Write Time 10/24/2012

Write Time is back! This is the first broadcast we’ve had in over 6 months, and it was a good one. We had a great crowd join us live, and here’s the recording of the video for those of you who wanted to hang out with us but just weren’t able to make it last night. We’re not able to record the chat, unfortunately, but we try to talk in such a way that you still understand everything that’s going on 😉

We covered a lot of topics over the hour and a half, but here are some highlights:

  • What we’ve been up to in the last 6 months
    • Pen Plaza
    • Goulet Gallery
    • Moving our shop
    • Moving our house
    • Candy in Goulet packages
    • Contests and giveaways
    • Live chat trial on Gouletpens.com
    • Various brands acquired and dropped and why
  • TWSBI Mini timeline (expected Monday 10/29/12)
  • Pilot Metropolitan timeline
  • Platignum timeline
  • Changes to Diamine Blue Black
  • New Noodler’s pen colors
  • Two new Private Reserve colors (coming tomorrow!)
  • Lamy Studio Royal Red Giveaway
  • Leuchtturm1917 thoughts

Of course, we talked about a lot of other things, and for anyone wondering about the smoke alarm going off at the end of the video, everything is fine 😉 Thanks to everyone who joined us live, and we’ll plan to see you next week, but not on Wednesday. Next Wed. is Halloween, and we’re going to have our broadcast instead on Friday Nov. 2nd at 9pm EDT to celebrate the first annual Fountain Pen Day! See you then : )

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • snedwos

    I really hope I win the pen, because I can get them in England already, but only with steel nibs. Oh well, I'll just get an italic instead… They do look great in real life, by the way, and feel amazing.

  • christine witt

    Totally think you should put together a package of a bunnnnnch of ink samples and then consider giving a small discount for buying the package. Fun! (and…our smoke alarm went off like that a few mornings ago…we contacted the manufacturer..they told us it's a warning that it's time to replace the unit. scared the daylights out of us – and the dogs!)

  • FraijoManda

    Nice to "see" you guys again! I noticed on the site that the black/clear twsbi minis are listed as coming in later than the clear and blacks, is this correct?

  • Rachel got busy and put together that Rohrer and Klingner sample set that night, and we could totally put together other ones.

    Yeah, our house is 15 years old and it would probably be a good idea to replace the smoke alarms anyway. I tested them all and they did fine, and they haven't freaked out like that before this broadcast or since. Crazy!

  • Which pen?

  • Yeah, we're only getting the black ones and clear ones this shipment. We won't get teh black/clear combo until the next shipment in 3 weeks or so 🙁

  • snedwos

    Oops, wrong thread. I meant the Royal Red Studio.

  • I live in Japan and picked up a Cocoon the other week with a blue aluminium body. I keep a bunch of Preras on hand and was planning to add to my collection, but the Cocoon was selling at the same price point (converter sold separately). Cap off, there's a bit of a ridge between the body and the grip, but it writes like a dream <3

  • I believe the Metropolitan is the same thing as the Cocoon in Japan, I'm not 100% sure. I don't know why they're selling for about the same price in Japan but in the US the Prera will list for $70 and the Metropolitan for $15. The Metropolitan doesn't have a converter that comes with it, which is part of it, but still. I'm supposed to get the Metro in today, so I'll be able to speak more intelligently about them then.

  • The Cocoon doesn't have a converter either and even if it did that wouldn't explain why it's nearly five times more expensive. Have I been conned!?! Possibly it's because it comes in a case (I don't know about the Metropolitan…), possibly just because for real handwriting most people here will use a brush pen. But I'll be interested to see your review when you get hold of it!

  • The Metropolitan does come in a case, the same black case that the Prera comes in, actually. I honestly don't know if there is a difference between the Cocoon and Metropolitan, they look to be the same, but I don't know why there would be such a difference in price.