Edison Nouveau Encore Flecked Tortoise LE, progress

We’ve done two limited edition Edison Nouveau pens before (both Premieres) and we always made them before releasing them for sale. This is the first time we’ve done an Edison Nouveau LE with a pre-order, so it lends itself to the opportunity to show the pens in progress as they’re being made! 

I know at least 70 of you are very excited to see these pens come to life. Brian Gray has sent me the first round of pictures and I wanted to share. He says progress is going well, and everything is coming out nicely! The pictures are a few days old, I believe he’s a little further along now but this is the first of what Brian has sent me. The color of the pens in the image may not be completely accurate, Brian just snapped these quickly as his top priority right now is getting the pens made 🙂 To keep up to date with pictures, be sure to check out Brian’s gallery that he has for this project.

Raw rod stock, not too impressive as it is, but it’s what’s inside that matters….
Raw rod stock, an impressive display if you know what can come of this material!
Encore grip sections

Lower piece of the cap, beneath the center band

Pen bodies! The light makes the color look really drastic from different angles, as you can see here where the taper of the body on the end isn’t catching the light like the rest of the body is. 
I’ll keep you up to date as I have more pictures!
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Brian Goulet
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  • Josephine Robertson

    Beautiful! I missed out on this one by a couple days and I'm STILL kicking myself!

  • christine witt

    Ooh..can't wait1

  • Freddy

    I cannot wait for mine to arrive. I fell in love with the beauty of this pen as soon as you posted a photo. It became my first Edison pen, which I have been wanting for some time, and my first limited edition. Thank you for sharing the updates.

  • bgray43050

    In the last photo, the difference in the color at the barrel ends is not due to lighting. The barrels have only been bored about 3/4 of their final depth. So the ends will look more uniform once we do the final bore. This does a good job of illustrating the translucent properties of this really neat material.

    Thanks! More progress to come!

    Brian at Edison

  • Kelli O

    This is my first Edison Pen. I am so excited.

  • Awesome…can't wait to get mine!

  • Oh no! I'm sorry 🙁 Brian still has more of this material though, so you could always do a custom pen out of it…

  • I know! It's fun to see them in progress.

  • You made one heck of a great choice for a first Edison! I'm sure you're going to love it…as with just about every Edison pen I've ever held, it looks SO much better in person than in pictures!

  • Thanks for clearing that up, Brian! I didn't realize that, but it makes a lot of sense.

  • 🙂

  • I'm sure you'll love it! You could be looking at yours right in these pictures…well, most of yours anyway 😉

  • Yay! Hopefully it won't be too much longer, Brian's working hard!

  • RedFeather Jack

    There's my pen, right there….next to that other one!
    Looking forward to putting nib to paper…thanks for posting these. 🙂

  • Haha….it sure is! You just know your pen when you see it 🙂