October Ink Drop Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered into our October “Cryptid Inks” Ink Drop Contest! The first-prize ($25) winner was Marta W.!

Our two runners up ($10) were Suzy L. and Kelli O. Congrats to all of you, and again, thank you to everyone for your submissions!

Tomorrow we’ll reveal the November Ink Drop colors and commence the new contest!

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  • <— Second place, Woohoo! Thank you! Marta and Kelli, congrats to both of you! I loved your drawings so much!

  • Kelli O

    Yay!! And congrats to you too, Suzy and Marta. I'd better go and pick something from my long wishlist. This Ink Drop Contest is so much fun. Hope there will be more entries next month. Can't wait to see what inks we'll get for November. Thanks, Goulet Pens. You guys are awesome.

  • Glenn

    Tomorrow? Why tomorrow? From the other post: "Voting will end on Saturday, November 3 at 11:59pm EST. We'll announce the winner the next day along with the theme announcement and contest commencement for the next month.". Well, we're at Nov. 7 and yet nothing about this month's theme 🙂

  • marta

    Congratulations to Suzy and Kelli!!! Wonderful artwork. I apologize for my belated note. Did not have access and ability to comment from my browser (new computer) but now thankfully solved.

  • Sorry about that, we lost track of time for a few days there! We've had a lot on our plate and this slipped through the cracks.

  • Breck

    Congratulations (belated). If any of the winners or contestants happen to read this I have a question regarding technique. I have trouble with ink and brush for coloring in areas. Ink does not behave like water colors. I am getting some very bad results with brush because the ink dries before I can get back to it from another area and this leaves unsightly "marks". Anyone know what I mean?

  • I'm definitely no expert when it comes to using inks as watercolor, I'd recommend you check out Jamie Grossman's blog: http://hudsonvalleysketches.blogspot.com

    I know that some inks are better than others when it comes to watercolor, but there's nothing specified by any of the ink manufacturers about which will work better for this purpose. You'll have to check out watercolor/ink washing blogs for that kind of info. I believe WetCanvas is a good forum for this info as well: http://www.wetcanvas.com

  • I just saw your question & thought I'd answer… Yes, ink does behave quite a bit differently than watercolor, since it's dye based instead of pigment (usually). I tend to let the ink kind of do what it wants, in a controlled way. To get a fairly even area of color, I normally wet the paper pretty well first, applying the ink with a large, wet brush. The faster you work, the less marks you will see. More often than not, though, I use the marks and variation to my advantage in a drawing. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • That's wonderful insight, Suzanne, thank you!