Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Ink Drop Contest - Voting Time!

It's time to vote for the winners of the October Ink Drop contest! The theme was "Cryptid Inks" and the colors were Scribal Work Shop Kraken Black, Leviathan Green, Nessie Purple, Siren Blue, and Zhulong Red.

We are awarding three winners each month. First prize (the entry with the most votes) wins a $25 GouletPens.com gift certificate, and two runners-up each win $10.

We have twelve entries this month by 10 talented artists!

So check out all the entries here and then head on over to this survey to vote for your favorite!

Voting will end on Saturday, November 3 at 11:59pm EST. We'll announce the winner the next day along with the theme announcement and contest commencement for the next month.


  1. My goodness, there are some seriously talented people out there!

  2. Great contest and all of them are winners for me. But my vote is going to Gary L. the only one work with writing.

  3. I know! Each month, I never cease to be amazed :)


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