Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 2012 Ink Drop Reveal: Scribal Work Shop Cryptid Inks

It's not often we get to completely surprise our Ink Drop members these days, but we managed to pull it off this month! This month features Scribal Work Shop's line of Cryptid inks, which consists of 5 colors all themed after mythical creatures. These include Kraken, Leviathan, Nessie, Siren, and Zhulong. The inks are conventional fountain pen inks that are made by chemist Lucas Tucker, an alumnus of Virginia Tech. He was actually in school around the same time as Rachel and me, as well as other Hokies on our team!

Lucas has an interesting story about starting his company, and you can read about all that here. The main theme of his story is that he wants to be independent, an entrepreneur, and we can certainly appreciate that! He reached out to us about his inks and after I tried them for myself, I saw that he had a pretty decent thing going. As I sat there with swabs that I made of all 5 of his ink colors, it occurred to me that his nice palette of colors would be perfect as a surprise Ink Drop theme! We normally have to plan out our Ink Drop far in advance, but we had an opportunity to create this month's Drop as all Scribal Work Shop and it was just too exciting to pass up. I know Lucas is really excited at the opportunity to have so many members of the fountain pen community trying his ink at the same time as well, and it will be a great opportunity for him and his company to become known.

 Here are the Scribal Work Shop Cryptid inks that we featured in this month's Ink Drop:


This is a deep black ink, with very little shading. The Kraken was a many tentacled beast known for sinking ships and killing sailors. The accounts of the Kraken is considered by many to be maritime descriptions of giant squid.


This is a green ink. a The Leviathan is mentioned most notably in the book of Job. Believed by some to be a giant crocodile, and by others a giant multiheaded water dwelling beast.


This is one of the more pleasant purples I've seen lately, fairly dark and subdued. Nessie, or the Loch Ness monster is probably one of the most famous Cryptids, believed to be a giant dinosaur like beast that lives in Loch Ness in Scotland.


This is a medium-dark blue ink. Sirens were beautiful women, sometimes half bird, sometimes half fish or serpent, who drew sailors to their deaths with their enchanting music.


This is a true red ink. Zhulong is a mythological red dragon with a human face known in China to be responsible for the day and the night.

***We found that some of our Zhulong ink had mold growth in it that developed after the Ink Drop had been prepared and shipped out. We haven't heard from anyone that's received a sample that it has been a problem. If you do notice anything wrong with your Zhulong sample, let us know by sending an email to us, and we will make it right for you. I've talked to Lucas about why this has happened, and he explained that red dyes are more susceptible to these kind of issues, and he's going to use a stronger biocide in this ink moving forward. We won't have any bottles or samples of Zhulong for sale for the next several weeks as a result. I'll keep you up to date as I learn more. 

We're excited about Scribal Work Shop, and glad that we are still able to keep Ink Drop members on their toes. These colors are all very nice, the ink is well-behaved, and rather affordable. A 2-ounce/60ml bottle will retail for only $8, so this ink is sure to be one the fountain pen world will notice. What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. That is a lovely assortment of inks! It may have been because I'm fairly recent to the FP world, but every month that I was on the InkDrop was a surprise for me :D I look forward to be back~ (I left because the ink samples were accumulating... I need more excuses to write! :p)




    The other two will have to await judgement (haven't received my Ink Drop shipment yet, but I do live in the farthest reaches of the known world, i.e. eastern Canada). But oh, man, am I looking forward to using these.

    And $8 each? Jeez!

  3. I'm glad that every month was fresh for you : ) That's our goal!

  4. Yeah, it always takes a little longer for anything international, sorry for that!

  5. I liked the inks a lot and they all worked well on cheap paper and looked great on Rhodia.
    I'm surprised you didn't get shading on Nessie or Kraken. Nessie shaded well for me out of a med nib and Kraken had some shading. Both showed the shading better in print than cursive.

  6. An amusing story on Zhulong -- I loaded it into a modern Waterman when I got my Ink Drop -- the Waterman I use as my in-flight pen as it absolutely never leaks (as I posted about once here). And sure enough, it leaked all over the cap in my pocket during the flight. Not sure if this was just bad luck or because the ink was thinner than others I use, but when I had several napkins covered in Zhulong that I tried to hand to the flight attendant, she had a look of biohazard horror before I was able to convince her that it was ink and that I wasn't spewing blood all over the airplane :)

  7. So when the TSA updates its list of banned liquids on planes next month to include "red fountain pen ink," we'll know why :-)

  8. I can't wait to try them. The purple one looks particularly gorgeous.
    So will Lucas name any inks after unicorns?

  9. It's not that I didn't get any shading, I just didn't want to point out shading as one of the main features of these two inks. You can get shading, but not as easily as a lot of other inks I've used.

  10. I don't know, perhaps! I know he's planning to expand his line....what color would a unicorn ink be?

  11. I doubt that the ink itself was the cause of the ink, that's probably circumstantial. But wow, what a terribly suspicious color to leak on an airplane!

  12. Unicorn would make a great cryptid ink...Give me some color ideas and we'll add it to the list (Sasquatch Brown, Dragon Dark Red, Mermaid Turquoise)?

  13. I've been thinking of signing up for Ink Drop for a few months and this has convinced me that I should. If I join now, would October be the first shipment?

  14. That's great! Yes, you will get October's Drop as long as you order before October 15th.

  15. I dont like the smell of the ink. It remebers me on som cough sirup i had to drink if I were ill in my childhood. But i like this very bride red!

  16. This ink definitely has a unique smell to it....but honestly there aren't many inks that smell 'good', except scented ones, of course:P I've smelled enough inks now where I've actually come to like the smells.

  17. To me, it smells smoky, like incense..especially the black ink. I think it goes along with the brand quite well! Makes me feel like I'm writing in a medieval castle. It's not offensive to me at all!

  18. A 'Unicorn' ink that is pink/purple shaded would be beyond amazing!

  19. ...or how about a turquoise color called 'Jabberwock'?

  20. I agree! These inks do have a distinct smell to them, but I like it :)


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