy it is well-made and feels good to use. If I could choose a second pen, it'd be the Custom 74 with a fine nib, as it offers exactly the kind of springiness I like for writing and looks great with the CON-70 inside.

    My favorite ink is also a hard question because there are inks for every occasion. My daily workhorse ink is probably Sailor Seiboku, but it needs very good, slightly repellent paper to truly shine with intense shading and sheen. It is also very permanent and works very well in most of pens. If I have mediocre paper, I go with a black ink like Noodler's or Kiwaguro, but since I often have good paper with me, Seiboku gets the nod above all my non-waterproof inks.

    Thanks again!

  • Kellen

    The Lamy Safari Charcoal. I have never liked writing until this last spring/summer. Upon finding that it is a good tool to get a different perspective in my life I then realized how valuable it is and how much I like it. I'm doing a two year unpaid internship so money is tight so I through together a list of stuff to have and asked my parents for a gift. I'm grateful that they obliged and and now happily writing with my fountain pen. It is such a simple and utilitarian pen it just does what it has to do, and I like it for that.

  • Right now, my favorite pen/ink combo is Lamy Safari Broad Nib with Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin ink. This changes weekly though!

  • My favorite pen right now is my TWSBI Vac 700, because it is the most fun to watch fill.

  • Kellen

    Same here, I use it in my Konrad from a sample I bought from Goulet. I'm asking for a full bottle for Christmas.

  • So hard to pick a favorite pen! My old Vanishing Point is up near the top of the list. Such a smooth writer and the pen's mechanism is wonderful, I think.

  • Howard

    My favorite pen is my Pelikan Picadilly Circus. I love the M60x size, never fails to start. Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher or Manhattan Blue are dark, but don't have that blue/black dullness.

  • Art Navar

    My current favorite inks DeA Steel Blue and Plum. My current favorite pen is TWSBI Micarta.

  • Nathan Cecil

    My favorite ink is the Noodler's Tiananmen Red that I got from It is my favorite because I purchased it with the hopes that it would match the burgundy of my beloved Washington Redskins and the match is perfect. As long as the Redskins are in season, you can find me writing with the burgundy & gold!

  • Judy

    I love the J. Herbin's 1670 Anniversary Ink. The gold and green undertones in the blood red ink get me every time. I like to use the ink in my Ahab flex pen.

  • Laura Conrad

    I like using fountain pens because I like all the exciting colored inks, but I have to admit that I'm using Noodler's Black more often than any of the exciting colors. I use it for writing labels for jars in the kitchen because of the bulletproof feature, and I find it works better than anything else I've tried for not bleeding through on the cheap paper in my current music practicing notebook. (I have a Clairefontaine notebook that I'll be using next, so then I'll be able to color-code my notes.

  • My favorite ink is Lamy blue/black in cartridge. It's a nice business color, behaves well, and best of all I can use it on any paper without see-through or bleed-through.

  • CyberIstari

    I haven't used many fountain pens yet – small budget! 🙂 But, for the price, the Preppy is pretty good. I have a Noodler's rollerball that is more fussy. But the Noodler's Black is just faboo. 🙂

  • Cuervo

    My favourite pen-ink combination is Pelikan M200 filled with Liberty's Elysium. Pure blue magic.

  • Lee Steventon

    My favorite fountain pen, thus far, is my Lamy Safari, for how comfortable it is to write with. My boyfriend has a Cross that's black resin and gold (with a gold-tipped nib) which writes very smoothly, but the body of the pen is too smooth for me.
    As for our favorite ink, we really like J. Herbin's Rouge Hematite, though we don't use it very often (since the hematite flecks tend to clog the Cross). For day-to-day use, we like J. Herbin's Poussiere de Lune, as the perfect compromise between color and formality.

  • Robert Pridgen

    My favorite pen is my TWSBI 540. Granted, I reground the stock Broad nib to a cursive italic/stub, but the pen itself is superb. The overall quality, combined with the ease of maintenance make it a winner. Combined with Noodler's Black, it's my standard work carry pen.

  • Wilson Hines

    Pilot Vanishing Point is my fav! I love the weight and the feel – it's the gun metal black. It is a talker too. You can start some serious fountain pen conversations with that vanishing point fountain! My favorite ink is Noodler's Baystate Blue, but I have it in a dedicated Pelikan pen 😉

  • Bill Eagleburger

    I really love all my pens, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be my Pelikan 400, brown tortoise, from the 1950's It has a wonderful fine nib, with some flex and lays down a very wet line for a fine nib. I have it loaded with Diamine ochre, a lovely medium, earthy brown with great shading.

  • My favorite pen would be the Waterman 52 or the Namiki Falcon.

  • Florian

    My favorite pen right now is my Lamy 2000, because I really love the design. My favorite ink has been Montblanc Toffee Brown for some time now. But I am still looking for a really awesome blue ink.

  • Bill

    Great call, Christopher! That is my favorite and only red I own at the moment.

  • Halid ‘El-Fakir’

    Let me start with the
    easy part of the question; the ink. My favourite ink is a tie between P.W.
    Akkerman #11 Trêves-Turquoise and Diamine Havasu Turquoise. (Is it that much
    obvious that I love turquoise? 🙂 ).

    As for the favourite
    pen, that’s really difficult to answer. I like all my pens (that’s why I chose
    to get them in the first place) and I’d be happy using any one of them exclusively
    for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, if I were condemned to use only one pen
    it would have to be something; middle-sized (not too long nor too short and not
    too heavy), preferably made up of silver or some kind of precious wood,
    piston-filler (for ease of use), having buttery smooth nib and elegant in design.
    The pen in my current pen box that can meet all these requirements seem to be
    Pelikan M625 Blue (M). So this would be my choice for ‘one and only’ pen.

  • Right now my favorite ink is Noodler's Violet Vote. Purple and eternal permanent, so great for long-term journaling.

  • Louise

    My favourite fountain pen would be my Visconti Joon Anniversary. Not only is it gorgeous, its nib is super smooth and so soft! It's usually inked with my favourite ink, Akkerman Shocking Blue. It took me a while to find the perfect shade of blue, and I found it in this one. I find that my notes look awesome when I use this ink with the Visconti.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    My ink is Noodler's Gruene Cactus because it is my absolute favorite color. I also love the shading, and that it's Noodlers!

  • John A. Tucker

    Of all the pens I have owned I would have to say that my most reliable and favorite pen is my Sailor 1911 in EF. Loaded with any kind of ink the pen always performs flawlessly and is suitable for note taking and drawing. The nib is exquisite. My favorite ink is a close call between Noodler's Elysium Blue and Midway Blue. I like the way both of these inks look on the page and they both dry relatively fast, which is nice when I am in court or in a deposition taking notes. One other pen that I enjoy is my Edison Collier. Very smooth in F and has a nice weight and balance. Beautiful nib too.

  • I'd say my favorite fountain pen is a disposable Pilot Varsity that I bought back in 1992 and brought cross-country with me after I graduated. I'm fortunate enough to have several nicer pens, but this pen has certainly been with me the longest, by far. Loyalty counts for something.

  • Hoang

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Bad Blue Heron. I love the classy, grayish/darker blue.

  • John Valencia

    My current favorite pen is my Monteverde Invicia Stylus. I have both fine and an a stub nib and they both write beautifully. Currently inked with Noodler's Black. I call it the Darth Vader pen 🙂

  • rrARTz

    i have too many favorites, but if i have to narrow it down… it would be my modified namiki falcon and j. herbin rouge hematite.

  • Nick Brown

    I am still very new to this awesome world of inks and pens – but so far my favorite ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo (moonlight). It just seems to flow better, shade better and look more interesting when dry than the other's I have tried. I have only tried a sample from Goulet, but I definitely plan on picking up a bottle.

  • Michael

    My favourite pen is the Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib. I use it to sketch with and enjoy the steady flow of ink, its relative inexpensive cost and the sharp nib. My favourite ink is Platinum Carbon black because it is very waterproof (and allows me to splash watercolour paint over my sketch), dries quickly, and is very dark.

  • Sharon Abar

    My favorite ink is Aurora Blue. I have a lot of different inks, but somehow the Aurora Blue ends up in a lot of my pens.

  • Maiboo

    Right now my favorite combo is Platinum Century Bourgogne with Iroshizuku Momiji.

  • My favorite ink is Iroshizuku Yama-guri. It's understated yet distinctive–I'm not a bright colors kind of guy. It looks great on white paper and even better on cream/off-white. In dim light, at a distance or at a glance it might even pass for black (with fine nibs), but the color when you look at it is wonderful.

  • Daisy from FPN

    At this point I have a few nice pens, and even more nice inks (your sample program ROCKS!!! 🙂 but I have to say the one I love the most is a Sailor Sapporo hard medium inked up with Kiowa Pecan. It's not the one that gets used the most — I like it way too much to let it leave the desk — but it is definitely my favorite. Happy Halloween, y'all!

  • Isis Atena

    My favorite fountain pen is Lamy Vista, "she" looks like a glass, and speaks for herself on paper, as an adorable thing so full of life!
    And my favourite ink is Diamine Oxblood, because it's run trough my Lamy Vista as blood, giving to "her" a soul. 🙂

  • B Irwin

    My favorite ink is Ku-jaku. As for pens, I seem to have about 80 favorites.

  • Fabrizio Ferretti

    My favourite fountain pen is Lamy 2000: it' s cool as a classic and modern pen can be. Rohrer & Klingner inks are my first choice!

  • Favorite fountain pen is Lamy Safari because its cheap and has lots of and quickly changeable great nibs, lots of body colors for all tastes;
    Favorite ink is J.Herbin 1670 Anniversary Edition Rouge Hematite;
    Favorite paper Original Crown Mill Laid paper

  • Mel

    My favourite fp is my turquoise Lamy Safari and ink is Iroshizuku Kon Peki. They match up beautifully and the ink is so well behaved.

  • Leah

    My favorite fountain pen is my Waterman Carène Contemporary. I love the inlaid nib and it writes so smooooooothly. Still a bottle ink novice–I actually just signed up for Ink Drop so I can start experimenting with different colors and brands. PS Go Hokies!

  • Andrea Kirkby

    Right now it's the one I'm using – a Lamy 2000 with Diamine Deep Magenta ink in it… wicked!

  • Alex D

    My favorite ink at the moment is Diamine Red Dragon. I know it'll become a frequently used ink at my desk even if it doesn't stay my favorite. It's the perfect shade of red and it looks great on all of the papers I use. Whether I'm editing things or just plain writing– I love it.

  • Bryan Leenheer

    My favorite ink right now is Noodler's Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman's Sepia. It is the perfect, eternal, deep shoe-polish brown that I associate with Sepia. The color change when bleached has awesome symbolism as well.

  • Else-Maria Tennessen

    My current favorite pen right now is a Lamy Safari apple green fine-nib fountain pen. I love the grip and how it's perfect for my small handwriting. I also like the little window that allows me to see how far down the ink has come in the cartridge. All in all, a great pen for everyday use!

  • Man oh man — SO difficult to choose just one. I'll have to go with my Pelikan M600 White Tortoise. Not only is it beautiful, but it's comfortable and lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to swap nibs.

  • dorothy_notgale

    My favorite pen and ink at the moment are a cheap Bulow X450 (Medium nib) and Diamine Pumpkin. They're smooth, smooth, smooth, the ink has gorgeous, eyepopping shading, and the color is extremely vibrant and totally legible. The combo is perfect for copy-editing, which is what I do, showing up as contrast without the harshness and elementary-school flashbacks of red ink.

  • Peggy J.

    A favorite pen and ink? As easy to answer as which is your favorite child?! Seriously though, it really depends on my mood. My "go-to" pen is my Lamy Charcoal with a fine nib – it is SO smooth. My favorite work ink is Noodler's Heart of Darkness – bulletproof, great flow & saturation. For play? A toss-up between Noodler's Black Swans in Australian Roses (rich, sophisticated, interesting) and Noodler's Nikita (brilliant, saturated true red).

  • Lee Rappeport

    TO: Contest, GoulePens.comMt favorite ink is PR Sherwood Green, and the pen is a Delta Europa with a medium nib!
    Lee Rappeport

  • Peggy J.

    I see it as a dark, warm grey, too. It's great as a color wash with ink sketches.

  • Derek Habermas

    My favorite fountain pen is my Platinum Preppy, Fine, with Blue/Black ink, because it's my first and, so far, only fountain pen. Hey, you have to start somewhere! And I'm looking forward to branching out.

  • Beautiful, Bill. I have a 400NN brown tortoise from 1959. Even though it's a hard M nib, the cut gives it a bit of line variation. Loaded with a beautiful brown ink (I like MB Toffee Brown), it's heaven.

  • Sam Coleman

    My favorite pen/ink combination is a Sailor 1911m with Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. The pen is classic and distinguished, and the ink is a nice blue-black with just enough character to set it apart.

  • Halid ‘El-Fakir’

    Hi Daniel,

    Do you use a Stainless Steel Studio? I've been using Blue and Imperial Blue Studios for over a month and I wonder how durable these would be. You seem to be having a thorough field test of your pen.

  • Skip Williams

    My favorite ink is Private Reserve Blue Suede… it's such a beautiful sea green, almost two toned. And my favorite pen is the Sheaffer Targa…

  • AlexD

    My favorite pen is a Parker Urban Matte Black combined with J. Herbin Bleu Nuit. Its fluid and writing looks really great on Rhodia notebooks.

  • Like. Although I can't claim absolute loyalty to any pen brand, there's really something special about Pelikans.

  • Lars Bj

    My current favorite pen is a LE Stipula for Mercury. Gorgious blue celluloid, and a perfect match to may favorite ink Libertys Elyseum.

  • Robert

    My favorite pen is a Pelikan M800 with Kon-peki ink.

  • Michael

    Fav Pen: Lamy Dialog 3 Black; Fav Ink: Noodler's Fox Red.

  • Byron McConnell

    My favorite FP (M nib) is my Waterman Carene (either the Green Shimmer with Private Reserve Avacodo Green or Charcoal Grey with Private Reserve American Blue). I love the shape of the pen and how smoothly it writes with the PR inks. I prefer to use the combination of the PR inks with the Rhodia DotPad paper, purchased from Goulet Pens. It makes for a fun writing experience.

  • My favourite ink is Noodler's Baystate Blue as in my opinion it is the strongest blue!

  • William Anderson

    Currently my fave pen it the TWSBI Diamond 540 that I got from Goulet Pens. It's not a flashy pen but it's a good writer that holds a lot of ink and has a utilitarian look about it. My favourite ink all time is Skrip blue/black. If it's not broke …

  • Liessa

    My pen top 3 consists of a Lamy 2000 EF, a Lamy 99e B(?) and a Pelikan M150 M made in W-Germany. The inks I am most pleased with so far are Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue and Habanero as well as Rohrer & Klinger's Scabiosa and Salix.
    I suspect more will be added in the future 😀

  • MegWesley

    My current favorite pen would be my pink Lamy Safari. And my current favorite ink is Diamine Sherwood Green. They are very special together because those were my college colors.

  • My favorite ink so far is Diamine Ancient Copper because of its color. To me it's in-between orange and brown. I like the shading also.

  • Erin Vang

    I love my Namiki Bamboo for its hefty size and weight, perfectly balanced in my hand, so that writing with it exerts no strain on my tendinitis-prone hand and arm.

  • My favorite fountain pen has to be Noodler's Ahab Flex (gray fox). I love the way it writes, how it looks, and the way it seems to compliment my favorite ink. Noodler's Dragon's Napalm ink is my all time favorite. Great color. Great name.

  • Steven Thiel

    My favorite pen, and who does not rotate, always seems to come back to my Noodler's piston filled flex pen, with a medium Kaweco nib. It is just so smooth and holds a good weeks worth of ink…currently inked up with Waterman Mysterious blue. My favorite ink; Private Reserve Spearmint Green, It just has a nice bright green color and has a permanent place in a eye dropper converted Pilot 78G.

  • My favorite pen/ink has to be my Lamy 2000 EF with Noodlers Black Eel. I work as a photographer/graphic designer/illustrator. This combination is ideal for my drawings and practical for my notes. I also carry a TWSBI Micarta 803 and a Pelikan M215 for fun. I'm hoping to get one of those jumbo bottles of Noodlers for work. I tend to go through ink quickly. 🙂

  • Jill Lee-Jones

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Lexington Grey. It is great for watercolor sketching as it doesn't bleed when washed over and doesn't overwhelm the drawing like black ink does. I use it in a yellow Lamy Safari EF which is also my favorite pen. I wish it came in orange!

  • Since I have a couple Lamy Safaris, a Lamy Joy, and a ton of Preppy pens you can tell my budget decides what my favorite pens are. I spend a lot more on inks. I LOVE variety! I was also shocked at how often I go back to Noodler's Apache Sunset. I would never have guessed in a million years how much I love the shading and color. Normally I go for turquoise inks as a favorite.

  • I'm just now getting into the variety of inks, but so far my favorite has been Noodler's Burgundy with a 1.1 italic nib on my TWSBI 540. My first ink that shades nicely, and I love the color. I'm hoping that one of the Noodler's "Black swan in…" inks, with their special properties will equal or even exceed it, since I do like the greater permanence that they feature.

  • Daniel

    With my very limited collection, my favorite pen is the Lamy Studio (blue) with 1.1 nib, loaded with Montegrappa Bordeaux.

  • Mina

    My current favorite pen is Pilot 78G (Black body and fine nib), it's light-weight, comfortable to hold, super affordable and it writes and draws fine lines consistently (something I don't get from the Lamy EF nib). I would upgrade to their higher-end ones later (hopefully by the end of this year!) but for now it fits my daily writing need. As for ink, I like my Noodler's bulletproof black…since I have a tendency to spill drink of my notes ….

  • FraijoManda

    That's so hard! SO many pens! I think my favorites of course are my custom pieces. My current favorite would be my custom Edison Pearl. I think it's really timeless and classic looking, and I have a HUGE affinity for tortoise. It was also a reward to myself for a goal met. 🙂

  • FraijoManda

    My Lamy Vista is my favorite everyday pen. Love that thing!

  • DHarris

    Current favorite fountain pen… TWSBI Diamond 540 (smoke color) filled with Noodler's Blue/Black ink. The 1.1 stub nib is just the right amount of ink flow and a very smooth writer!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win some very desirable prizes!

  • Krandall Kraus

    My favorite ink seems to change with every Goulet newsletter, but right now it's DeAtramentis Myrrh. This blue is so lush (and luscious), a wet, loud and proud blue that can't be ignored. There really isn't another ink to compare it to and I'm using it in my favorite pen, my Edison Beaumont. What a combination of beautiful pen and gorgeous ink.

  • Timothy Fribert

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue. The color is beautiful, the behavior is top notch, and the art work on the bottle is beautiful. It is always inked in my favorite pen which is my blue Esterbrook J with a 9556 nib.

  • Robert Kerwin

    My favorite pen right now is an amber TWSBI Diamond 540, EF nib. It's smooth, reliable and has a substantial but not overly heavy feel. As for ink, my current favorite is Diamine China Blue, which reminds me of the sky on a summer day and is very well behaved in all my pens.

  • Elaine

    My current favourite fountain pen is the Namiki Falcon with a Soft Extra Fine nib. All the convenience and reliability of a modern cartridge/converter pen with the closest flex to vintage. It writes almost like my Waterman 52! Currently using J. Herbin's Lie de The which actually reminds me of Indonesian batik wax.

  • kolomo

    Favourite pen: Lamy Safari Vista.

    Firstly I really like demonstrator pens, haha. Secondly is the price for such a low price, you get a smooth writer and good built quality. Next is the look of the pen, I really like the look, it is very modern-looking but not too tacky. Lastly is Lamy's interchangable nibs, very versatile and affordable, you can buy a lot of lamy's nibs at a very good price, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money to get different style of nibs.

  • Dennis Duran

    Current favorite pen is the Pelikan M640 Polar Lights with Sailor's Epinard Green! Why? Because the pen size is a bit longer than an M600 but is heavier than the M800. Just holding it gives the impression that it should be more expensive than what I paid for. Feels great– excellent value for money. Design's nice too. The ink? Well, it perfectly matches the pen!

  • Uhmmm it is really hard to decide a favorite fountain pen but I guess it is Namiki Falcon because I like the flex nib on it and very humble. My favorite ink is Iroshizuku Ina-Ho because I think it is a unique color.

  • So can't decide one favorite from each category, but I'd say the original Noodler's Flex paired with R&K Salix is one of my go-to combos.

  • Mary

    My favorite pen is a Parker Sonnet with a custom-ground italic nib. It was a birthday gift, which makes it extra special, but oh I love how it writes (my handwriting changes depending on what pen I'm using, so maybe I should say I love how *I* write when I'm using it…).

  • Twsbi is my favorite pen(540). It has smooth ink flow and good weight in my hand for drawing.

  • Parth

    I love the Iroshizuku kon-peki! A beautiful blue. Not too dark or light. Love the color!

  • Thank you for offering this giveaway! It's so hard to choose but in relation to the giveaway items, I decided on the Lamy 2000 and J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune. The Lamy 2000 nib is really smooth and I love the pen design. Poussiere de Lune, like all Herbin inks, exhibits beautiful shading and the dark purple is a very versatile colour.

  • My current favorite pen and ink combination is my Lamy Vista with Noodler's Mata Hari's Cordial. It works well for me. Granted next week this would have a different answer. 🙂

  • Maja Gralewska

    This is such a difficult question for me as ink's where i'm from is basically impossible to come by (excl blue and black by pilot and pelikan) without shipping costing a fortune… But I would have to say that my absolute dream ink based on all the reviews and the stunning bottle would have to be J.Herbin Rouge Hematite 1670 Anniversary Ink – and the fact that it is slightly metallic and with wider nibs seems to change colour.

  • Jonathan Skeate

    Honestly don't have very many inks or pens, but my favourite ink of those I've tried would be Noodler's American Eel Black. Never had any problems with it whatever.

    Pen goes to my charcoal Lamy Safari. I like the matte finish, and it of course writes well.

  • My current favorite ink is Iroshizuku Kiri-Same. I love the way it looks like storm clouds, but is a warmer grey. Delicious!

  • My favorite fountain pen is Pilot 78G. Because it's available, light and cheap but give me a good performance.

  • CaptainGroovy

    My favorite fountain pen without
    a doubt is my Montblanc 146. I purchased that pen over 25 years ago
    as a birthday as a present to myself when I turned 21. I can
    honestly say that I have put over a gallon of ink thought my 146 without a hint
    of trouble, it still writes great, and looks almost as good as the day I bought

    When it comes to favorite ink
    I break them up in two categories one that no longer made or available and inks
    currently in production. My favorite ink no longer made will forever
    be Parker Penman Emerald it was my signature and personal note ink for years
    but alas, my supple of this ink is nearly gone so I know use this ink now very sparely. My
    current favorite in production ink now teeters between Liberty’s
    Elysium and Burma Road Brown but if forced to choose would lean towards Liberty’s Elysium.

  • My favorite ink is definitely Noodler's Baystate Blue. Unmatched brightness by any other ink.

  • jordi

    My favorite pen is the first I bought, a burgundy colored Waterman. I obtained it as a closeout when a local stationary store was closing. I enjoy using it with Mont Blanc blue black ink. I enjoy the smooth writing quality and especially the fact that one of my friends really wants it.

    My favorite color other than what I use every day is Noodler's Ink, Apache. I love the color because it reminds me of the color of old parchment and when used with the right paper gives an antique feel to the letter.

    Almost all of my other pens are family heirlooms that I have had repaired, including one that was my wife's father's. It is a green Esterbrook, in which he used green ink. Being the principal of a grammar school in the fifties kept his pen busy and so I had to replace the nib.

    As a side point, once, on a construction job, I found two old love letters hidden inside a wall. They were written on the stationary of a still operating Utah hotel, and dated in the 1930s. Of course written with a fountain pen. They were sent by Fritzi to her beau who apparently was a cad. They are not at the hotel, and will go on display in they history room.

  • Claude Paquette

    Claude Paquette
    My favorite ink is Diamine Sarah, it's kind of mysterious burgundy, with shades evoking a secret brotherhood from medieval age… to me that is !

  • Sheryl Kessler

    My favorite fountain pen is the Safari by Lamy with an EF nib. I am really not totally satisfied with any of the inks I have tried which include Noodler's Bulletproof, Noodler's Lexington Gray, and Platinum Carbon because not one of them is totally waterproof or smear-proof when used with watercolors. Out of that list Platinum Carbon is probably the best.

  • Garrett Lefferson

    I'm not sure of my favorite pen seeing as I have two, but I am enamored with anything Edison related. My favorite ink has been the LIberty Elysium. I filled my 540 with a sample and I'm in love.

  • Trevor Avichènnya Zénaïde

    My favorite fountain pen is Omas' Perrier-Jouët 2011 that celebrates the 200-year anniversary of the founding of the famous champagne maison. It is in transparent green and gold, which is one of my favorite color combinations, and has an Art Nouveau design engraved on the gold section that evokes the Art Nouveau design of the Belle Epoque Champagne bottles with the swirling flowers, leaves, and vines. I adore luxury champagne (especially tete-de-cuvée rosé), and I would drink it every day if I could, and Art Nouveau is my favorite style of painting. When I write with this pen, I dream of drinking fine champagne and dream of my favorite Art Nouveau works and that gives me a special, personal pleasure while I'm writing on any of my fine stationeries. And, naturally, the pen writes beautifully.

  • My favorite pen is easily my TWSBI VAC700 in smoke color. This pen is sturdy enough for my day to day at work and looks classy enough for use at leisure events. Not to mention the medium nib is just stiff enough to scratch if you like but the feed holds enough ink to be wet enough to glide.

    Favorite ink right now is the Noodler's Heart of Darkness. Bulletproof and eternal. Essential ink for my use in medical records.

  • CJ Carter

    My favorite pen is, amazingly enough, also my least expensive: the Pilot 78G F. It's not for the body, which does have an unsurprisingly cheap feel to it, but for the nib. It writes like a XEF/EF nib (not surprising) and doesn't let me down. It's my daily workhorse. (Also, I have spares, so if it walks off I'm still covered.)

    There were a lot of ink choices as well, but again I'm going with my workhorse: Noodler's Black — which gets not only FP but also dip pen use. A staid, boring choice, but a reliable one. I *always* have it available regardless of whatever inks are also in play.

  • My favorite ink is Noodlers Black. That stuff is awesome. It flows nicely, and is a deep, dark black. It's a stately color. However, its not for everyone. It has a slowish dry time, so lefties might smear all over the place. And the bottle can simply not compare with the ingenuity of the Lamy bottle. I love the resevoir at the bottom of the Lamy ink bottle, it simplifies that whole process of getting each last drop of in from the bottle. So, often I just fill up an empty Lamy bottle (after washing it out of course, don't want to mix the inks) with Noodler's Black

  • My favorite fountain pen has currently my favorite ink inside 🙂 The "power combination" is a bold Faber-Castell eMotion brown wood (M) inked up with Noodler's Eel Blue. Kind of a wet combination but very smooth to write with! The wooden barrel is nice to grab and the size of the pen fits perfectly for my hands. The ink is not too vibrant and therefore "business compatible" but has enough character to be recognized.
    Sorry – can't watch you live (would be 3am here) but will go for the recording tomorrow!

  • Of all the fun aspects of fountain pen writing, I think my favorite is ink shading.

    This is why I'm going to have to go with Noodler's Apache Sunset. It's just a fun ink.

  • Brandon Kraklio

    My favourite fountain pen that I use is my 1950's Sheaffer Cadet Touchdown (m1 33 nib). It writes just as fine a line, if not more so than my Sheaffer 100 fine nib.

  • Songyi Yuan

    I really enjoy using Diamine Pumpkin, it's a great shading ink as well as an ink used with corrections. I also frequently use it to annotate books with a TWSBI Diamond 540 EF

  • David J. Ring, Jr.

    I like Noodler's Zhivago, it reminds me of Coca-Cola bottle glass seen in the dark, or that Colonial very dark Hunter green shutters that are often seen on antique homes in New England. It is a dark ink so it is very visible but the black-green color of the ink sets off the writing as something "different" so it gets noticed Not only is your signature on a long list darker than most but it also is not just black.. Very classy ink. And holds up to water and light very well.

  • Stacy Thompson

    My favourite fountain pen (that I own) would be my Waterman Laureat that was given to me by my dad. Well, that's not entirely true, he was trying to throw it out and I had a very romanticized view of fountain pens at the time and ended up keeping the pen for myself. I was saddened to learn that Waterman has discontinued the Laureat, and thus cannot find replacement parts/nibs for it very easily. It writes wonderfully, albeit the nib is a little messed up and the body is more than slightly dinged, and I have been in love with fountain pens ever since because of this pen.

    I have very little experience with inks, and, therefore, cannot say that I have a favourite at this time. I am loving Goulet's ink samples for that very reason. I always love blue inks, but my latest interest are black/blue-black inks. I would love to find a rich, crude oil black with a sheen to it as my ideal black. I was thinking it would look gorgeous coming out of a TWSBI 540 M nib with an amber body.

  • Hangglidernerd

    My favourite fountain pen,of the moment,is a flex nib Eversharp Skyline.It's carmine red with a stripped cap.A beautifully styled pen that writes as well as it looks.What's not to love?As for ink,the ink of the moment is J.Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite.I love the glint of gold it leaves when writing with a flex nib.

  • Marsie C. McLendon

    My favorite fountain pens are my Pelikan Tradition M200 with either a fine or italic nib (the place from which I bought it was giving the italic nibs away free with purchase for a limited time) and my Pelikan Tradition M215 with an extra-fine nib, both used with Pelikan Brilliant Black (I dislike blue inks). I'd like to try the J. Herbin Perle Noire ink someday for use in my other pens, though–preferably in the large bottles.

    Befor I discovered the Pelikans, my favorite fountain pens were the Levenger Newtons in black/chrome (F nib) and bronze (M nib), which I no longer have, because at the time I got them, I knew nothing about proper fountain pen maintenance and so ruined them by cleaning the nib sections in hot water; nobody I could find could or would fix them, so I had to return them for credit, which I used towards buying a Parker Premier Special Edition Black fountain pen (F nib), which, unfortunately, only writes well when Parker washable black ink (I haven't tried the washable blue, for the reason stated above) is used in it, and the only place I can find this ink is Montgomery Pens, so I wouldn't recommend this pen (Parker pens are not among my favorites, anyway) to anyone, even if you could find it.

    But (and BTW) the absolute WORST pens I've ever used have to be the Kaweco Sport (black with F nib, and white with an EF nib) and the Levenger Plumpster in Pearl, both of which had/have serious inkflow issues; I contacted Fahrney's (my local pen dealer) to ask if they could do anything for my Kawecos (they don't repair Levenger pens), and I was told they charged $25/pen, which was about what I'd paid for them, so since I was simply tired of struggling with them, I just threw them out and resolved to buy some Lamy Safaris if I wanted some inexpensive pens. (The Levenger Plumpster in Pearl I returned for credit, along with the fine Plumpster nib I'd bought separately–Plumpsters generally come with medium nibs, but if you call Levenger's customer service department and ask the right people, they can find this nib, which isn't listed in their catalogs or on their website–and I believe I used this credit to buy one of the Pelikans–best pen purchase I've made, so far)!

  • AussiePenRepair

    Favourite pen/ink combo has got to be Sailor's Nano Carbon in a M605 XXF. Sharp, tight lines with no feathering or bleedthrough. A great workhorse!

  • TC

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Black. It's a nice crisp black that doesn't bleed plus its bulletproof, can't go wrong with that.

  • nccactuar

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Polar Brown because brown is such an unexpected but classy color to use as an ink. If you use a thicker nib with it, you can get some really nice shading too.

  • I think my favorite pen right now is my TWSBI 540 Diamond italic. I like the way the italic perks up my ordinary handwriting and I enjoy seeing the ink inside the pen. It also coaxes a lot of shading out of inks.

    As for inks, my favorite is probably Iroshizuku Ina-ho. Then after that comes a list of greens, oranges, and grays.

  • Gwynne Platz

    I really love my TWSBI 540 and I'm really crazy for purple of any sort – but I'm a sucker for my Baystate Blue & Concord Grape. Oh well 😉

  • My favourite ink is Edelstein Onyx. It's black, and it works. It's wonderful!

    As for my favourite pen…I've really enjoyed the Lamy Vista. It's one of my all-time favourites, regardless of the triangular grip, et al. If they made a piston filling Vista, I'm not sure what I'd do!

  • smoores

    My current favorite fountain pen has to be my 1960's MB 149 with an OBB nib that has some flexibility to it. I'm still enjoying it and feel blessed that it even made it into my hands. Long story, but has been a really cool blessing to use it. This pen is such a classic and it feels great in the hand. Love the broad nib and the line that it creates. Plus, I always wonder about who else has used a pen over the years and what great, and not so great, works that have been written with my (previously loved) fountain pens.

    It's hard to pick just one, though…I love my Pelikans (M8xx's, M1000, others), Bexley (especially Americanas and Corona), L2K, TWSBIs, Visconti, vintage and modern pens!

  • My favorite pen / ink / paper combo: Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point (matte black), Noodler's Heart of Darkness ink, in a Clairefontaine Classic graph paper notebook. I take all my notes using these tools (and I write enough that I have to refill the pen several times a week!).

    Of course, I don't always write in boring black. If I'm looking for some color, I write with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise in an aquamarine Lamy Safari (so the pen and ink are pretty much exactly the same color!).

  • Rita_K

    I think I would have to say Diamine Misty Blue for my favorite ink. It behaves well in all my pens and I love the soft muted blue. For favorite pen I would choose my Esterbrook SJ that my daughter bought me for Christmas last year. I love that the pen is almost as old as I am 🙂 .

  • Dan Foster

    My current favorite fountain pen and ink combo is my Twsbi Diamond 530 in orange with Noodlers Bad Belted Kingfisher. The pen is striking and the ink lays down so very nice, and is a nice solid blue-black.

  • Sue R

    My favourite pen is a Delta Maasai, for three reasons: it was given to me by a very dear friend, it reminds me of a wonderful time I spent linking up with my brother while he was travellling in Africa – and it has the most fantastic nib to write with. My favourite ink is another Noodlers – lots of people seem to be choosing one! Mine is Cayenne, just love that rich reddy orange!

  • me

    favorite is

  • Marla

    My favorite pen is the Pilot/Namiki Decimo because I just love that the Capless pens never dry out and are incredibly smooth. Favorite ink (right now) is the Caran D'Ache Turquoise.

  • number10ox

    My favorite ink is Rohrer and Klingner Scabiosa because of the color, shading, and bleed resistance

  • My Platinum Music nib with Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Roses.The color is amazing with that pen.

  • Andrew Young

    My favorite pen is either my Pilot Vanishing point because if it's one-handed convenience, great styling & ergonomics, and smooth nib (that's why I need to buy the new gray and matte black one); or my Monteverde Invincia because of its all black stealthiness, and smooth quick-change nibs (I have M and 1.1 stub with feeds in threaded subassemblies for easy no-mess swapping).
    My favorite ink is Private Reserve Tanzanite because of the great blue-purple color and especially the terrific flow characteristics. It almost always works well in even the most finicky feeds.

  • Yes, it is stainless steel. The only aspect that shows any sign of wear is the clip, which I've used a pair of pliers to bend back in shape 3-4 times now. The pen ends up in my front jean pocket regularly and sometimes, somehow the clip gets bent outwards. It isn't quite as tight as it was when new but it is still very functional and I'd feel a little lost without it.

  • Angus

    My favourite pen is my TWSBI 540; a smooth writer that holds heaps of ink. However, my favourite pen/ink combo is my Lamy Al-Star with Lamy blue-black (the iron-gall formulation from the bottle). Reliable, robust pen and ultra reliable ink that behaves nicely on all paper.

  • Chelsea A

    I LOVE my violet Lamy Studio fountain pen. I have a steel nib in it, I would love to try the gold nib and see if it is different! I love the way it feels, writes and of course (most of all) the color!

  • My favorite ink is Noodler's Habañero. It's perfect for editing; it shows up well but isn't as harsh as red.

  • Michelle Smith

    My favorite fountain pen is my Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway. My Grandma received this pen from her first boyfriend in 1942, and kept it for seven decades despite the fact that it broke at some point along the way. When she learned I was into fountain pens, she gave it to me, and with some Ron Zorn magic, it's now writing perfectly once more. I will treasure it always.

  • My favorite fountain pen ink right now is Platinum Carbon Black. I'm an artist/illustrator who works in pen & ink and watercolor and PCB is one of a very few inks that works extremely well for me in the fountain pens I've tried it in (several Noodler's Ahabs, some with Knox nibs and some with the supplied Noodler's nib and Lamy Safaris with broad and 1.5 mm nibs, but it did not flow for me when I tried it in a Rotring 600 fountain pen) and is 100% waterproof when dry. I find that it dries as fast as India ink when I use it on watercolor paper (rag-made Arches rough or cold-pressed) and when I paint over it with watercolors it does not run at all. As for a favorite fountain pen, I own many including a few high end models (such as a Mont Blanc 149 and Pelikan M800), but my favorite at this moment is a humble shiny black Lamy Safari with a 1.5 mm calligraphy nib. Using it to write in cursive makes my handwriting look pretty good and when I use it I am naturally inclined to slow down when I write (which seems to help me have better handwriting). Right now I have it filled with Noodler's Kiowa Pecan ink.

  • Javier C.

    My pen is now a Lamy 2000. Great pen for all the moments. Always working, even if has not been used for a while. And the ink that deserves to be in that barrel is a J. Herbin Perle Noir. I find this ink to be a really nice black, with good behavior in almost any single occasion. I have not tried the Aurora black, to be fair, but the J. herbin is in this moment my favorite ink for daily use!

  • dee du

    My current favorite ink is the J Herbin Cafe des Iles. It's such a warm and romantic color, and shading from reddish-brown to mauve.

  • My absolute favorite pen is the 1911 Waterman's BHCR with flex nib that I restored my very own self. 😀 I removed the sac remnants, flushed the crusted ink out of the nib, trimmed, replaced, and shellacked the new sac on, and polished the whole thing using Simichrome. However, my second-favorite pen is my 1946 Shaffer Student pen with clear body, and it's holding my absolute favorite ink, De Atramentis Petrol.

  • Karla Butler

    My current favorite pen would have to be my purple Lamy Al Star. This may have something to do with the fact that it's my only pen, but that doesn't make it any less awesome!

  • Lili

    My favorite pen is the Platinum 3776 with Noodlers Australian Roses.

  • My old Geha Colleg 55G with a 'KM' nib inked with Pilot Blue. The subtle red undertones with the ink is brought out by the wet and super smooth and soft line of the pen. Also, it is perfect for front pockets because of its reletivly small size.

  • KelliOnaroll

    My favourite pen is Stipula Etruria Alter Ego with T-flex nib. The
    T-flex is flexible, soft and flows really well. It writes smooth even on crappy office
    photocopy paper. On Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper, it is like the
    Dove chocolate commercial says, "an exceptional silky smooth
    experience", and this one has 0 calories. The only nib (from my
    collection) that is comparable to this is the Namiki Falcon. But
    the Falcon's resin body is too light for my liking and too skinny
    for my spidery fingers, while the Alter Ego's thicker and heavier
    body is just perfect. The T-Flex nib is like the superhero of nibs.
    It has a humble, forgettable appearance of dull battle grey and
    matte finish. The wow moment is when the nib meets the paper. I have a long list of favourite inks, having sampled 94 of Goulet's
    close to 700 inks. To use with this pen, my favourite is Diamine
    Ancient Copper. It works well whether it is for writing or drawing,
    professional or recreational, conservative or funky, good or crappy
    paper. My other current favourite inks are Private Reserve Orange
    Crush and Iroshizuku Yu-yaki, Diamine Apple Glory, Diamine Marine,
    Iroshizuku Kon-peki, Noodler's Widow Maker, Edelstein Jade…

  • Tas Kyprianou

    Like so many others here, my fave is my Namiki Falcon – although I do have a real soft spot for my hacked up rather gushy Noodler's Nib Creeper. Cheers guys . . .

  • My favorite pen so far has been my purple Lamy Al-star; it was my first Lamy. 🙂

  • kanaloanui

    My favorite pen is a 1998 Parker Insignia fountain pen in green and bronze–a gift I requested because I thought thank-you notes shouldn't be written in cheap ballpoint! My favorite ink for this pen is a toss-up between J. Herbin Lie de Te and Sailor Jentle Epinard. Both match well, and the suprisingly springy nib shows off the inks wonderfully.

  • My favorite pen so far has been my purple Lamy Al-star; it was my first Lamy.

  • Ted

    I would have to say that at least right now, my favorite pen is my stainless steel Lamy Studio. That's the one that I can manage to set aside for almost 3 days and then it's back in my rotation

  • This is one of the toughest questions a man could be asked.
    I think it's Pelikan M215 with fine nib inked with Waterman's Havana. I adore absolutely everything in this pen: design, weight, the sound with which the cap screws on and off, the nib, smooth and with a bit of flex. Thinking and writing about it made me take the pen and write a few words. Love it.

    I hope my other pens and inks wouldn't sneak in here. Guys, I love you all.

  • Pen: Rotring 600. I just love the black, matte, engineering look; I've been looking for higher-end pens with a similar aesthetic without success.
    Ink: black Parker Quink, it flows really great, does not feather, and is not completely pure black, more like a very dark bluish gray, so it has some variation in shade.

  • Ira Stone

    What is my favorite pen…today? I find I have a different one almost everyday. Today's pen is the Kaweco Sport Gulloch (sp) inked with Platinum Earth Brown.

  • Chris Adamo

    I'd have to say my favorite pen currently is my Pilot VP (blue carbon) because it is still easy to use when I am flying and don't have to worry about losing the cap! Favorite ink is by far is Noodler's Ottoman Azure because it is such a unique blue color and drives my coworkers crazy (military so it's legal to use and yet not at all expected when signing paperwork).

  • Larry P

    I love my Lamy Studio stainless with a fine nib and filled with Noodler's black ink.Because the Lamy writes so smooth with the Noodler's black ink and the Lamy Studio stainless has the rubberized grip.

  • paul coulter

    Thanks Brian and Rachel by letting more folks see the gold standard for communicating to one another is still wet ink to paper. A writing stick (BP or RB) just doesn't do it. The fountain pen is, as was a hundred years ago, still king. My favorite ink is the humble Sheaffer or Parker washable blue. It can stay in my pens and i don't have to worry about adverse effects. Lots of fun inks out there but this one my deserted island choice. The dream pen is a Wahl Eversharp Doric desk set. Right out of the 1930's. The perfect accompaniment to the drop down writing table rear seat of my Packard.

  • Mitch Zeissler

    My current favorite pen is a Bexley Imperial with a Mottishawed cursive italic nib, filled with Noodler's Blue American Eel. The pen is a cigar-shaped eyedropper in dark blue ebonite, so it has a massive reservoir of ink. The nib is crisp enough for nice line variation, but rounded enough for fast line creation. The ink has proven to be the best behaving solution for the nib, and provides beautiful shading in use.

  • My favorite pen at the moment is my new pelikan m600 ruby red, it's so light and pretty, the nib is perfectly smooth and wet, the piston holds a tonne of ink and it's the perfect size and weight. My favorite ink is iroshizuku tsuki yo – its the perfect colour, lubricated, shading – what more can you ask for? Maybe only a slightly better price? But for me, it's definitely worth it!

  • I love my lamy safaris(all 4 of them). My favorite ink is j herbin violette pensee

  • My current favorite ink has to be Noodler's Midnight Blue. It is such a beautiful and dark blue that it reminds me of the night sky when it is lit up by a million stars! My current favorite pen would be the TWSBI 540. It is such a smooth and wet writer that it literally glides across the paper. Even when the paper is a napkin HAHA

  • My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy Safari. It's my first pen, so I like it for that, but I also love how dependable it is. I can carry it everywhere and treat it without a care and I know it will always work. Even if I do manage to break it, it's cheap enough to replace without much heartbreak.

  • Noodler's Blue/Black in my Lamy 2000 (purchased from Goulet of course). Regular blue is too light for me to use regularly. I'm a little tired of straight black all the time. The Noodler's blue/black is a perfect compromise. That ink in the 2000 has been a smooth consistent writing experience for me.

  • EKE

    My favorite pen this week is my Levenger True Writer Sea Glass, currently inked up with the very simpatico J. Herbin "Eclat de Saphir". Reminds me of a mermaid's pen, left by mistake in a swirling tide pool, as she was surprised by a group of children playing by the bay, and rushed off to the safety of the deep.

    Right? 🙂

  • Rachel P.

    my favorite ink is noodler's habanero because it's pretty

  • Stuart Martin

    My favorite pen is a classic Parker 51. My favorite ink is Noodlers Bad Blue Herring.

  • Jonathan

    This is a great contest. Thanks for doing this. My favorite fountain pen is my Pilot Vanishing point. I have two nibs for it so I can use it to write fine or put in my cursive italic nib and write with some flair.

  • Angela

    Right now my favorite has to be Diamine Syrah. It's a beautiful burgundy, but subtle enough that it doesn't look gaudy. It's smooth in my Sheaffer and behaves very well overall.

  • Alex

    I love my Lami Safari with its 1.1 italic nib. Feels great, looks great, and always starts right up.

  • basil80

    My favorite pen is nothing fancy, but it is irreplaceable–a plastic bodied, student pen from my first (and so far, only) trip to France in the late nineties. It's how I discovered fountain pens and so, it is quite dear to me. So far, however, I've only tried a few inks. Of the 6 I've tried so far, it's probably Noodler's Dark Matter.

  • Goodjenny

    My current favorite is the red Esterbrook SJ (that had been my mother's) with Noodler's Old Manhattan black ink and a 9128 nib–a perfect everyday combo that is also filled with love.

    Thank you for the giveaway. The drawing is on my b'day and winning would be a great birthday treat.

  • I wanna Lamy 2000 with All Of My Little Greedy Heart!!! I Love That Pen!! 🙂

  • Blooze

    My favorite scribing utensil so far is my Parker 51 that was restored for me by Rick K. Taken from an antique mess to a beautiful piece of work would be an understatement. Lays a nice line and is comfortable in the hand.

  • oddmm

    Favourite pen atm: my trusty Lamy Safari /EF nib. That thing's been a workhorse over the last couple years at university. For ink, I think my favourite so far is Noodler's Zhivago. It's black, but with something extra. That's how I like it.

  • Drew

    My favorite pen at the moment is the Lamy Al-Star with medium nib. It has become my everyday pen for work.

  • John Mullins

    My favourite pen is the Lamy 2000M…a bauhaus classic updated into such a beautiful object. I love the look, feel and of course the writing quality. I pair it with my favourite ink…Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun…steel ink for a steel pen!

  • James in Sidney

    Right now my favorite pen is a first generation Waterman Carene, with Aurora black ink. I know the ink is boring, but I like the dark black with Rhodia webbie paper. Next week, who knows what will be the favorite combo!

  • Sergei I. Radutnuy

    I'm sorry if this is my second post, but the first time I posted from my phone, and I'm not sure if it worked… can't seem to find it.

    Pen: Sailor 1911 Large Demonstrator with a Naginata Togi MF. Very smooth and reliable writer, with a good heft, size, and looks. The nib is the most flexible one I have in terms of writing options – from a decently broad line at a low angle to a medium-fine ish at a high angle, with an EF option upside down.

    Ink: Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris. Wet and smooth in almost any pens, though can be too wet on cheaper paper or in a wet writer. Professional looking color, works in almost any context.

  • Karan Mistry

    My favorite pen is my TWSBI Diamond 540 EF. It is a solid everyday pen and has been incredibly reliable. I always have it inked up with Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue – a gorgeous blue that is also bulletproof 🙂

  • Donna True

    That's neat that you have a Pelikan with Baystate Blue… Maybe I'll see it one day! Good luck!

  • Donna True

    My favorite pen is a Stipula Model T with the flexible nib, and my favorite ink is Noodler's Bad Blue Heron, a lovely bulletproof blue-green ink…

  • Dan Wright

    Right now, I would say my favorite fountain pen is… my twsbi 540 EF! I have both a Lamy 2000 EF and a Pilot VP F that I also love, but the VP isn't as smooth and the 2000 has a smaller sweet spot. The twsbi does have a less "springy" nib, but it writes incredibly smooth every time I use it, and it holds so much ink! Love it. Speaking of which..

    My favorite ink I use with the twsbi is Liberty's Elysium! It's been inked up with that ink since you released it last summer, and I've been loving it! It's a wonderful blue color, behaves itself pretty well, and I know that a little water won't wash it all right off the page. And I actually found a vintage Sheaffer Skrip bottle (4 oz. with the built-in inkwell) that I switched the Liberty's Elysium into, and it looks really great in the old bottle!

  • Juliana Es

    My favourite fountain pen used to be Parker Sonnet, inked with J. Herbin Perle Noir or Eclat de Saphir alternately. Even though the pen sometimes skips, it's the pen that I used for my final exam, for which I scored an A (as well as in three other subjects, too). As such, Sonnet will always have a special place in my heart.

    For my graduation day, I bought a black Sailor Pro Gear with fine-medium 21K gold nib. Such a fantastic never-skip nib, combined with oh-so-pleasing Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. Both have been my favourite ever since.

  • Marc G.

    My favorite ink is Waterman Florida Blue (now Serenity Blue…) because of it's properties. It's just really reliable and the color is nice but still "professional" looking so I can use it for work.

    Currently my favorite fountain pen is a Pilot Vanishing Point in brown with a medium nib. The balance, girth, and nib are approaching perfection as far as I am concerned. Furthermore, the click mechanism is really useful for when I have to take notes on an off during a seminar for example.

  • kcbeidel

    My (still) favorite ink is Pelikan 4001 blue-black.

  • Ahmed Hussain

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Walnut. My first ink so I have a sentimental attachment 🙂

  • Jacalyn Newman

    I'm new to fountain pens, but I love my Lamy safari pens. I use them to grade or take notes in meetings. I have hopes of repairing my handwriting (lefty overwriter) as I practice my penmanship.
    I really love the Noodler's Green Marine ink. I got a sample and fell in love with it. It's a vibrant green and has partial bulletproof properties, reducing concerns that a grumpy student will wash away the comments and/or score.

  • My favorite pen is the Lamy Safari because it always starts up as long as there is ink.

  • Laike

    My favourite pen hands down is the TWSBI Diamond 540. For price to performance, it's impossible to beat. I only wish I could get a custom ground Japanese XF nib for it.

    My favourite ink is Bay State Blue. It's not a total 100% unconditional love, I have a hard time dealing with the staining, but the colour has sold me enough to endure the staining risks.

  • Greg Cockburn

    My current favorite pen is a customized bulb filler Edison Herald that currently has a xxf nib but I might get a .4mm ItaliFine from Richard Binder, close second is customized Lamy 2000 with a .5mm stub from with Pilot Prera Fine nib in close third. By far favorite ink right now is Rohrer & Klinger Salix ink for the properties of Iron Gall and the colour. Close second is Lamy Blue-Black bottled Iron-Gall ink with Lamy Black in third. That's my two cents for now, but my favorites will likely change in a few months, but that's how it always seems to go lol.

  • Brad

    I guess I'm a simple guy, but my favorite pen at this point is still my Kaweco AL Sport black using J.Herbin Eclat de Saphir ink. That and my Field Notes is ALWAYS in my pocket so I never forget an idea (good or bad…)

  • Adrianne OD

    My favorite fountain pen is my green Esterbrook J because it was the very first fountain pen I received, and my absolute favorite ink is Noodler's Blue Nose Bear because the shading is gorgeous and it's a really beautiful color that just happens to also match my pen.

  • My favorite so far is my Lamy Studio (Imperial Blue) with Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao (Morning Glory).

  • Sang

    My favourite fountain pen is Pilot Vanishing Point w/ EF nib and favourite ink is Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses. I have been searching for a very fine like 0.3 mm fountain pen and the Pilot VP fulfilled my quest. I have never found any other pens that can write as thin as the VP. It is such a joy to write on my small notebooks. Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses is a perfect ink for the pen as well. It is so nice in the mix of deep purple and burgundy that there are no other inks like this, very unique & best colour for me. I also get compliments from people all the time.

  • Tyler R

    My favorite ink and pen are Noodler's Midnight Blue in my Parker 51
    Special. Together they're a great combo of performance, reliability, and

  • Mike W.

    My favorite fountain pen is my Pilot Vanishing Point with a Fine nib because it's capless and quick to write with. My favorite ink right now would be Lamy Blue-Black because it writes well on pretty much any type of paper.

  • SPMC

    Well, I would have to say that my favorite pen is the Lamy Safari in white! A favorite ink would have to be Diamine Asa blue!

  • David Hosten

    Up until this week, my trusty Blue Sheaffer NoNonsense went everywhere with me. Now its my TWSBI has largely taken its place as my go everywhere pen. My go to daily ink is safe old Noodlers BP Black.

  • panda

    It's a toss up – between my granddad's old Onoto which i can only use as a dip pen, and my Monteverde regatta with a new stub nib – instant improvement in my handwriting! I also quite like Herbin Poussiere De Lune.

  • JanPage

    I have to pick just one as my favorite? I guess that would have to be my first Pelikan (M200 I think) that I bought way back in 1987. It still writes great so gets back in my weekly rotation fairly regularly. And for the last couple months I've mostly been using Diamine Mediterranean Blue.
    And thanks for hosting such a fantastic giveaway.

  • Scribal Work Shop Siren and a Lamy Vista are my favorite today.

  • M. Swimley

    My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy Safari in charcoal gray and I love Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng ink.

  • Lothianjavert

    Favorite ink… that changes with my mood and the season. A perennial favorite though is what used to be Waterman's South Seas Blue, and if I'm looking for more punch, Noodler's Shah's Rose or Habanero. My favorite pen is the FPN Stipula Etruria with a 1.1 nib. It usually produces gorgeous shading and I love how much ink it holds.

  • Erik Koski

    My favorite pen is my Parker 51. Large ink capacity, great fine, wet line, and obviously durable!

  • My favorite ink is still Bay State Blue. I've enjoyed all of the inks I've tried thus far, but this is still the one that makes me smile upon writing with it. Great contests guys!

  • Kasey C

    My favourite pen right now is my Visconti Van Gogh (The Portrait Blue one). I love the magnetic closure and the nib is smooth (Though it runs a bit wide in terms of nib size). Plus, it's really pretty.

  • Tamara

    My favorite pen and ink combo has to be my Pilot VP with Broad nib and Iroshizuku kon-peki ink. I love the solidity of the VP, as well as the convenience of using it for quick notes as well as long writing sessions. The nib is fantastic for the price and so smooth that I call it my paintbrush nib. With kon-peki, that deep cerulean blue, I feel like I could paint the ocean. It's a lovely combination 🙂

  • Philip

    My favorite pen and ink combination is my TWSBI 540 ROC with Montblanc Irish Green Ink. I like the smooth, stub nib on my TWSBI and the pen's large ink capacity and the large diameter making it easy to write with. I am a green ink kind of person, and I think the Irish green is the best Green I have used in color. In addition I like the shading and general behavior of the ink.

  • Mathew

    I recently got my hands on Sailor Kiwa-Guro Nano Black and I LOVE it. It's closer to a charcoal colour but its matte appearance along with the zero bleeding makes it my clear winner. Since it's matte black I love to throw it in my favourite pen, a matte black EF vanishing point! This combo makes taking notes a joy, try it out.

  • etoyocrebmos

    Favorite ink: Probably DIamine Syrah – I have loved it since I first saw it on my first Goulet pens invoice. Favorite pen? I don't think I can answer that. I guess my favorite pen is the one I put in my shirt pocket that morning. However, to narrow it down, I would say my top three are a TWSBI 530/540 (looks awesome and always gets comments), Lamy Studio (butter smooth 1.5 nib), and Edison Herald Grande (looks awesome, huge, feels great, but I love it too much to risk losing it).

  • Taylor

    My favorite pen is the Pilot Prera. I love being able to tell how much ink I have left. My favorite ink is J Herbin's Eclat de Saphir. I first used it after getting a sample bottle, and it's actually the first full bottle of ink I bought.

  • Favorite pen: Parker Sonnet
    Favorite ink: Private Reserve American Blue

  • Tian M.

    my favorite ink right now is iroshizuku ajisai, for its color and the meaning behind the name. 🙂

  • John

    I have to pick ONE favorite? Very well then. For the longest time it was my Parker Firedance Sonnet I bought new in '95. Lately though I've taken to a 1945 dated 51. Something about writing with a pen that saw the end of WW2…
    Did you know that the Japanese surrender was signed with a 51?
    As for ink, of course it has to be Noodler's Burma Road Brown!

  • Gregg Casillo

    My favorite pen is a blue Lamy Safari that my wife bought for me. It started the craze, and in it and other fountain pens, inks, and papers, I have found a medium for expression that is second to none.

  • E. Norman

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Burma Road Brown…so much history, so much character, just a nice, humble ink.

  • Alisha Donohoe

    My favorite ink so far has been the pilot brand light purple ink…the name is complicated and I can't remember it off hand, but I love it! It was featured in an ink drop over the summer and I've been writing with it ever since 🙂

  • janeybeck

    Lamy Safari + cartridge for traveling or Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses

  • My favourite ink would have to be a tie between Diamine's Jade Green and Red Dragon – they're just so saturated and colourful. Man, just call me Christmas! As far as pens go, I'm loving my extra fine Pilot Vanishing Point – sharp and thin but with a very reliable flow for such a delicate nib.

  • Kelly T

    My favorite pen right now is the Hero 616. The nib is SUPER fine and so smooth….even upside down. It's the only pen that's fine enough for me to use on cheap paper for school. It has a small ink window which is convenient. I also like that the nib is hooded since it's one of my few pens that doesn't dry out when I pause while taking notes. The hooded nib also makes it less flashy. It looks like a ballpoint tip to people who don't know what it is. ;D

  • Andy

    My favorite pen is the only one I've got–a bright yellow Arab noodler fountain pen. A fellow artist had one and after making one line with hers, I had to have one! It is filled with noodlers black eel–but a nice sampler ink pack is on its way!

  • Favorite Pen? I have to pick ONE!? Best I can do right now would be 2: Pilot Vanishing Point (XF) and Pelikan M1k (Mottishaw customized nib: XF & flex). VP 'cause it's super-convenient & the Out-of-the-box performance cannot be praised highly enough IMO. M1k 'cause of the Mottishaw nib, capacity, and great fit/finish. Current fav ink is Platinum Carbon Black: works well, waterproof w/out being steenky, and cleans out well enough after years of using it.

  • Rob

    Fave ink: Diamine Florida Blue (love this shade of blue)

  • Andy

    My favorite pen is my Pelikan M215. It's always had a reliable flow and I love the piston action.

  • Kim

    My favorite pen is my little green Merlina with its XF flex nib and I like Waterman Blue Black ink. I use my fountain pens for everything from grocery lists to letter writing. They add a degree of graceful elegance to my correspondence unmatched by any other writing instrument. So nice to see the growing legion of fountain pen enthusiasts.

  • Ack! Don't make me pick just one! Proud owner of 70-odd FPs and I love them all…well, mostly at least! I tend to have an inordinate fondness for 1930s Parker Duofolds though.

  • My favorite fountain pen is my blue TWSBI 530 with a special customized nib by Pendleton Brown with a flexible stub. It's a 540 nib, I think. I bought it from Pendleton. I like to fill the pen with Diamine Denim, my very favorite ink. It's difficult to describe just how fantastic the combination is. I cannot use them to their full potential, but I try hard.

  • Peter Q

    My favorite fountain pen is a Namiki Bamboo (Rhodium version) with a 0.9mm left oblique cursive italic nib with extra flex, with Iroshizuku Tsukushi ink. The custom grind works great for me, and it is very fun to use. The ink is very beautiful with good shading (more with the flex).

  • jpc984

    My favorie pen is the pilot vp. The convenience of a click pen is great! I also have two nibs (F and M) I keep both of them inked up and switch the nib units as needed.

  • Didn't see my post so trying again. My current favorite is my Nakaya Celluloid Goldfish with a soft medium nib. I love how it fits in my hand. I can write in my journal for prolonged periods without tiring. Haven't found a favorite ink yet.

  • Michael Hosea

    I'm not a vintage pen aficionado, and most of my favorite pens are modern, but my top favorite fountain pen at the moment is my 1946 Parker VS in excellent condition. The 14k Fine nib performs perfectly, and the lucite feed is a trip with a light colored "transparent" ink like Noodler's Nikita. I converted it to ED because the pastic that held the sac inside became to brittle and broke away, and I didn't like the button filling contraption with sac, anyway. Now it holds 3ml of ink and embodies simplicity and efficiency.

  • T

    new to fountain pens so i haven't had the chance to try much but my favorite pen that i use daily is a red and grey striped Hero pen.. favorite ink at the moment is De Atramentis Sherlock that color!

  • My favorite ink so far is the Diamine Oxblood. It's a rich red, quick drying and looks great in my diamond 540!

  • Daniel Bowen

    My favorite ink is Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Roses,
    it is a lovely color in my Lamy Joy, as well as some beautiful shading in a flex pen

  • amplifier515

    My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy 2000 with an EF nib. Perfect weight, size, shape, and balance for extensive writing with my left hand. It also looks perfect. It must be used with my favorite ink: Sailor Kiwa-guro carbon black ink. It's permanent, leaves a nice sheen, and smells good.

  • optional

    My favorite pen and ink changes very frequently! My current favorite pen is a Lamy Safari 1.1mm stub. My current favorite ink is the gorgeous Pelikan Adventurine.

  • My favorite fountain pen is a recent acquisition from my first fountain pen show – the Dallas Pen Show. I picked it up from Mauricio who brought it in with him. It is a Waterman 12 in a gorgeous red-mottled color pattern, with an XF-BB wet noodle nib, and it's an eyedropper. I'm completely in love with it! It is around a century old now!

  • Jared Adams

    My current favorite is my TWSBI 540 with 1.1 mm stub. It is smooth and consistent. My favorite ink I have sampled from Goulet so far is Iroshizuku Kon Peki. But I have many more to go…

  • nmatheis

    I'm new to fountain pens. My favorite so far is my Apple Green Lamy Safari. My favorite ink so far is Noodler's Mata Hari's Cocktail.

  • Don

    Favorite ink du jour is Diamine Denim. Lays on well using various pens. Plan to use it as a go-to blue for business. Favorite pen for show and go is MB 149; for sentiment, a Parker 75; for sheer writing pleasure, a Pelikan 800, Lamy Al Star or TWSBI 540; for ultra convenience and overall writing qualities, a Kaweco Sport Classic. Fine nibs on each. Thanks!

  • NoonianAtall

    How can I pick just one? I really like my Lamy 2000, but at the moment my favorite is my new matte black Vanishing Point. I wanted one for a long time and it was worth the wait. It seems just about perfect in every way to me.

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Midway Blue. It's rich, bright, vibrant, deep…all at the same time. It really makes me think of the ocean, in shallower waters.

  • Joan

    My favorite pen is an old Parker 51. Love the sleek look of it. Favorite ink is Noodler's Lexington Gray because it's waterproof, takes watercolor washes well.

  • My current favorite is the Lamy Ocean Blue with the 1.5 mm nib inked up with Noodler's Liberty's Elysium.

  • Jay

    My favorite ink in private reserve tanzanite because everytime I write with it, it preforms beautifully and I adore the colors it presents

  • I love my TWSBI Diamond 540—I got it in smoke, which is very dressy and yet subtle, and has a fine nib. A solid, reliable pen that writes great. Favorite ink of the moment is Diamine Ancient Copper.

  • Kenneth Kellogg

    My favorite fountain pen is my Montblanc Greta Garbo because is it simply beautiful… understated, with a tapering, black "precious resin" body and ivory "precious resin" cap that is adorned with a single, perfect akoya pearl. (I don't know what makes a resin "precious", but now that I think about it, I'm going to email Montblanc for an explanation.) Although the body is along the slender side, like Garbo, my fat fingers find it fabulous. Unfortunately, I cannot use it with my favorite ink: J. Herbin's Pigmented Copper that looks so tony on my "Espresso" brown stationery from Crane. The copper/espresso combination is just so unbelievably striking.

  • Grendel

    My favorite ink. Hm. A mix of 80% Libertys Elysium and 20% X-Feather, makes for a great Blue-Black ! 🙂

  • Kate Buike

    My favorite writing pen is the really old, really inexpensive Scheaffer "No Nonsense". I had several as calligraphy pens and a couple with fine writing nibs. They always work, no matter how long they sat without use. The write consistently, every time. It's the only fountain pen I had until recently. For sketching, now, I like the Lamy Safari.

    Also for sketching, my favorite ink is Platinum Carbon Black. It dries very fast and is water proof. I use watercolor washes in my sketching.

  • Paige Warmker

    My favorite pen and ink combo is Noodler's Heart of Darkness in my matte black Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point. I use it for all my note-taking – and as a grad student I find myself taking lots of notes (I refill the pen once or twice every week).

    If I'm in the mood for a little color (i.e. if I have homework to grade), I use Noodler's Navajo Turquoise in an aquamarine Lamy Safari. The pen and ink colors match perfectly!

  • Chandrashekhar Kshirsagar

    My dream pen is Pelikan Souveran M1000 and my favourite ink is Noodler's Liberty's Elysium!

  • Ovi

    My favourite fountain pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black Fine. It is probably the single fountain pen that I would ever consider using day by day, as it is relatively safe for ink leaks. Its build quality is superb, the click mechanism works perfectly and the nib is so smooth. Also, I consider it to have some great value for money.

  • My favorite ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku.

    Amazing ink!

  • Scott Miller

    Right now I'd say my favorite ink is one that you're giving away, Noodler's Liberty's Elysium. It's just such an attractive shade of blue, and when you combine that with it being a fairly well behaved ink in both italic and round nibs, it really tops the charts as my favorite ink, at the moment anyway.

  • dorothy_notgale

    I love Diamine Pumpkin too, it's so vivid and great for ensuring that corrections show up. It's also not red, which has negative associations for many people.
    And it's such a clear orange, without any brown or muddy tones to it!

  • Thomas Fiechtner

    My favorite pen is a Parker 45 Flighter. I think that its sleek, minimal lines are quite attractive. Also feels good in the hand.

  • eranew

    What is my dream fountain pen?
    That friggin’ Lamy Studio in Royal Red! I love the color! I went through your inks and I think the Diamine Wild Strawberry would compliment the pen nicely. In my experience, there doesn’t seem to be too many people who write in red inks.

    I’m here to tell you: consider the reds. That pen is a perfect vessel for them.

  • Stephen Loong

    Pilot's tsuki-yo because it is the best blue and has great shading.

  • Gina Shillitani

    I'm another vote for Noodler's Apache Sunset – now if I could improve my writing!

  • Oh yes, there are people who write red. Diamine Red Dragon in a Lamy logo F nib for marking exams 🙂
    Other red inks I use: Oxblood, Lamy Red cartriges (in a red Al-star).

  • Wyldphyre

    My favourite right now is probably my 2012 LE Pilot Vanishing Point. Really nice pen. For my favourite it would have to be either Kon-peki or J Herbin's Bleu Pervenche.

  • Adriaan Schepel

    My favourite pen is not the nicest one in my collection. It's the cheapest — the one that introduced me to fountain pens: the humble Platinum Preppy. While it doesn't get much use these days (I prefer offerings from Lamy and Pilot), it is a superb, value-for-money pen that did something important for me: it invited me deeper into fountain pens. Some cheap pens would push a newbie away. The Preppy drew me in; it was the gateway. Ink-wise, these days I'm loving Diamine Denim. Reminds of my old pair of 501's every time I hit the page with it. Good memories! Good ink.

  • My favorite fountain pen would be my Pelikan M215 Lozenge (the one with the "diamond" lines on the sides), with a steel F nib. First off, it looks great, is pretty sturdy given the metal barrel, and the nib writes a wet Western F. My favorite ink to go with that would be Herbin's Poussiere de Lune.

  • eranew

    Of course, I didn’t say there were no people writing in red.

    Even if all teachers graded in red ink—which they don’t; some institutions think red is too “mean” a color and forbid it—and even if there were an inversion in teacher to student ratios, that would still place red-writing paper-graders squarely in a minority of all writers.

    Perhaps, in the West, red’s image suffers from such grading practices. Then there is the accountancy idiom of “being in the red” when money is lost.

    In China, the perception of red ink is even worse. There, obituaries are written in red and to write someone’s name in red means you are shunning them.

    But let us not forget, it is also the color of love and passion.

    I appreciate you naming your color preferences. I will look into them.

    Thanks for sharing, but I am afraid I have to give you an ‘F.’

  • kara savidge

    My favorites are a Montblanc 146 bought when my kids were babies, a Sheaffer Balance from the 30s with a flex nib from a most esteemed writer friend, and my Pilot VP because it's so convenient. I like J. Herbin"s Eclat de Saphir, Vert Olive and a Japanese ink with a really long name gifted to me by now grown-up kids this year.

  • MattT.

    Monteverde Regatta series as they are interesting and unique but still elegant.

  • Wow, thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 😀 Hmm, since I am currently a student and I have but a limited budget for pens I can only just marvel at the more expensive models, so my favorite pen among those I own would have to be my Parker 51. It was a gift from a kind person who lives whole stretches of oceans away from me, but still thought of buying it for me despite never having met me before. I will be forever indebted to him for giving me the hope and spark I needed to become a serious collector; this beautiful, fail-proof pen will serve as a symbol of his encouragement as well as the camaraderie between fountain pen enthusiasts which I have never felt anywhere else.

  • Yeah! Walnut is great – used it for my Filofax but switched to Pumpkin just because of the variety. What pen and nib size do you use?

  • Favorite pen + ink huh… Right now it'd probably be this full flex Waterman 52 1/2 V in red ripple, combined with Sailor's Yuki-Akari LE ink. The play of light-dark, thick-thin that comes from this combination is just amazing, I swear. This is what keeps me in the hobby.

  • Pumpkin for annotations and corrections? Nide idea… How does it behave on cheap copy paper?

  • Andrew

    My favourite fountain pen is my grandmothers Parker Vacumatic (1941). Unfortunately I never got a chance to ask her how she got it (perhaps it was her mothers). It also happens to be the best pen for J Herbin Éclat de Saphir as it has a nice broadish medium nib. I find Éclat de Saphir to be a little weak in my extra fine daily writers (TWSBI 540 and Pearl LEA)

  • Andrew

    Éclat de Saphir is my current favourite blue ink, but maybe that's just because I have lots of it… I'm on the search for a darker one that will work well in an EF. Thoughts?

  • Heather Fournier

    My black Lamy Safari with a fine nib is my fave pen, my first and so far only fountain pen. Thanks to Goulet Pens and their starter kits I am now a fountain pen convert. It travels everywhere with me, tucked into my day planner.

  • Den

    My current favoeite

  • Jason Bowen

    For ink I have to go with Liberty's Elysium. My favorite pen is a Pilot Vanishing Point with a cursive 15 degree left-foot oblique nib from Richard Binder. I've also grown quite fond of the Pilot Metal Falcon SEF with Black Swan in Australian Roses.

  • Loving iroshizuku tsuki-yo these days.

  • Darin Delegal

    My favorite pen is my 1966-67 Parker 75 Cisele' that belonged to my grandfather. It's always inked and travels with me everywhere. I tend to use Noodler's Lexington Gray or Diamine Green/Black in it.

  • Victoria Tröndle

    I only have three pens , but my favourite one is the Lamy2000 with Pelikan blue-black 🙂

  • Ron Hockman

    The pen that never leaves my rotation is my Lamy Safari w/ 1.1mm nib filled with Noodler's Golden Brown.

    The nib creates interesting lines that compliment my handwriting, and the pen produces just enough flow to bring out the beautiful shading that Golden Brown is capable of.

    Golden brown is also very well behaved and works on a variety of different papers.

  • Jim Blackie

    Favorite pens are not static. But the one I'm using most lately is a Pelikan 400NN in brown tortoise that used to be filled with Private Reserve Sepia (I used to have that mind set that needed ink to duplicate pen color as closely as possible). But since getting a sample of Noodler's Ottoman Azure, I think it's my new favorite ink. But only for this pen, which had a 0.8 cursive italic nib. Favorite all-round, safe, reliable ink in Waterman's Florida Blue ("Serenity now!")

  • I'm new to fountain pens and my absolute favorite pen so far is my Lamy Vista which is filled with Noodler's Liberty Elysian. I think this pen is so smooth and not too fat and not crazy expensive. I really also like J. Herbin Rouge Hermatite (sp)? for its dual color properties.

  • My favorite so far is my Lamy Vista. It writes really smooth and Noodler's Liberty Elysian is perfect with it.

  • My favorite fountain (right now) is my Lamy Vista. I love demonstrators; there is just something fun about seeing the ink sloshing around. The Lamy nibs allow me to swap out according to my mood or needs. I find the weight very good for every day writing and the grip helps me find a good hand position without thought. Right now the 1.1 nib along with the body style and shape is fitting my mood perfectly. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • Phil Kallenberg

    Currently I am going with an Edison Beaumont with an EF steel nib inked up with Pilot's Iroshizuku Asa Gao.

  • Aeolus

    Favorite Pen??? This is a hard one, as I really enjoy all of the pens in my modest collection. But, if pressed, I would have to go with my TWSBI 540 Diamond in Sapphire. For its price point, I just cant be beat. I love the balance, ink capacity, look, and feel of the nib (mostly I use a fine), and the ability to change nibs so easily. I love to put a 1.1 Stub in on occasion. This is my daily driver pen.

  • My favorite in was something that came in an ink drop De Atramentis Rose (scented) – It was a beautiful color and the scent was still there in a letter I sent. Beautiful!

  • Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Spearmint Fine Point Fountain Pen. Green is my color. I am in Missouri. The Mark Twain is about an hour up the road a piece, so to speak.

  • Chris

    My favorite fountain pen right now is a Noodler's Konrad Demonstrator that I put a Black Montverde stub nib in, I painted the clip and trim ring matte black to match the nib. I keep Stipula Musk Green ink in it. Those Montverde Stub Nibs are super smooth and the Noodlers feed does a great job of keeping up with it, and it looks super cool. I'd also have to say that that Stipula Musk Green is my favorite ink right now too…It shade great, is a nice dark muddy brownish green and for some reason makes me happy sitting in that Konrad demonstrator.

  • Elizabeth Porter

    My favourite is a TWSBI 540 in a medium nib – with J. Herbin's Lie de The. Always a pleasure to draw with – but I keep picking up my safari with 1.1 italic for notes. I guess I have pen ADD.

  • Diane Maher

    My favorite fountain pen is my Mont Blanc 149 which has an O3B (signature) nib. It is always available for me to use at work or at home. I had tried out an OBB at a boutique and it was so smooth!! Then I heard that there was such a thing as an O3B nib and after seeing some writing samples on FPN decided that this was something that I would look into for my next pen. I'm glad I did! My current favorite ink is Noodler's Dark Matter. I really enjoyed the background story on this ink and that the ink was made to match the ink used at a famous laboratory (I'm a scientist) is really, really cool!!!

  • My favorite fountain Pen is my Lamy Safari in safari green with 1.1 nib. I must confess that this is my first fountain pen. I have a converter installed and is filled with noodlers hinter green for a fantastic combo! I can't wait to try more colors and nibs

  • Despite owning a few more expensive pens, my Noodler's Ahab in Vulcan's Coral is by far my favorite! It is a beautiful color, holds plenty of ink and has written (and drawn!) perfectly for me since day one. This pen along with Noodler's Back Swan in English Roses is a match made in fountain pen heaven!

  • That is one of my favorites, too! Ink doesn't get much more beautiful than this!

  • controls_freak

    I buy, fix up, and sell pens. So, my favorite pen changes weekly and sometimes even daily.

    A consistent favorite pen & ink combination is my 1950s Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral with a broad nib and filled with Noodler's Air Corp blue-black ink. The shading is really nice – the broad nib spreads the ink enough to see the blue come through so that it looks sort of evergreen.

  • Price

    Current daily writer is a Lamy Al-Star with left handed nib and J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 Anniversary ink. So these must be my favorites…for now!

  • Ruth Morrisson

    Favorite combo: Noodler's Konrad loaded with Noodler's Kung Te Cheng. The Konrad is a perfect size for my hand — and I trust KTC for all important work like signing checks — it will last longer than the paper it's written on! Plus, it's an amazing subtle color: I avoided it at first because it was described as "blue violet" but it really is more like a dark indigo with just a hint of blue violet in it.

  • Ruth Morrisson

    I should say, though, that if you look at just pens, my favorite is the Parker 45 GT Deluxe I got last summer for under $11 at an antiques mall in NW PA — that 14K nib is just sweet, but so far I've only put Quink Black in it.

  • Cindy Brewer

    My favorite fountain is the Pilot Penmanship – today. It fits so well to my hand and my style of writing that it's the first pen I reach for, even though it was quite inexpensive and not especially pretty. As I've just started getting back into fountain pens I don't have a favorite ink yet, but I quite like the J. Herbin "Lie de The", which I'm using in my first non-cartridge (and vintage) Parker 51 desk pen.

  • Alexi

    My favourite fountain pen is my Kaweco Classic Sport with a fine nib; inked with Private Reserve Ebony Purple filled cartridges. It goes with me everywhere.

  • Amit Y.

    My Ink is the Iroshizuko Syo-ro (blueish-green or greenish blue…). I'm a big fan of the green color, and find this particular hue to be extremely unique. In fact, whenever I use it to write something, I get asked about it…

  • Ruth Morrisson

    Wow — you're so lucky. I got to try a 51 at a pen club meeting a couple of nights ago. I would *love* to own one, but at the moment it's not in the cards. Or the budget. :-(/

  • Ruth Morrisson

    I've been thinking of trying that one at some point. But I agree with some of the other people that I don't think of it as being green….

  • Corey J. Holmes

    Absolute favorite ink, creeping, crusting and all, J. Herbin Anniversaire 1670. Don't like red ink, can't stand glitter or gleams, and pretentious French stuff leaves me cold (though I am French). It is the most honestly regal shade I've found, no pink/lavender overtones. High maintenance, can't let it sit around or it will punish you. But the rewards… clear, saturating, rich. Lovely.

  • Sara

    My favorite pen belonged to my grandfather, a Parker Duofold, Jr. It's filled with Noodler's Ellis Island Blue Black, and I think they're perfect together.

  • JPU

    Pelikan 200 w/ Benderized EF

  • Arielle

    Hi Brian and Rachel! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! 😀

    For me, my favourite pen is a green Esterbrook J. It was our local fountain pen group moderator's gift to me on my 16th birthday just last month. It is my first vintage pen. It happened to be that our group's moderator was teacher of my current teacher back when they were still in college. This pen is also the first pen gift that I have received. 🙂

  • Thomas Smrt

    I love my Lamy Joy with a 1.1mm tip. My favorite in is Noodlers, for sure! I use the Blue-Black and Widow Maker.

  • My favorite fountain pen is my Sailor 1911m MF in black and gold. Smooth nib, good line for my handwriting, and classic looks!

  • Pam

    I've really fallen in love in Private Reserve's Shoreline Gold. Great warm color for fall season. Lots of shading in this probably similar to Apache Sunset which I'd like to try when PR bottle is empty.

  • I'm fairly new to the fountain pen world and haven't had the chance to try out alot of of fountain pens sadly.

    The fountain pen I currently use and enjoy is the Parker Sonnet with a 18k F nib, which I use everyday.

    My favorite ink is J' Herbin Lie de Thé. It's just a beautifull color with nice shading that is not too colorful, so I write with it on school related stuff.

  • Another one for tsuki-yo. Flows so beautifully and such nice color… I'm using it in a Sheaffer 100, never fails or skips, it's perfect.

  • David Lee

    My favorite fountain pen is my good old TWSBI Diamond 540. It was my first fountain pen purchase, and it was worth every penny. Reliable to this day. Filled with Noodler's Red Black, my personal favorite because of its professional but expressive coloration. I use it to write both poetry and essays for school.

  • Ben Fairbanks

    My favorite fountain pen of mine is my Edison collier in perimmon swirl. The colors are amazing! I have converted it into an eye dropper and have never went back! The ink capacity is incredible.

  • FPN Name RavenLunatic

    Brian, Rachel, thank you for this contest. My favorite pen is the Pilot Custom 823 my daughter gave me as a gift. It writes beautifully and fits just perfectly in my hand. I use the pen just about every time I write a letter, or just because I like writing with it.

  • Dale

    Favorite pen? My Edison Nouveau Premiere (Cappucino); it was love at first write. Current favorite ink has to be Black Swan in Australian Roses.

  • Noodler's Polar Black. It's the one ink I come back to every single time for all my writing and drawing needs! Boring, yes, but so very reliable!

  • My favorite ink is the Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. I love, love, love the color and how it sits on the page.

  • theabysswithin

    My favourite ink is the dreaded BSB. The blue is unbelievably vibrant.

  • msahrap on FPN

    Noodler's Zhivago is probably my favorite ink, I love the rich dark green and the way it looks different on different paper. I have some now in a TWSBI 540 and the combination is wonderful!

    Thanks for the contest, as always you guys are great!

  • My favorite fountain pen is my VP with a XXF Binder Nib. It's butter smooth on just about everything. So far no mater what inks I've put into it there hasn't been any flow problems and no matter how long I have left it without use. It picks right back up as if I had just inked it that day.

  • My favorite ink is the Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher because it flows nicely and smoothly from my EF nib, and has good resistance to tampering (it's nice to feel comfortable writing checks with it), and has good archival quality (so my letters to my family can be remembered for generations to come).

  • Andreas Kumano-Ensby

    My favorite ink must be Noodler's Baystate Blue. And my favorite pen … hmmm must I choose only one? My montblanc 149 writes extremely well and it would be "hardest" to replace. So if I must choose one, it must be that one.

  • I love Noodler's Midnight because it feels really nice on the paper when writing.

  • Alice Chau

    Thanks for doing this! My favorite pen right now is the VP with a F nib in the gorgeous ice green LE from a couple years ago. I'm still a bit of a n00b to fountain pens and so still haven't picked out a HG ink (good thing there's Ink Drops!), but as so far, my favorite is the Caran d'Ache Carribean Sea.

  • Cesar

    My favorite fountain pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point because I use it the most. The fast deployment is the reason as I can use it for any task in a hurry. I have the fine point so it is more versatile with different paper types. My ink of choice at the moment is J. Herbin Eclat De Saphir. I like the color and flow of this ink.

  • thebitterfig

    I think my favorite pen is probably the space squid quill – the Pilot Plumix. I'm a sucker for italic nibs, and this one's pretty decent for the price. Add in the converter, fill with hrm… J. Herbin Bleu Myotosis? Diamine Delamere Green? Maybe the body isn't the most wonderful to hold, but the letters on the page are wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love my entry-level Lamy and Sheaffer pens, but the Plumix was my first, and that means something.

  • My favorite pen has to be the Azure Blue Parker Vacumatic my wife bought me for our first anniversary this past year! Even though it is a beautiful pen, it's even more special because of its gift status and that it will always remind me of our first year of marriage!

  • Ambivalare

    I have two favorites currently, one is the Pilot Vanishing Point which is a fantastic writer and the other is the Namiki Falcon which is so fun to use!

  • Angel C.

    My favorite pen is my Parker 51, because it's my grandpa's pen from when he was a university student (he's 82 now!) so there's a lot of sentimental value.
    My favorite Ink is PR Arabian Rose, because I love how it's a nice shade between purple, violet and pink! 😀

  • Olivia

    My dream fountain pen has got to be the montblanc skeleton 333

  • sunu

    My favourite pen is my Pelikan Toledo M900. Amazing craftsmanship!

  • I honestly haven't tried that many inks. But out of the ones that I have tried I think Noodler's purple wampum is one of my favorites. It's just such a nice deep purple, and purple is definitely my favorite color of all time.

  • My favourite pen in what I own is a black Noodler's Konrad, because
    – length and girth are right for me
    – I love how plain it looks
    – can be used capped or not and not tell the difference
    – gives extra-fine writing, plus possibility of flexing, which is tons of fun
    – cheap, not afraid to carry it around or play with it
    – perfect ink flow, no start-up issues, no drips

    My Konrad wasn't always like this, I spent 10-20 hours tweaking the nib and feed to get there. I broke the tip of the feed and some fins, but it's perfect anyways now. I learned a lot in the process, would never have happened on something expensive.

    Runner-up was Ahab, which I find more comfortable, but I still have statup issues with it and don't like it capped.

  • Matt L

    Currently I am using Diamine Oxblood and I really love it. I have a feeling that when my Apache Sunset gets here it might take over my favorite ink spot though.

  • Vivian Aldridge

    My favorite everyday pen is my bright yellow Lamy Safari . I use it for note
    taking and sketching in my art journal. The quality of the nib is excellent and
    always delivers a smooth flow of ink. Furthermore, I love that this pen is
    ecological and I can refill it rather than tossing ball point pens into the
    landfill. What can I say, the Lamy Safari just makes my day. It looks good, it
    handles well, and makes handwriting a joyful experience.:-)

  • I love my Noodlers Pink Panther Creaper pen. I love the pink color and the size is comfortable in my hand and very easy to fill. Apache Sunset ink is amazing in its shadings without being too light.

  • Rezonate

    My favorite ink right now is the noodler's apache sunset. It's the perfect color for the season and so vibrant!

  • My favorite fountain pen is the "Lamy safari", is a classic. I have the red one. It is allways "ready to use", if I dont use it for a long time, no problem, when I take it, write like the first time.
    I also like the Lamy ink (black).
    If a need to choose 2, the second one is the Noodler flez nib. Really good pen (but dont like my old red Lamy).

  • Pensive

    My favorite pen is a Namiki Falcon with a fine nib. The pen's size is comfortable and the nib lays a nicely narrow line, while the cartridge converter cleans easily. I used to fill it with Private Reserve Copper Burst, for which it had an affinity. Alas, that ink didn't maintain its color as the bottle aged, so now the Falcon is usually loaded with MontBlanc Racing Green.

  • Christopher Strother

    I love my Esterbrook J series pen. It was a gift from my older brother, and my first fountain pen. I love the screw cap vs. most of the snap caps you get today, and I love the internal bladder using the fill lever. Though it is old, it is a beautiful pen and still writes very well. I am thoroughly enjoying an old writing style with an old pen! And I love Goulet Pens!

  • Jennifer P.

    My current favorite right now is the pilot vanishing point with Iroshizuku Ku Jaku. It's the smoothest writing combination I have.

  • Marianne Davis

    I went back to school after retirement. I love my Souveran, but my absolute favorite pen is the Pelikano Junior. It's cheap enough to give away when college kids want to know what it feels like to really write. A fountain pen is to a rollerball what a standard transmission is to an automatic; those kids will never go back.

  • K

    My favorite pen is a Lamy 2000 with a fine nib. I just love the way it writes and the way it feels in my hand — natural and "right". I usually keep mine filled with my favorite ink, Sailor Jentle Epinard — I am a huge fan of green, but most green inks are too much for normal use. Epinard is subtle enough that I can use it most places without feeling like it makes a spectacle of itself.

  • Kylie B

    My favourite fountain pen is my Parker 51, and my favourite ink is Noodlers Rome is Burning. Although I don't use them together.

  • kph

    The above is me, for ease of contact and correlation. Not sure why I didn't sign in with twitter in the first place, but hey. 🙂

  • My current favorite pen is my Monteverde Invincia Stylus fine point – I use it all day at work both writing in for the stylus.

  • don

    My favorite ink is Private Reserve Tanzanite because look at it

  • Ben of Wake Forest

    My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy 2000 because I love the semi-hooded nib and the classic (well, classic now) shape. It's great!

  • Sarthak Mittal

    I am relatively new to the world of Fountain Pens. And guess i'm a convert as well. I can say that because i tried using a ball pen a couple of days before and i simply wasn't comfortable with it. So with the limited resources and budget i have i was able to buy a few pens and a few of the locally available inks.
    Among what all i have i absolutely love my Red Lamy Safari specially when its running on Chelpark Washable Royal Blue…pen because of its flow characteristics and durability that provides me with the speed to write at the speed a student needs to write in an Exam and the ink although i dont use it in my exams but for regular purposes Chelpark Royal Blue for the Brightness it offers as compared to Pelikan 4001 and Parker Quink(the only others i have).

  • Laurence Joron

    I like very much the Maki-e from Platinium, specialy the phoenix one ! Thanks for this contest !

  • Claire

    What a great looking pen!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one.
    I just entered the competition via a retweet from @csp2430.

  • My favorite pen is the Pilot Vanishing point with a Medium nib. Perfect for on the go writing and also fun enough to use for meditative writing. My favorite ink to use with the VP is Pilot Blue from a cartridge. While not the most expressive blue, it is definitely the most convenient and water resistant ink from a cartridge!

  • Robert Barrett

    Hmm. Well, for everyday use, I depend on my black Kaweco Sport, fine nib, with the ink I adore, J. Herbin Violette Pensee. I edit books, on paper, much to the amusement of my authors, so my new Lamy Safari with J. H. 1670 Rouge Hematite I use for some editing. My only other pen is a heavy, beautiful Montegrappa Reminiscence,solid silver, big, greek key design. Quite wonderful, also inked with J.H. V.P.

    But I guess the Kaweco sport is my desert island pen.

  • Katherine Flint

    My favorite pen is still my Sheaffer Prelude, simply because it's such a smooth and consistent writer. Use the cartridges or the converter, pretty much no matter what the ink it starts nicely and without being babied 24/7. It was my go-to pen for work for a long time.

  • Ximo

    My favourite pen is my Mont Blanc 146 Le grand. It is very smooth and I like its shape and look. Problems: you can disassemble it, and is so expensive that you only use it at home. Nobody is perfect! Favourite ink: Diamine Majestic Blue.

  • Joly

    My favorite pen is a Lamy Al Star and i love the fact i can swap the nibs.
    I bought alle the different nib sizes and it's like i have several different pens.
    Swapping the nib makes it possible to write with a fine or extra fine line, or write calligraphy letters with the 1.1 nib or the bigger ones.
    Swapping the nibs takes only a few seconds and that's a lot faster then cleaning out the pen.
    My favorite ink is Apache Sunset by Noodler's.
    I never saw an ink with so much shading….and so many different "faces" in different pens.

  • Nölff

    My favorite pen is a TWSBI Daiamond 540 EF. My favorite ink is Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon with half water to draw thin lines. I use it for illustrating.

  • David

    My favourite fountain pen got to be my charcoal black safari. It is of course an everyday work pen and it is very reliable. My favourite ink currently is scheaffer scrip red although that get less use than my safari.

  • Chris.S.Windsor

    My favorite fountain pen is a Parker Duofold, it was my first fountain pen from my father.
    My favorite ink is Noodler's Baystate Blue as it is a lovely blue

  • Jessica

    My favorite ink right now is Noodler's Liberty's Elysium (and no, I'm not saying this to ingratiate myself with the GPC :D). I've never considered myself a "blue ink" kind of person, but LE is amazing (and the label is awesome, too!). Perhaps I can win a full bottle…

  • Neillmot

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Black. Bulletproof, good performance on a wide range of paper, and utterly dependable in all of my pens.

  • Neillmot

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Black. Bulletproof, good performance on even the cheapest paer, and utterly dependable inn all of my pens.

  • Neillmot

    Sorry about the typos! Should have read: "My favorite ink is Noodler's Black. Bulletproof, good performance on
    even the cheapest paper, and utterly dependable in all of my pens."

  • Andrew B

    My favorite pen is my Monteverde Invincia, its so buttery smooth!

  • Eirik

    Right now my favorite fountain pen is my TWSBI 540 because of its great balance and large ink reserve. TWSBI nibs have never let me down either. If pushed, I would probably say the smoothest pen/ink combination I have ever used was my TWSBI 540 with an Iroshizuku ink. Now that was a great combo: great performance, smooth across the paper, comfortable in my hand, and great color.

  • Bart N

    Currently, my favorite fountain pen is a MB 144 Classique with a custom ground (Pendemonium) cursive italic nib. The nib's smoothness and line variation is what makes it my favorite with which to journal and write letters. The fact that I have relatively small hands makes this smaller pen acceptable in size. For other writing tasks, however, my favorite work horses are my Lamy Safaris and Al-Star. As far as a favorite ink, it would be between five: Lamy Blue, Lamy Blue-Black (bottled, iron gall), Quink Blue-Black, Quink Black and R&K Sepia.

  • Andrew Wang

    My favorite pen is my father's old Hero 329 in a light teal/turquoise color. Because the old cap wasn't fitting well though, I modified a Hero 612 cap to fit the pen just so I could keep it in rotation. It writes a lovely western extra fine line quite smoothly with just about any ink so I find it a great writer that will last. Besides, it's been going for at least a decade without fail!

    As for my favorite ink, that would be Lamy turquoise. Besides shifting between a light azure blue, to something similar to Legal Lapis(when mixed with just a touch of bulletproof black or X Feather), I just love the way the ink shades for something so reasonably priced.

  • My favorite ink is Noodler's North African Violet! It's fantastically light and vibrant.

  • Sara Morais

    My favourite FP is my humble Lamy Vista. It was my first fountain pen ever and has never failed me, it's a workhorse of a pen! "She" writes smoothly and I was lucky because the nib is a true Extra Fine (Lamy is known for the unwelcomed variation in the nibs) that never skips or scratches. Also, I'm a sucker for demonstrators and the pen isn't too flashy, so I can have it with me all the time to use anywhere without worrying of it catching too much attention. I surely recomment it to anyone, from beginners in this world to the old dogs out there! Good luck to us all 😉

  • Bill Gibson

    Favorite pen: Pelikan Souverain M 600, green stripe and black, two-tone nib, with Black Edelstein ink.

  • roofchees9

    I think its a tie between J. Herbin Rouge Hematite 1670 because of its properties of essentially being two inks in one, and R&K Alt Goldgrun because it is such a unique color.

  • Anne Fletcher

    My favorite pen is my Sheaffer TRZ. This pen has the smoothest writing nib of any pen I have tried, and the ink feed is just perfect. It is a medium gold nib – I would have preferred a finer nib but this pen was not made for very long and didn't come with any options. Thankfully I still have the slim cartridge converter for it as they are very difficult to find, and cartridges are unavailable. My current favorite ink for this pen is Diamine Imperial Purple, it looks like it would be very bright, but dries darker but not too dark that it is still a distinctive purple.

  • Bea

    My favorite fountain pen is my Pelikan M205. It's probably only considered a "mid range" pen but it's my most expensive pen and something I've wanted for quite a long time before I got it. I have the white one though, which means I'm afraid to try my favorite ink J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite on it. I'm scared it will stain! The ink is my favorite because red is my favorite color, and it was a lovely surprise from someone special.

  • My favorite was my Waterman Expert. Sadly I dropped in not to long after I got it and tucked it far away, So far that I can't find it to this day. A heavy pen, but wrote beautifully!

  • My current favorite fountain pen is Lamy 2000 and my best ink is Heart of Darkness from Noodler's. The Lamy 2000 EF is a very practical pen with good function, not-so-high price and perfect reliability. The HoD ink is well lubricated which make the EF nib of my 2000 super smooth. I really hope I can win a Lamy pen in this contest 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  • Jennie

    My favourite ink is Visconti Blue because it pops like Noodlers Bay State Blue and cleans up like J. Herbin Bleu Nuit. Rich, vibrant, creamy and nice shading;

  • my favorite fountain pen is a custom made tiger wood pen that my shop teacher in high school made me for getting into college. my favorite ink is damiane imperial blue because well lets face it its just the perfect everyday use blue very unique but still professional for use at work.

  • Glenn J.

    Favourite pen – my first one: Pilot Birdie with black trim. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than a very nice pen to write with – simple, compact and understated. It has been my go-to pen for four years of university note taking, typically filled with Tsuki-yo. The tines have bent almost to 90 degrees through a very unfortunate accident, but pushed back into place and writes all the better for it – LOTS of ink, no scratchiness at all and a nice line width. If I ever think that I may have misplaced it, an increasingly frantic search begins immediately which doesn't cease until I know it is safe.

  • I ordered the black ink sample package and some extras, and sorted through previous Ink Drops when I decided it was time to replace J. Herbin Perle Noire with something more water-fast.Now I have all 3 Lamys (my work pens!) in my purse inked with Sailor Kiwa-Guro Nano Black. I like its blackness, and the way it flows. I write a lot ( those 3 pens are inked Sunday night, and are all re-inked Wednesday-ish) and I have yet to have a pen clog. It dries fairly quickly, and of course, is permanent when it dries.

  • NobleDel

    Currently my favorite pen is a Pilot Prera with a medium nib. It is a smooth writer, it always starts, and the size is perfect for me. The last few weeks I have been using it with Diamine Hope Pink ink.

  • Joshua

    My favorite pen currently is a Pilot 78G with a fine nib that I worked a bit to make it run wetter. It's affordable and writes super-smooth because of how wet it runs now (and maybe because Pilot makes good nibs too), and not so expensive I would be afraid to experiment with it or take it out of the house.

  • palansil

    My favorite fountain pen is a Pelikan M400, in blue. I like the looks of the Souveräns and really enjoy writing with mine. As for favorite ink, I've tried out several samples of blue but I keep coming back to J Herbin's Eclat de Saphir.

  • Jon Buller

    I 'm an illustrator and cartoonist and I usually use fountain pens for drawing. I especially like pens with flexible nibs, because they allow you to vary the line width which gives the lines a livelier feel. I find that the best flexible nibs come from vintage pens, manufactured before 1950, but these are becoming increasingly difficult to find at a reasonable price. Currently my favorite drawing pen is a Noodler's flexpen, the Cardinal Darkness model, in which I have replaced the Noodler's nib with an Alfred Bagley nib from a 19th centure dip pen. It fit on the Noodler's feed perfectly and performs incredibly.

  • Rosemary

    My current favourite pen is the Namiki Falcon for the lovely flex I get with it. The ink I've enjoyed using with this pen is J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune for some nice shading.

  • Derick Brown

    Favorite ink, that's a hard one. It depends on my usage. I love Noodler's Black and use it daily for my research notebook. I use Noodler's Cayenne Red for editing documents and it really stands out. Noodler's Liberty Elysium is great for grading papers (I don't like red because is screams "failure" to the students and the blue acts as a more firiendly correction). And Noodler's Walnut is a beautiful shade, dark, but slightly soft, and I use it for my correspondence and journals. Well, I guess I can say I don't have a favorite ink, but I do have a favorite ink manufacturer.

  • My favorite fountain pen is the TWSBI Diamond 540

  • Michel de Montreal

    Hello Goulet Team,
    So I thought about this long and hard….. welll not really that long or that hard actually, but i gave it some thought, whilst having a nice cup of tea, and then all of a sudden it came to me, like an epiphany…. a sudden realization, at that moment, my favourite ink would have to be J. Herbin's Lie de thé…. what else could I possibly chose…. simply amazing 😀 As for the pen, it's a little bit harder to choose….. Not easy when you really like every pen you have and each one has his own backstory….. it's like having children, you don't want to have favourites hihihi….. I probably would have to go with the first serious pen I got…. which isn't to say an expensive one…. it would be the very humble yet amazing Faber-Castel Basic 🙂 which is currently inked with the wonderful Namiki Blue 🙂

  • Chris Scodellaro

    My favourite ink is PR Tanzanite. I'm still just as amazed when I see it now, as the first time I saw it. I just think it's the best colour.

  • My favourite ink is Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel. I love the vibrancy of the ink and it flows so beautifully on the page.

  • Bogon07

    Favourite pen is a Lamy Logo in brushed stainless steel with a fine nib. A compact neat yet stylish pen, it reminds me of an X-acto craft knife.
    Favourite ink is Noodler's Catalpa which should be called Cthulhu spit.

  • EddieG

    I'm still a newbie to fountain pens….but I do like the ones I have (all inexpensive ones)…but my favorite is my Lamy Safari. I like it the best because it always puts down ink on the first stroke…never have to prime it. Also, so far….it's never leaked on me…it is definitely my favorite. To win one of the new red Lamys…would be a treasure! Thanks for the chance!

  • Sidmind

    My favorite pen would be a Sheaffer Balance white dot, some of the colors are the most beautiful pens in my opinion, My mother has used one for years and it is always a pleasure to grab it for a quick note.

  • I dont think I have a favorite ink or pen. I just want to use them all.

  • The ink is easy, much as I love them all. But if I were stranded on a desert island with only one color of ink it would be Yama-budo. Just one favorite pen is much harder. My first love was Waterman's Serenite, yet I never write with it because the nib is too fat. It will be getting a nib lift eventually by Mike to my usual xxxf and then I will use it. Such fun to see all the lovely inks and pens posted here!!

  • hdub996

    I really love my Retro 51. It was my first and holds a special place in my heart.

  • Dylan

    Unfortunately, I'm still a beginner and I have limited experience with any kinds of nice fountain pens, but I'm liking my Baoer 388. The design is quite nice, and I certainly hope this giveaway will help me with my upgrade to nicer pens. 🙂

  • My favourite ink thus far is Diamine Oxblood. It looks amazing when using a flex nib =)

  • My favorite fountain pen is the TWSBI 540 fine point with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise.

  • Maja Furlong

    Sentimental favourites aside, my favourite fountain pen is probably my Visconti Van Gogh in musk green (Midi size , old style). I got it on closeout from a cigar shop in Philadelphia, of all places, and just love the way it writes and the fact that it always starts up without hesitation. I love the design of the metal section ring and the colours of the pen. The weight of the pen, when posted, is perfect for my hands.

    Many thanks to the Goulets for running this contest, as well as for their informative videos and blog posts!

  • Brett Preisig


    My fave pen at the moment is a humble Noodler's Konrad flex. I use it every day as my only pen. I've had lots of other fountain pens and they've all only lasted a year or so (at most), it remains to be seen how long the Konrad will last, but it's replacement will have to be one with a flexible nib. Yes all fountain pens are lovely, but the ability to modulate the width of the line with the pressure applied is unique. Perhaps a Pilot Falcon, or even the metal falcon will be my next fave, only time will tell!



  • I love my Lamy Safari. It's cheap tough as nails and writes every time. The limited editions are great also!

  • Sara Morais

    My favourite FP is my humble Lamy Vista. It was my first ever fountain and is a workhorse of a pen! It has never failed me, always leaves a good line without skipping or scratching and is a beautiful true extra-fine nib. Maybe I was lucky, because Lamy is known to have some unwelcomed variation with their nibs… I love it, though! Also, the pen isn't too flashy, so I can use it anywhere without catching too much attention! Good luck to us all 😉

  • My favorite pen would probably have to be my Parker 45 Flighter. Older than I am, and aside from coming with some dried up ink in it, writes great, even with an XF nib(I'm more of a M nib person). Plus, my first gold nib! Favorite ink is by far J. Herbin scented Violet. Bright purple, smells good, and writes better than any of my other inks.

  • D. Cherry

    My favorite pen is a Scheaffer No Nonsense that I bought in 1980. It is a work-horse of a pen! It seems that my favorite ink is constantly changing. Right now, I'm really loving Iroshizuku momiji!

  • Penny

    My favorite is the TWSBI Diamond 540, which was a gift and my first fountain pen! And I love Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Rose 🙂

  • Deborah Roggie

    Favorite pen: the Pilot Custom 823. It's quietly elegant, has a smooth, springy, fine nib, is wonderfully balanced and feels good in the hand, and holds a boatload of ink.

    (Runners up: the Levenger True Writer (I have eight of them!) and the Lamy Safari/Al-Star (seven!).)

    Favorite ink: Noodler's Ottoman Azure. I always have this inked up in at least two different pens. Reminds me of the blues in azulejos, the tiles you find all over Portugal (descendants, I think, of Moorish tilework).

    (Runners up: Noodler's Navy and Habanero–lovely shading inks, both.)

  • Seth

    My favorite pen to write with is a Pelikan m600 with a fine nib. It is so comfortable to hold and it produces the perfect line. My favorite ink is Noodler's zhivago. The darkness of the green makes it somewhat professional while still having the subtle hints of color and fun.

  • My favorite ink so far is Liberty Elysium. It's a rich blue and my pen of choice is Lamy Vista. It's always reliable and writes so smoothly.

  • Dennis Meade

    My favorite pen is the one most recently purchased, a turquoise Monteverde Artista Crystal. I was hesitant to buy it because I wasn't sure how substantial it would be, but it kept speaking to me so I finally gave in. When I got it, I was delighted. The turquoise color is perfect for the acrylic from which it's made. Its weighty enough to make it comfortable to hold when it's posted. The overall design is practically perfect. Even the converter seems to be a part of the design. I can't imagine the pen without it. With its Art Deco look, I can see it being used by the couple about to be shot into space in "Things to Come."

    As for ink, I find myself using Private Reserve's Black Cherry more and more. When wet it does look like I imagine the juice of black cherries would look. It dries, though, to a light brown that I think looks great on the ivory paper of a Rhodia Webnotebook.

  • Nicky

    My favourite fountain pen is my Sailor Sapporo, by far. It's not the completely smooth nib, the shiny white colour or the way it fits perfectly in my small hands, but the elusive something special that's created when all of the above come together. I get excited everytime this pen comes up in my rotation. The fact I use it with my favourite ink, Diamine Damson, makes me even more excited!

  • Tiffany Duong

    My favorite ink would have to be Apache Sunset. I love the amazing shade variation and breathtaking color.

  • Scott Hinton

    Write now, my favorite pen is a TWSBI Diamond 540 Amber with an Extra Fine nib. This is my second 540, the first was the clear demonstrator with a Medium nib. The amber 540 is filled with the new Siren Blue from Scribal Work Shop and it's working quite well. Not up to Liberty's Elysium standards, but it's a good blue. The clear 540 is filled with Diamine Ancient Copper which I really like and I'd put at the top of my list of inks (for now).

  • What is your favorite fountain pen and why?

    My Lamy Safari has evolved from a pen in my eyes, it is no longer a tool but an extension of my hand. Every word I have written these past months has been with it, I no longer notice it's weight in my hand, and I have even worn the grip section slightly to contour perfectly with abnormal grip. Using my Safari has raised some difficulty for me when it comes to completing official paperwork on a day that I have chosen a particularly whimsical ink sample with which to fill it. Having a second pen would mean that I could carry both a whimsical ink for my personal musings and a more professional one for various assignments work and school related.

  • Breck Breckenridge

    My current favorite pen? That’s a hard one! I am torn between my newly acquired Italix – Parson’s Essential and my hemi-semi-demi grail pen, my Waterman Hémisphère. The latter fulfilled my dream of a pure white pen which I find so elegant and simple. The Hémisphère is also a very fine pen with smooth writing, great flow and just the right balance of weight. But the Italix is an awfully fine pen! I did not know what Stephen Brown meant by a nib “singing” as it moved across paper until I heard it from my Italix! Wow! What a smooth, SMOOTH nib! Ironically the Italix is as black as my Hémisphère is white. Maybe they are two sides of my personality? And my favorite ink? Again tough question, but I'll go with the Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki – "Winter Persimmon". A wonderful pure orange with great lubricity and saturation. Plus it's persimmon time in Japan right now!

  • Thomas Cameron

    My favorite fountain pen is my Mont Blanc 149 I received from my father.

  • Dennis Meade

    After having read several times by people how great Apache Sunset was, I bought a bottle. It is mysteriously attractive. Every once in awhile, I take it out and doodle with it just to see the ink going onto paper.

  • Kevin Ton

    My favourite ink is Sailor Jentle Epinard because it's a unique colour that behaves fantastically.

  • Jon

    I have the Noodlers Konrad in demonstrator clear. Filled the 3 of them with Baystate Blue, Nikita Red (looks like I write with blood) and Apache Sunset. Nikita Red looks pretty good since it looks like I'm carrying a vile of blood, but Baystate Blue is just too good!

  • noah

    My current favorite ink is Aurora Blue. I like the subtle hints of purple.

  • Daniel

    My Favorite fountain pen is my 1944 Parker 51. Its cedar blue with silver cap and when it has Parker blue-black quink, its a pleasure to write with. I look forward to improving my collection, though!

  • Joseph Venable

    A black and gold Waterman Carene given to me by my father. It was the first fountain pen I ever owned, and it was a gift from some one I care about. This pen and I filled a few journals, and helped me process things in my life that needed taking care of. It also started my love of pens and ink.

  • Kaung O.

    My favorite fountain pen is my Lamy Safari. Such a newby friendly pen, but a solid no-frills utilitarian pen that I can use for years.

  • Arlen Speights

    My current fave pen is the Tachikawa Linemarker AT. It's very fine, and aimed at sketching more than at writing, though it excels at small handwriting. I like it inked with Sailor Kiwa-guro Nano Black; it gives the look of graphite at such thin lines. I also like that ink in broad nibs like Japanese fines 🙂

  • Christopher McKellar

    My favorite ink is an old bottle of Parker EMERALD writing ink. I fear it is no longer made! I think it has aged some in the years I had it while my romance with fountain pens, now in full bloom, was dormant. The aging seems to have made it darker, and perhaps a bit thicker. Its lovely dark green color flows well from the Parker 45 pen I use it in, which I've had since junior high school. I have not yet found a replacement in any samples I've seen.

  • April Rose

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Black. It's just a great really black ink that flows well in my Lamy Al-Star.

  • Favourite ink is Apache Sunset. Some others have posted it here, and I too am a favourite. So many different shades out of one ink; amazing.

  • knitknitfrog

    My favorite fountain pen, well my sailor maki-e owl, now wait, my Parker 51 cedar blue, oh, not wait, my workhorse lamy studio, then again I love the lamy studio my husband brought back from a recent work trip away. Or the durable Parker 45 that I bought in the 1980's, and I absolutely love the Sheaffer military clip commander, or my little soft nibbled no-name.
    Then again any pen inked with brown ink, or Diamine damson ….or noodlers.
    I admit, fountain pens are a little like children, each is a favorite in some way – don't ask me to to pick one, and there is always room in my heart for more.

  • Paolo Manalo

    My current favorite fountain pen is the Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point Black Carbonesque because it's a formidable writer with an easy-click mechanism so I can use it with just one hand. It has a fine nib and I use it to take down notes efficiently. I love the pattern as it is a break from the usual monochromatic designs of the other Vanishing Points. Favorite ink: Aurora Black, a true black ink with good flow.

  • Simon S

    Favourite pen and ink? Wow, that is a tough one. It really depends on the day, my mood, what I am using it for. However if I had to pick just one at the moment it would be my Lamy 2000 stainless steel, medium nib and Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. I love everything about the pen – it has heft but fantastic balance, and a smooth, smooth nib. And Kon-Peki has become my " go to " ink, I think because it is a joy to use but looks just a slightly different of beautiful each time.

  • Shantel

    My favourite fountain pen is my Lamy 2000 – it is so smooth and the nib is so responsive; my favourite ink is Aurora Black. It is such a lubricating ink and ever so dark.

  • irrigger

    My favorite pen is the Lamy 2000 that I recently purchased from you at Goulet's. It is filled with the sample of Lamy green that I also picked up. Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!

  • irrigger

    Lamy 2000 recently purchased from you filled with Lamy Green. Happy Halloween

  • Marcel A Granier

    My favorite pen right now is a Stipula Duetto Limoncello with a 1.1 stub nib. The color and material of this pen are a nice change from the plastics used mostly today. They are like the celluloid pens of old with a certain shimmer and translucency. The pen is nicely balanced and the nib sweet and smooth. It also contrasts very well with PR Tanzanite, my favorite ink of the moment.

  • Sunil Rao

    My favorite pen (right now) is my Edison Pearl in black celluloid, Fine nib. I have it filled with Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher, which has become my favorite ink.

    Sunil Rao

  • Simon Fitrzyk

    My favourite pen is the one I've received today, and my first "solid" fountain pen : the Pelikan M215. Exaggerating a little bit, and having used only a $10 Parker, it's just like in Aladdin : it's a whole new world ! The piston-filling system is a pleasure by itself, and writing with it is so pleasant I have to find texts or poems to copy, just to feel the nib wave on the paper.

  • Andres

    My favorite fountain pen that I own is my Serwex MB with a flex nib. It's not the flexiest pen or the fanciest, but it gets the job done. It never railroads, lays down a nice, wet line of Liberty's Elysium (at least, that's what's in it right now – absolutely love that blue!), and when you don't flex, it has a nice fine line which is nice for my smaller handwriting.

  • Kristle Chester

    My favorite is my red Lamy Safari with an EF nib and converter. My three pen collection (the Lamy, a Pilot of unknown origins, and a vintage Parker 51) is so small it doesn't deserve the title collection. I find the Lamy attracts less attention and curious fingers are far less likely to pick it up and 'experiment' than the other two. A major plus in my book. Most importantly for me, my Safari isn't a second hand pen. It hasn't already adjusted to someone else's hand, just mine.

  • Troy Mayfield

    My favorite pen is my TWSBI Diamond 540 with the italic stub nib. Pair this with Noodler's Midnight and I have a really fun combination. Blue black and clear.

  • Pam

    My favorite pen is a Lamy Safari 1.1 nib in many colors! Favorite ink is Aurora Black – deep,
    rich and dark.

  • Mike

    I just picked up my first fountain pen, a Lami Safari and I love it. Now I just need some more inks for it…

  • Johnathan Andersen

    My favorite is the Lamy Safari. This isn't because it's amazing or because there is no better pen. It's because it's the best way to introduce someone to fountain pens.

  • My favorite fountain pen is the only one I own right now, my Lamy Al-Star, usually filled with Diamine Imperial Purple. Writing like royalty for only $30.

  • Trevor

    I love my Lamy Safari in Apple Green. I have the 1.5mm steel nib on it which I love practicing my Italic style. My favorite ink is Noodler's Dragon's Napalm. I love the color and diversity of the ink depending on how use it.

  • Otter

    My favorite would have to by my Lamy Safari in EF, and Noodlers Black. I'm an engineer, and use it daily for taking notes and scribbling calculations when needed. As a leftie, Noodlers Black also dries fast enough through the Sarari's EF nib that I typically don't have to worry about smearing!

  • My favourite, first and only fountain pen (so far!) is my Lamy Safari matt charcoal with a fine nib. I love the matt finish, the weight and size of this pen. Although I treat it like a delicate item, I'm sure it could handle being thrown into my bag at the end of a work day. I can't wait to expand my fountain pen collection – I'm hooked!
    Being new to this, I've just ordered Noodler's Bulletproof Black and Noodler's Zhivago which I think will both complement the Safari's body colour nicely

  • T Reaves

    My favorite fountain pen is a cp1 by Lamy. It's small – most people think it is a ballpoint until I open it. It writes great, and is easy to carry. It also has a very simple, understated design.

  • My favorite pen is a Parker 51. My current favorite ink is J. Herbin Orange Indien–the shading is amazing!!!

  • Jade Z

    Diamine Midnight Blue is definitely one of my top-used inks. It has great lubrication and saturation—and with the right combo of pen and paper, creates a red sheen around the letters. Totally cool.

  • Nigel Strachan

    My favourite pen/ink combination has just got to be my Pelikan M420 loaded with R&K Verdigris. There's just something timeless about the black resin of the pen barrel and the green ink window, coupled with the rich dark grey/green colour of the ink. All perfectly set off by the sterling silver pen cap and piston filler knob. Priceless.

  • reprieve

    My favorite ink is Montblanc Violet! It is the perfect shade of dark purple; it behaves wonderfully and is easy to clean. Noodler's Purple Heart is a close second.

  • My favorite has to be either the Visconti Joon or the Homo Sapiens filled with some Iroshizuku Yama Budo, the colors!

  • My favorite would have to be a Visconti Homo Sapiens or a Pelikan M600 (totally different beasts) with Iroshizuku Yama Budo! The colors!

  • Brooks Graham

    Not trying to suck up or anything, but as a person of Finnish descent, appreciating excellent design is in my blood. My favorite pen is the Lamy Studio.

  • JoshQ

    It would likely be the Lamy 2000. There is just something distinctly refined in the pen's lines. Of course, it also writes like a dream too. So, that doesn't hurt.

  • My favorite pen is my Lamy Vista Demonstrator.

    I have Aspergers and have trouble in a lot of social situations. One of the things my doctors told me was when I started feeling overwhelmed to try writing in a journal. At the same time I have issues with certain textures and feelings and didn't like writing with normal pens. Gel pens were a little better but not for any length of time.

    I bought this pen just to try it out and love how it writes. I was able to start writing and now have a pretty quick easy way to destress quickly. It's helped me with work and normal everyday things like going to the store.

    So it's my favorite not because it's super nice or expensive but because of how much it has helped me.

  • Haakan Jakobsson

    My favourite pen would be the pilot matte black capless. It works well combined with Visconti Blue.

  • Max R.

    My favorite pen right now that I own is my marine green striated, 1936 Sheaffer Balance 1000/Lifetime with a 14k medium nib. The way its deep green celluloid changes in the light is simply mesmerizing, and its 14k medium nib is wonderfully smooth, with just a touch of feedback so you know you're actually writing. It's timeless design is simply stunning, and it's lightness means you can write with it for hours without fatigue. My only gripe against it is that since it is a lever filler, it's not exactly the easiest to clean… meaning I don't use it as much as I'd like.
    My favorite pen that I don't own though would be the Visconti Divina, with a 0.5-0.7 cursive italic by any of the super talented nibmeisters out there. The way its glossy lucite and stripes twist around is simply mesmerizing in its beauty, but that's the golden ratio at work. Visconti's unique piston fill mechanism just adds to its charm and craftsmanship The only thing that prevents me from owning one of these Italian beauties is their ~$700 price tag. 🙁

  • Claire

    My favorite ink is Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Roses, such a pretty color!

  • sameoldnewday

    I don't own a fountain pen yet. Gonna get my first soon, either a kaweco classic or a TWSBI 540. In an ideal world, where i had the money to spend, i would love to get a Parker 51 in great condition. Till then, ill watch all the fountain pen enthusiasts enjoy and enlighten me with whats out there. Cheers to the team at Gouletpens.
    And yeah, I hope i win. fingers-X

  • Susan Allen

    My favorite pen tends to be the one with which I am writing that day, but my favorite ink at the moment is J. Herbin Vert Empire.

  • Brock

    My favorite ink is Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses because it not only looks very nice, like many other inks, it is one of the few inks I have that does not bleed through even the cheap paper!

  • Susan

    I have had my Lamy Al-star for almost 3 years and it's still going strong. Love it with J. Herbain 1670 Red.

  • My current favorite pen is the TWSBI Diamond 540. It's so smooth that it's fun to use, and the ink capacity means I never run dry during long lectures. Overall fantastic pen.

  • Dave Walker

    My favorite pen is an old Sheaffer School Pen (57-63 era) with a fine point that simply works perfectly every time. If only it had an extra-fine tip it would be extra-perfect. If I find a good tip/works for a Parker 21 I can repair my grandfather's desk pen, which could easily take the top spot in my small collection.

  • SK

    My current favorite pen is my MB 146. Only pen to have survived the numerous purges of the past 6ish years. Love the fat straight grip. Wish other pens would do the same. I feel rather self conscious using it in public. P51 is okay but still a bit too narrow.

  • SK

    If you patiently stalk ebay and FPN classifieds, you should be able to get a P51 for just about the cost of a new 540. I did a month or so ago.

  • kp

    For the moment, my favorite ink is Noodler's Sequoia. It's the perfect dark green. It's gorgeous with just enough black-ish and grey-ish tones, and reflects the perfect balance between saturation and shading. Thank you, Brian and Rachel, for such a generous giveaway!

  • SK

    I love it as well! MB Toffee is also a wonderful ink.

  • Jennifer Beierle

    I am new to the FP world but my favorite pen is my aquamarine lamy safari. My very good friend bought me the pen after I found out my dog had cancer. It will always hold special memories for me. My favorite ink in my lamy is Adular blue De Atramentis.

  • My favourite ink has to be Noodlers Kung Te Cheng. I bought a big old bottle of it on a whim, but then got kind of reluctant to use it after I heard a few bad things said about it… but I started using it and quickly found that I adore it. It dries super fast when I write with my prera, and I can write on glossy surfaces – magazines, postcards, the covers of textbooks – with it, and it doesn't budge. I also write my journal in this ink because I know it's not going anywhere… puts my mind at ease during typhoon season, let me tell you!

    Although my Prera is my go-to pen right now, my dream pen would probably be a Pilot Vanishing Point with Raden finish. It's simply too pretty for words.

  • That's interesting! I see it as a charcoal – not deep enough to be pure black, not light enough to be grey – with shades of yellow in it! No denying that it's an awesome ink, though!

  • C.Gorsuch

    My current favorite is Noodler's Bulletproof Black diluted down to various shades of gray… great shading.

  • N2theBreach

    After glancing down thru the list, my answer is going to be boring- my favorite pen is also the Lamy Safari. It's practical, durable, a good pen to learn the nuances and subtleties of fountain pens. Of course, if I had a right royal red Studio, I might feel differently!

  • I really love my Namiki vanishing point with the 14k fine nib. Using it is like drawing lines with the point of a blade I feel like I am slashing the words onto the paper. It is oddly gratifying and for me it is easy to hold and the balance feels good. It travels well and I can use it everyday.

  • I've been taking all my class notes this semester with Noodler's Zhivago. I needed something close enough to black to be easy to read and not distract from the writing, but still interesting enough to write with on a daily basis. It's an almost perfect ink for the job– after years of trying to find the color I had in my head, it finally turned up.

  • Noah

    My current favorite fountain pen has to be my Edison Huron in Molten Ores acrylic. It is my first (but will not be my last) custom Edison.

  • Ohko

    I absolutely adore the Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen Bourgogne 14k Broad.

  • Gracie Miller

    I love my Sheaffer imperial flighter. I just got it and I am very much in love with it. The fine nib really is fine and the flow is restricted so small text doesn't get blotchy on even the most absorptive paper. For small annotations (which I do A LOT of) this pen is my savior.

  • leviathan3k

    My current favorite is my Namiki Vanishing Point with an EF nib. I have very small handwriting, so having an especially tiny line being drawn out works very well for me. I also have small hands, and posting the cap would throw a pen entirely out of balance for me. The retraction mechanism completely obviates this problem for me.

  • Ali Akram

    That would have to be the Lamy Al-Star. I love the industrial design and the grip. It's a work-horse pen that I can use at school and everywhere else.

  • My experience so far is fairly limited, but my favorite so far is Diamine Oxblood in my Matte Black Vanishing Point.

  • My Favorite Pen is the TWSBI Diamond 540 in EF and my favorite ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu – Japanese Beautyberry

  • Carlos Palacios

    My favorite fountain pen is the Platinum Music Pen filled with Noodler's Apache Sunset. Its my favorite because I received it as a gift and because it makes my writing look better than it actually is. This is also the pen that started this great journey of collecting pens!!!!!!!!

  • Which fountain pen is my favorite depends on which one is filled with either Noodler's Bad Green Gator or Diamine Damson. Usually a Kaweco Sport or a Stipula.

  • RussCargill

    Favorite is my Cross Century II. It is my least expensive but was my first true fountain pen and it was given to me by my wife for my birthday. I carry it everywhere.

  • Mercedes Rios

    My favorite fountain pen right now is my Lamy Safari Limited Edition. The reason why I like my pen is because it gives me comfort due to its grip section, and I do have to admit it was given by my boyfriend who introduced me to fountain pens. Ever since then I am a big fan of fountain pens and I like to show them off to my friends.

  • EveryPenny

    I love the Gunmetal Kaweco Al Sport, filled with Lexington Gray because I'm into gray lately and these two do great gray.

  • My favourite pen has to be my first pen: a cheap and battered Chinese pen. The only thing identifying it is "M&G Product" written on it. Bought for only 15 yuan, this was the pen that opened my path to all other fountain pens. It even writes very smooth for the price.

  • My favorite ink might be Aurora Black. Its a gorgeous, dark ink that doesn't bleed through cheap copy paper and it has wonderful flow.

  • Tom M

    My favourite pen would have to be my Waterman Charleston. When I turned 18, the one thing I asked my parents for was a beautiful pen I could keep using for many years. My father decided a Charleston seemed about right, and so that's what I was given. Prior to then I'd never owned any fountain pens at all, and since then I've never stopped using them: my collection's expanded quite a bit (although nothing too fancy; living as a student puts a lot out of my price range), but I still use my Waterman almost every day, and take a lot of pleasure in doing so. It's smooth flowing, well balanced, and a joy to write with (even when taking notes in lectures I'd prefer not to be in at all).

  • Nicholas Kenealy

    Right now I'm really liking some Noodler's Hunter Green. Such a pretty color!

  • DeeMac

    My favorite fountain pen is my yellow Aurora Ipsilon. My first serious pen purchase. The barrel is comfortable to hold for long writing and doodling sessions. Love the way the nib handles poor quality paper. As for my favorite ink it's now J.Herbin's Rose Cyclamen. A suitable replacement for a discontinued favorite called "Pinkly"

  • Choosing a favourite fountain pen is a pretty hard thing to do, but this left does have one that comes to mind since it is nearly always in his front pocket.

    The Parker Sonnet w/ a gold nib. It writes well and smoothly for a left handed stroke. Combined with my favourite ink: J. Herbin 1682 Rouge limited. It's so wonderfully beautiful and one of the few true blood red inks. Not to mention, when used with a larger nib, a slight golden accent is mixed in. It makes for one of those special inks you dip into when writing that special letter for a special someone.

  • Nonsensical

    My favourite FP is a Sailor 1911m that was a present. It's pretty much perfect for all the writing that I do.

  • Aaron

    at the moment the ones that go every where with me and get used all the time are my
    safari and monteverde Invincia and i like they way that the Mysterious blue watermans ink dries

  • Allen Hall

    Wow- what a contest!! My favorite pen these days is the Humble Lamy Safari. I have a number of others, but due to how robust it is, the decent nib size for my writing (F is approx. an M nib), and large ink capacity, it's hard to beat! Oh, and it's also fairly safe to put in the hand of a friend when he asks for a pen. [Tough as nails.] Great every day all around pen. [For fancier stuff I'll reach for my Pelikan m400.] Ink? Hard to say, but I often reach for my bottle of Legal Lapis Noodler's. I love a dark blue-black- great color that is neutral enough for every day, but stands out in a way that people know it's not a BIC. 🙂

  • Dylan L.

    I'd say my favorite ink is J. Herbin's Rouge Hematite. Maybe not an everyday ink, but it's still beautiful. Plus, the bottle design is excellent.

  • Garrett Mestemacher

    My favorite pen is definitely my Caran d'Ache Ecridor Retro (F nib). It's slim, beautiful, and heavy. Using Caran d'Ache Carbon Black ink, it's everything I feel a fountain pen should be. It's a shame the price tag is so high; I really wish I could take it with me everywhere.

  • Giancarlo Conetta

    I have no heirloom pens or touching stories. I do, however, have a Lamy Safari in Charcoal on it's way to me. Should have it on Monday. It's got a fine nib, and it should be accompanied by a bottle of Noodler's Baystate Blue.

    It'll be my first, and so far it's my favourite.

  • My favourite ink is Diamine Red Dragon. A strong deep red that is looks very good and can be used in many different situations.

  • Ike F.

    My favorite fountain pen is my father's daily writer when he served a religious mission in Paris, France. Why? Sentimental reason; it reminds me of him. It also reminds me to do my best and to work hard to be successful. The pen itself isn't physically special, its very generic. He bought it in Paris for 15$.

  • Alice Ng

    My favourite pen is my new Lamy 2000. Sure, I've only had it for a little less than a week, but it's the pen I had my eye on even before I knew about fountain pens. It's the design, it's the feel, it's the nib.


    my favorite fountain pen is a Sailor Sapporo, because it slides on the paper like a boat on the water

  • Joe Hakim

    Favorite pen is definitely the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck (I don't have one, but I wish I did), but my current favorite that I own is a Lamy Saffari, It's not perfect but it gets the job done.
    For ink, I have to go with a matching Mont Blanc Mystery Black. The black is just so intense.

  • Jeff Leong

    I'm enjoying using my TWSBI Diamond 540 (ROC 100) fountain pen with an F nib right now. It writes smoothly and consistently, and holds a decent amount of ink. It doesn't have the same issues with flow as my Kaweco Sport did, but it's a bit on the large side. I'm still testing out inks (I have 20+ samples waiting to be tested!) but so far I quite like Noodler's Lexington Grey.

  • In the Moment i like the new Kaweco Al Sport RAW most, and my actual favorite ink is the Diamone Damson. On the Kaweco I like his pocket size format, so i can have him always with me and on the Ink I like the very dark violett which can be used on a dayly base in the office.
    Best wishes
    Michael from

  • TWSBI 540 – Great price, reliable

  • Randy G.

    Favorite pen at the moment is a Gate City Belmont. Favorite ink is Sailor for the great lubrication.

  • My favorite fountain pen is my Sailor 1911 Profit. However, I usually carry with me my TWSBI 540 Diamond. About inks.. it's very difficult to choose only one. During the last days I am using a lot Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris. I have a lot of inks in my wishlist (Organics Studio, Scribal Workshop, some Noodler's…)

  • Teri Anderson

    My favorite fountain pen is the Rotring ArtPen and my favorite ink is Noodler's Bad Blue Heron.

  • jw

    I used to have favorite dream pens — see my youtube comment for that story — but found that my dreams led to disappointment. It seems that no single pen can be everything I want — and yet, I love fountain pens — writing with them, inking them, cleaning them (less so), and shopping for them. So I guess I'm never going to be able to settle down with a single pen. It's a good thing I am not the same way about my wife.

  • What is your favorite fountain pen and/or ink and why? Hard to say – there is a problem with choosing one favorite pen. I love all of my pens.:) Today I can say about my first – Aurora 803, my princess, my precious, my beauty. This is special pen for me. I got this pen almost year ago, as a gift. My first pen after years with ballpoints. It was on family meeting. I said something about planning to use fountain pen again. Suddenly host said he got something interesting for me, and he brought a box with Aurora 803 inside. This was about 6th of December:) Nice, isn't it?

    Few words about ink. I really like older version of Sheaffers Skrip in regular, round bottle. This ink has nice blue color and special, vintage scent, I like.

  • My favorite pen is definitely the Parker 51. Writes smoothly, but at the same time returns that 'friction that makes it absolutely amazing. I love the smoothness but also need the scratchy feeling you have when writing becomes too fast.

  • myn

    My favorite pen is an Esterbrook SJ with a #2048 nib that I use for all my pen and ink drawings. Noodler's Black is my ink of choice for this work. The pen is light, small and simply a delight to use for all the stippling work done in my drawings. There is of course a favourite writing pen but hey the contest only allows me to mention one, so I really needed to give the nod to the Estie. After all she's a grand old gal. :o)

  • Yoon Ha Lee

    My favorite fountain pen is a burgundy Clipper. It's sized exactly right for my hand and it feels very comfortable and well-balanced posted or unposted. I had to smooth the nib, but now it writes very well. I use it with Noodler's Red-Black, whose rich color I really enjoy.

  • FeebleOldMan

    While I own a few Lamys, Pilots and a TWSBI, my favorite pen is an old Yunshan given to me by my dad when I was 10.

    This was the first time I ever used a fountain pen for writing, growing up in an age where ballpoints were the norm, and the Pilot G-2 was considered cutting edge. My pen has a silver-colored aluminum/brass body and has a repeating gold
    star motif throughout; tacky, I know, but I had an interest in astronomy since young. It
    wrote scratchily and tended to leak, but I loved using it anyway.

    One day in school, I accidentally dropped the pen and bent the nib. It then went unused for many years. As I grew older, I eventually learned how to fix the nib, and I cleaned the pen up. It is still with me now as one of my most prized possessions. To me, my dad didn't just give me a writing instrument, he gave me the gift of learning.

    Thanks dad!

  • My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy 2000 with an extra fine nib. I write very small and find this combo to be perfect for me… I usually have it loaded with either Noodler's Black or Noodler's Burma Road Brown. With my hand writing BRB creates a very interesting shading effect from a very dark brown to a light almost gold/brown color.

  • Any Sailor pen with a Naginata Cross Music Emperor nib would be my dream pen. Maybe someday I will be able to justify attaining one.

    Leigh Reyes covers a sort of similar Sailor nib here:

  • You've got that right!
    Also fantastic with a music nib — R&K Alt Goldgrun.

  • Please let us know where we might see some photos of the 149 OBB, and some images of what sort of line work it renders.

  • Matt Hetrick

    My favourite fountain pen would have to be the Lamy 2000. It's one of the most beautiful pen designs I've ever seen. The hooded nib design is very cool too. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Matt S

    I am new to fountain pens. I have always been very picky about my pens and inks and now I finally have the freedom to use a tool I like! I also have to say that this website is awesome, there is so much good information!

    My favorite pen and ink is my Lamy safari and Noodler's forrest green… my first combo and my only choice at this point.

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome site!


  • Marc Bloom

    My favorite pen is my Waterman 52 with a very soft flex bib. It's a sweet pen with any ink but it does write a little wet so dry inks are best.

  • KlotZ

    Favorite ink right now is the old Noodler's Army green. Too sad it's gone. Favorite pen? The simplicity of a Lamy Safari. But I'm sure if had a Royal Red Studio it would be the one.

  • Kent Levin

    My favorite pen is my Parker 51. I like the sleek and iconic style, and the fact that it was in use before I was born. I haven't used too many inks yet…but I am looking for the perfect turquoise.

  • Alice

    My favorite fountain pen is my 1950's Lady Sheaffer Skripsert Paisley fountain pen! It is a beautiful Periwinkle color with a geometric gold overlay design! The only think I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a converter; I have to refill empty cartridges with a needle and syringe! I wish current Fountain Pen companies made beautiful pens marketed for women!

  • Benjamin

    My favorite pen is my Lamy Alloy fountain pen my Uncle gave me! It is silver; my mom bought me an italic nib for it! My favorite ink color is Habanero! I am 12 yrs old and don't have an email address, so am using my moms

  • Pedro Baldanta

    My favorite fountain pen is a Lamy Al Star. It's incredible that interchangeable nib system. It's delicious to write with this fountain pen. And converter has a great capacity. I like size and weight also.

  • Anja Rüsewald

    At the moment, my favourite fountain pen is the Sailor Sapporo. I bought it recently in a lovely purple (comes with silver trims) and a medium nib and it writes just heavenly! I keep it in a pouch to protect it from scratches and all! I filled it with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire ink when I first got it and I am using it still. The nib really bring out that beautiful blue of this ink, more so than any other pen I have tried it in. Pure love! 😀

  • Tyler Willingham

    My current favorite is my TWSBI vac 700. It's got a lovely flow, and has allowed me to start writing cursive again

  • Penhand@FPN

    The new TWSBI mini is my new favorite pen. It's size and price combined with TWSBI detail is a winner. Also Noodlers Kiowa Pecan is beautiful on cream paper.

  • Lauren Goldfish

    Herbin's Orange Indien. The bottle is almost empty: it leaves a variety of color values, it speaks to my soul (regardless of my mood), it is so very me. Thank you!

  • My favorite fountain pen and ink is my Pilot Prera in grey with R&K Verdigris in it–perfect, flexy nib and gorgeous grey/green ink! It's the only one I use every day

  • My favorite fountain pen would have to be my Visconti Michelangelo – whose gold nib writes smoother than anything I've ever experienced. Paired with Noodler's Heart of Darkness, it's a match made in heaven. Brilliant!

  • Akshig

    My favorite fountain pen is my Vanishing Point Raden. It was a gift from my mother. I love the look and feel of the pen. It's a smooth writer even while writing such a fine line. The small ink reservoir doesn't bother me because I like to change ink colors often.

  • Caleb King

    My favorite pen is the Noodler's Konrad flex. It is a beautiful design and the flexible nib allows for great creativity. And it's extremely affordable!

  • My favorite ink is J.Herbin Bleu Ocean, It's such a balanced color. It shades enough without being too much for professional use, while the color is incredibly rich while not being too pale or vibrant. It finds a perfect balance between flair and professionalism.

  • My favorite creative writing pen is my Pilot Cavalier, because it's very slim, and fits in my hand easily without making it tired, and the Japanese EF nib is so tiny that I get a lot more mileage out of my writing journals; my pen that I use at work is my Lamy Safari. I like to use the Safari there because it looks calm and professional, but not fancy enough that anyone is going to try and steal it off my desk, but if someone does grab it for a moment to make a note and accidentally kills the nib, it's unlikely that the entire pen is toast.

  • James Keckley

    My favorite fountain pen is my Lamy Al-Star. I got it in Ireland while on a vacation, and for that reason it is special. Plus, who can resist Lamy nibs? (:

  • I'm new to fountain pens, but my favorite so far is the first one I bought: my Lamy Logo with an EF nib. Just love the brushed chrome look – so sleek, so industrial, so post-modern (dare I say I love how it matches my MacBook??). And that EF nib is perfect for my handwriting. I keep it inked up with my favorite ink, J Herbin Eclat de Saphir (though the 1670 rouge h. is a close second favorite). Thanks for all you do, Goulets!

  • My favorite pen is a green classic Sheaffer with an 18k nib. It writes like a dream, but I really love it because my sister gave it to me.

  • Greg Christy

    my favorite pen is a MR 22 from the q960's and my go to ink is Aurora Black.

  • Fabiana Boiman

    OMG! This is wonderful! My fave pen in the moment is still my Lamys (Vista, Safari and Al-star) in EF nib to draw and the calligraphy nibs to write. Even having many other pens, my favourites are still from my Lamy collection. My fave ink to draw is Noodler's black and to calligraphy nibs, the sheaffer skrip blue black that have a nice shading. Oh my! I always wanted a lamy studio! This one in red is gorgeous!

  • My favorite ink is Baystate Cranberry. I cringe while cleaning out my pens because it gets everywhere, my fingers turn pink, and I have to be careful not to stain everything in the house pink. But when I'm using it in my pens, it has great flow. I teach chemistry at the high school level and it is the best ink for grading labs; it stands out from their papers, has unique shading and color making it hard to tamper with, and is also water resistant. What more can a teacher ask for? =p

  • My favourite pen is my Pilot Vanishing Point – it's one of the older hexagonal barrelled models and I love the way it freaks people out at meetings when I click it and they slowly realise that it is a fountain pen !!!

  • My favorite fountain pen is noodler's Ahab. The flexible nib is great for artwork. – w –

  • Randy Saint-Louis

    My favorite FP+Ink combo is a Lamy Safari with noodlers Heart of Darkness because it will always start. Even after being uncapped for 30 at a time. Also because it adjusts to my writing style preety quiclky.

  • Zopiac

    The Duke 209 is my favourite pen, although it is one of the sometimes-infamous "cheap Chinese" pens. My Esterbrook 1555 Gregg is smooth but only at a certain angle, my Waterman Expert II is almost as smooth as the Esterbrook, but it's a pen that mostly has status because of its Waterman name. The Duke is as smooth as the Waterman, but much more homely. It looks great, to me, with its combination of the classic black with gold trim look and its matte black finish, two-toned nib, and twice-curved clip. It was one of my first pens, but it still holds its place as my favourite.

  • Robin Hruška

    I haven't tried out many pens, but so far it's Noodler's Conrad I like the most. It writes really well with Herbin's Rouge Hematite or Noodler's Apache Sunset.

  • Maureen Khaleesi

    The favorite ink/pen question is a tough one! I don't own a lot of either, but I think my favorite ink–right now–might be Rome Burning. I only got a sample of it at one point, but I really like the color even though it's not a color I would expect to like. I wrote a letter with it and told the recipient she could run water over it and turn it purple if my letter was too boring, and she was pretty excited about that! I still need to buy myself a bottle, but I'm not allowed to buy myself nice things until I get my Christmas shopping done.

  • I'm a bit of a newbie to fountain pens, but my current favorite fountain pen is a charcoal TWSIBI Diamond 540 with a fine nib. I've only had it a few weeks and have it loaded with Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher and am thoroughly enjoying it…even for paying bills!

  • Jason

    My favorite ink thus far is Noodler's, Black Swan in Australian Roses. I've yet to use it anything , but my Ahab; this has been my exclusive combo for journaling since it arrived from you guys last week. So far, my favorite pen has been my Charcoal black Lamy Safari that has been my pocket pen for the last few months. I love that it's a 'cheap' pen that writes great, and takes the abuse of my daily grind without making me feel dumb for taking out a nicer pen only to ruin it. The Safari never fails to impress me for it's value, and it's the type of item that looks better with wear.

  • This may sound unambitious (if that's the world for it) but my favorite pen is the Pilot Penmanship because the extra fine nib makes it awesome for sketching with. I fill it up with J. Herbin "Lie de Thé" because the color is interesting with light washes and layers well. Since the pen is cheap and easy to replace, I don't have to worry and just take it everywhere I go along with a pocket sketchbook.

  • My favorite pen is the 146 with Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses. The 146 is THE classic shape, nib and look of a fountain pen. Loaded up with BSER and the stub nib, my handwriting is beautiful with this pen and ink combination!

  • sameoldnewday

    Thanks SK. I'll be on the lookout at ebay. Any way, i can tell if it is genuine, and also, how does one go about repairs, if needed?

  • My favorite fountain pen is Pilot Namiki Falcon. Not only the soft flex nib gives a lot of feedback, but it also has the power of transforming any ink that I filled it with into my favorite!

  • Emy

    I've thought about this all week long, and I think that my favorite pen in my stable is currently a Lamy Safari, EF nib because that's what I use the most. I've got to find some new paper for class note-taking though, because whatever I'm using now seems very…loud. I can't call it scratchy because the writing seems smooth, but it just seems so noisy. Maybe I need to try a different ink. My current favorite color is Noodler's GI Green.

  • Chad Trent

    My favorite pen is my 1940's Sheaffer Admiral. Not because it's the best writer, not because it's valuable. It's my favorite because it belonged to my father. It was given to him as a high school graduation present. It stayed on his desk for nearly half a century at the family business. When he passed away in 2010 I took the pen home with me, restored it as best I could, and now when I ink it up and write with it I always take a minute to think about my father and the countless words this pen has written. I hope one day I will pass it on to my son and he will treasure it as much as I do.

  • Sean Cole

    My favorite pen is my old Wearever fountain pen. I'm not sure of its vintage or specific model, but it is absolutely smooth an puts down a great, even line. I'm fond of using Bad Blue Heron or whichever sample I've recently acquired!

  • Anthony Ellis

    My favorite ink is Caran D'ache Saffron. Beautiful orange with beautiful shading.

  • Lani Muller

    My favorite pen is any of my Mabie Todd Swans from the early 1900s – great flex. And I have more bottles of Montblanc Midnight Blue than anything else so I guess that would count as a favorite ink.

  • G Danis

    For my favourite pen, I love my Lamy Safari or Vista. All together I have 7 Lamy's with different inks to choose from depending on my mood. My go to ink is Private Reserve Electric DC Blue. Others I enjoy using are Lamy Blue, Diamine Sagasso Sea Blue, Sailor Ultra Marine. I have many other blues to try in the future but so far these are my favourites.

  • David Strick

    I have two favorite pens. The first is my Lamy Safari (Blue) XF nib. This pen is perfectly balanced for my hand and writes so smoothly. The second pen is my Pilot 78g with Med nib. A cheap pen but a smooth writer. My favorite ink is Noodler's Bulletproof Black. This ink just flows out of both of these pens and is the most durable ink, nothing can wash that ink away (I've tried).

  • Scott Dunham

    My favourite pen so far is my Sailor Pro Gear Realo. the nib is a good balance of smooth and wet. I have not yet found a favourite ink, though Sailor Blue-Black is up there, along with PR Tanzanite.

  • Joshua Elman

    My favorite pen would have to be the Sheaffer Prelude. I just got it last June. I like it because it's my only pen with a fine nib. My handwriting is pretty small so medium nibs are too broad for me. The ink I use is Sheaffer Skrip BlueBlack. I like the dark color and the contrast you get depending on the amount of pressure you apply. It can go from a navy blue color to nearly black when you push down. Those are just two of the few things that are available and accessible to me but I'm happy that I got them.

  • Victor Quintana

    I used fountain pens back when I was a kid, and since an old college buddy of mine brought me a Lamy from one of his trips, I hadn't used any in about 17 years… I still keep my original Lamy Al-Star, but I've grown fond of others as well, like my Parker Urban Premium (Matte Black) and my TWSBI 540. Until now, my favorite pen is still a Lamy Graphite with a 1.5 nib and Diamine Syrah (haven't tried Oxblood… yet). Saving a bit to get my hands on a Waterman or Montblanc… expensive treats!

  • J. Matt

    My favorite fountain pen, or at least my go-to pen, is my TWSBI 540 with a medium nib. The balance, for me, is absolutely wonderful, and I enjoy seeing different colored ink in the pen. For some reason, I just always feel more relaxed using this pen!

  • Patrick Lewis

    my favorite pen is a copper Esterbrook J with a 9048 nib. My favorite ink (at least for right now) is Diamine Florida Blue.

  • Fave pen is my MB146 and ink is pilot iroshizuku tsuki-yo. Why? It was my grad gift after finishing my Masters… Which, combined with the birth of my twins halfway through, was the toughest thing I've had to do mentally. Felt good, and feels good every time I use them!

  • My favorite pen is my Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age with a stub nib. It is currently inked up with my favorite ink, Montblanc Toffee Brown. This combo looks amazing on R by Rhodia pads. I use it every day for my notes at work.

  • Karen S.

    You mean I have to pick just one? 🙁

    If I do have to pick just one, though, I'd probably pick my ca. 1940s grey-blue Esterbrook J-series pen. I love the color, I love that I can change the nibs, I love the way it writes and how it feels in my hand. And I particularly love using a pen that has a history to it, as I can't help but wonder what other hands held it, and what they wrote, even if it was something that was fairly mundane or day-to-day.

  • Lau

    My favorite ink is Diamine Mediterranean Blue because I can use it for work, but it's not a regular blue and not quite so "loud" as a turquoise ink would be. For writing, I love my Waterman Phileas, though I really wish it didn't look like an old man's pen.

  • I am just discovering fountain pens so I don't have much experience to draw on. So far all I have is a Parker and a Noodler creeper, with Noodler Sunset Apache.

  • Candace M

    My favorite ink is…well there are 2. The first is J. Herbin's Violette Pensee because it is a perfect medium purple and behaves in any pen I use. The second is Noodler's Apache Sunset- the color and shading are just lovely and everybody comments on it.

  • This is a tough question. I'd say my favorite pen is my 1945 Parker Vacumatic because of the story of my coming across it, and the history to go along with it as well as a curious quirk. In central Washington State there isn't much other than farmland aside from the occasional 'barn' selling antiques and fresh produce. During one stop, I found a small selection of vintage pens, but hemmed and hawed about buying the Vacumatic.

    The nib was in great shape, and with some sound advice from my wife pointing out the regret I'd have if I left it behind, I ran back in to purchase it. I knew it'd need a new diaphragm, and it did. Unfortunately the restoration job was not good (hopefully I can find a more reputable restorer soon) so it isn't my favorite to actually write with, though once I get it started it is a pleasure and puts down a very expressive line of varying widths.

    The pen is dated from the first quarter of 1945, just before the end of WWII. When I first dipped the pen in water to rinse and test suction, a vibrant cloud of emerald green ink filled the glass. Given the time period, I fully expected to find blue, black or blue-black ink. I've always wondered about the previous owner, and their eccentric ink choice! To pay homage I always fill it with bright green ink. Whenever I write with it I think of what life was like when the pen was first used, how things have changed and relish the connection to history, as well as the memories of a great cross-state road trip with my wife!

  • Brenda Garcia

    My favorite pen (this week) is the TWSBI 540. Writes so smooth and it's perfect writing letters 🙂

  • Wilson T.

    For general writing and notes, I really like my Lamy CP1 loaded with R&K Scabiosa. For other stuff, I like using my Ruby Red Lamy AL-Star with Iroshizuku Ku-jaku or Fuyu-gaki.

  • Branton

    My favorite ink would have to be Monteverde's brown. It's not just the excellent warm, chocolate color I love: it really improves the writing experience. The ink makes even my collection of EF nibs write smoothly.

  • My ink is the ever favorite Baystate Blue!

  • jeremy

    My favorite pen so far is the Lamy 2000 because of its smooth nib

  • Mark

    My favorite pen is my Scheaffer Connoisseur. It was my Dad's and I received it after he passed. I've only used it's cartidges and a Mont Blonc ink I use for a Parker I purchased in Hong Kong. Between the two, I prefer the MB, mystery black

  • Kayur Shah

    I am new to fountain pens and only have 2 pens, so I really hope I win this one! I always keep a pen on me and since I started using fountain pens I keep a Lamy Nexx M for my daily pen. This pen is great. It is durable enough to be thrashed around in my pocket and comfortable enough to write with for a long time. Since I started carrying the Lamy and using it around town quite a few people have been commenting and noticing my fountain pen. Many wanted to get their own, so I give them a quick run down on fountain pens and point them to your website! Hopefully You have been seeing more business from New Mexico!

  • Ian H.

    Favorite pen/ink is my Monteverde invincia deluxe with Monteverde Black ink… mostly because it is my only one! It was a gift, but now I'm hooked on fountain pens… what next, (besides more ink) TWSBI, Lamy, Pilot VP…?

  • Mark_in_MN

    My favorite pen at the moment is a long cigar Nakaya with a nice fine nib. My favorite ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. I love the depth of color. It's not an ordinary blue-black, in my opinion.

  • MTruppi

    My favorite pen and ink combo is probably my Edison Nouveau Premiere LE #27 0f 50 in Blue Swirl Ebonite. I have it eyedroppered and full of about a half gallon of Noodler's Navy. Brian Gray ground the Broad steel nib into a 15 degree left foot oblique and I love it. It is smooth and wet and if you melted the pen into a liquid I imagine it would look like Noodler's Navy. It's one of those pen/ink nirvana moments.

  • grapes

    I only have a pilot plumix, but I love it very much! It writes so smoothly and I love how low-maintenance it is (something I value greatly, because I prefer cheap but dependable art/writing supplies).

  • My favorite pen for fun factor is the Noodler's Ahab. The spring in its step made me love writing again. It's a pity I could never get it adjusted quite right to consistently flow. But when it runs it is so much fun to write, and draw with — easy line variation, easy expression with jut a little bit of pressure.

  • Wheatflower

    My favorite pen is the Lamy 2000; I love its elegant styling and how it sits in my hand. I'm too new to the fountain pen world to have a favorite ink, though I'm really liking the Noodler's Turquoise I currently have loaded in the 2000. Flows well, and such a pretty color.

    –Wheatflower on the Fountain Pen Network forums

  • My favorite ink is definitely Noodler's #41 Brown. You can't deny that outside of fountain pen users, very few writers get the luxury of writing with brown ink, an ink that inspires and brings back memories of faded pictures from the glory days of our forefathers. Even among fountain pen users, there is only one place you can go for a brown ink that will last the attacks of time: #41 Brown.

    When I sign a cheque or a contract with #41 Brown, I lay down on paper my confidence that this deal is a wise one and that a decade from now, it will look just as the signature that is slowly drying today. This is the only ink that allow me to express effectively my faith in the future of human kind.

    Let us shape a new world, with a legion of dreamers and a bottle of Brown #41.

  • My favorite pen is my Parker 51. The nib is super smooth, and I've never had a problem with it. My favorite ink is Noodler's Baystate Blue. I absolutely love the color, but refuse to put it in any of my nicer pens. It's also the ink I would never recommend because of its issues. It truly is a love/hate relationship.

  • My favorite pen is my Sheaffer Valor. I received it for Christmas from my girlfriend and loved it enough to buy a spare nib for it. It's large, light, and both nibs are perfect. I wouldn't trade it for the world! 🙂

  • Doctorpens

    My favorite fountain pen is any vintage pen with a flex nib. The vintage aspect provides me a connection to our past history and an intimacy with someone who may have used the pen in the past. Who, what, when, why? I respect that they existed, the pen helps me do that.

  • Mark Savage

    My favorite fountain pen is my Black Matte Vanishing Point with Noodler's Black.

  • Evan B

    My favorite pen is of course my first, a TWSBI 540. I use it everyday for notes and it is nothing short of spectacular for my use

  • Lisa Ridolfi

    My favorite pen is a turquoise Lamy Safari with a 1.1 Italic nib. It's filled with my favorite ink, Noodler's, in Walnut Brown. The combination of the turquoise pen body and the brown ink is great, and the Italic nib encourages me to use better handwriting. Lamy pens are so well made and smooth writing they are a pleasure to use.

  • Ns_Zhivago

    It is a tough call, but I'd say my favorite ink is Noodler's Zhivago. Good water resistance and I like the different colors I've gotten from it with different nibs. From black with only a hint of green to a couple different shades of dark green.

    I'm not sure what my favorite fountain pen is. I will say that the Monteverde Prima and just about anything by TWSBI are the best value for money pens I've used.

  • Dana

    My favorite ink is Diamine Syrah because it's just the perfect deep burgundy that makes me feel like I'm writing with wine.

  • Jeff J

    I have a Pelikan fountain pen that I love. I am a high school teacher and have 221 students, so I grade MANY papers. I love my Pelikan, because it fits perfectly into my hand. The circumfrance is nice that my hand doesn't cramp and it it is light enough I can write for a long time without trouble.

    Any Noodler's Ink is my favorite.

  • Right now my favorite combo is the Pilot Custom 823 with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo. The Pilot holds a ton of ink, and there's something about yama budo as it comes out of the pen that captivates me. I just can't stop writing with it.

  • My favorite fountain pen is an old sheaffer that belonged to my grandfather. My favorite ink to pair it with is diamine oxblood.

  • Ben L.

    My current favorite fountain pen my 1947 Parker 51, along with Noodler's Bad Blue Heron. It's perfectly smooth, looks great, and is a classic.

  • The "China info" is interesting – some of my students are from China. Good luck that I only do grading – they write their name on their own. But what about the 2nd grading phase where green ink is used by the second reader? Hope to be on the right side with that!

  • Tim Collins

    Of all my pens, I think my favorite has got to be my 1930s Belmont (sold by Rexall Drug). It just exudes character with every stroke it writes. Oh, the stories it could tell if only it could talk.

  • This is so pretty!

  • I love the color and its properties! Still need to buy a bottle of it.

  • The 51 is truly a beautiful pen! Don't worry about it, I believe one will show up for you soon. My attitude towards pens is such: don't mind the budget, one will show up when it's time. As it is for most things in life: it's yours when it's meant to be. 😀

  • Nick

    My favourite fountain pen would have to be a Limited Edition Orange Lamy Safari (that's a mouthful) with a 1.5 mm italic nib that I reground for finer serifs. The best ink to go with the orange pen is definitely Noodler's APACHE SUNSET!