Write Time is back!

After a 6 month hiatus, we’re bringing Write Time back! For those of you who don’t know about Write Time, it’s a live broadcast that Rachel and I did on a weekly basis for about a year and a half. After the birth of our daughter it was just too much for us to continue doing, so we went on an indefinite hiatus back in April. And that hiatus ends tomorrow!

The main idea behind Write Time is for us to be able to engage with anyone willing to visit with us. We will have a few topics that we plan to discuss, but we like to leave the format open for questions and feedback from anyone who wants to join us live in the chat as we talk. It’s a great way to be able to talk with us and hang out with a lot of other fun and passionate fountain pen folks. For those who just aren’t able to join us live, we will be recording the video portion (no chat) and posting it on our YouTube channel, as well as on Ink Nouveau the following day.

We’re eager to hang out with you again live this Wednesday, October 24th at 9pm Eastern US time. You can just go to the Write Time page here and watch the video and chat as it happens, but if you want to actually participate in the chat, you’ll need a JustinTV account. There will be ads shown during the video and there’s nothing we can do about that, it’s super-annoying and we all hate them, but hey, they’re streaming the video and chat for free so it’s worth the trouble. We actually looked into live streaming our own broadcast, and there’s just no way we’d be able to do it on our own. Justin helps us out and does a pretty fair job with it.

We’re really excited to bring Write Time back. It’s something that we’ve missed doing, and a lot of you have expressed to us that you really missed it, too. See you there!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Nicky

    Yay, so excited to hear that Write Time is back! I always really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to joining in the chat again.

  • Joly

    How cool is that!
    Wonderful to see the two of you so enthousiastic again and i'm truly looking forward watching you again!

    Greetz from Holland!

  • Erin

    Hooray! I'm glad to hear that you're coming back, and I'm excited for tomorrow!

  • HA! Love the intro to this video – yay for Write Time coming back!!

  • Hangglidernerd

    Thanks for the birthday gift.Write Time returns as as I turn 45.

  • Wayne Robinson

    Looking forward to it guys!

  • anaximander

    Great news! I'll be there.

  • Will Kimball

    This is great you guys! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  • Arielle

    Hi Guys! I watched the first part of the Write Time at 9 a while ago. Too bad I can't watch the next episodes as I will be in school that time. Congrats Rachel and Brian! *and to the mouse too. lol. 😀

  • Awesome! We're glad to be back, it's a very familiar place for us 🙂

  • The only reason we stopped doing it in the first place was because we weren't able to do it in a way that we enjoyed it anymore…it was very taxing because of our personal situation with newborn. But things are a little more settled now and we really want to be doing it again 🙂

  • We're glad to be back!

  • Yup! That's pretty much the maneuver we have to do whenever we want to sit down…or have company over…you've witnessed it, Joseph just piles his toys all over the couch! Of course now Ellie is in the habit of taking anything off the couch and flinging it onto the floor, so basically everything is a mess all the time 🙂

  • And that's exactly why we did it! Happy Birthday! 😉

  • Us too!

  • Yay 🙂

  • Definitely! We're glad to be doing it again.

  • Hi! Sorry you won't be able to hand with us live 🙁 But we're recording it just like we used to, so you can still go back and watch the new ones we're doing now.