The Monteverde Prima is a ‘new to us’ pen at It was one that we’d kind of overlooked since picking up Monteverde as a brand earlier this summer, but the announcement of a new Turquoise color in the Prima line grabbed our attention, and we thought they were worth a look. We liked what we saw…solid pens, attractive cast resins, smooth nibs, and a good price, $70 list ($56 retail). This puts the pen in good company with the Lamy Studio, TWSBI 540, Lamy CP1, and Pilot Prera.

 In this video, I cover:

  • Showing all 7 Prima colors (0:42)
  • Prima details (2:50)
  • Filling mechanism, cartridge/converter (5:50)
  • Removing/swapping nib (8:18)
  • Close ups of each color (9:32)
  • Comparing the Prima to Lamy Al-Star (11:00)
  • Prima weight/balance/posting (11:55)
  • Writing with the Prima 1.1mm stub (13:18)

Products I use in this video:

Monteverde Prima, in Black, Blue, Brown, Tiger Eye, Brown Swirl, Green Swirl, and Turquoise.

Write On,
Brian Goulet