Write Time Topics 12/5/12

We have some cool new stuff that’s just come in that we’d like to show you in tonight’s Write Time at 9pm EST. I’ve been really sick all this week, and still not feeling great (sore throat), but we’ll still plan to have the broadcast tonight unless I take a turn for the worst and need to cancel at the last minute. For right now, the show is still on 😉 Here’s what we plan to cover:

Right now is a crazy busy time around the Goulet shop and I’ve been a little light on the videos and reviews. It’s for that reason that Rachel and I want to do this particular broadcast. If you’ve had any questions about all the new stuff coming in lately, be sure to join us tonight!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Mike H

    I'll try not to fall asleep ten minutes before it begins like I did last week… haha.

  • Don


    You're quite the trooper! I hope to tune in tonight for the first time.


    P.S. Get well quickly.

  • Michael

    I saw some reviews on your site regarding Konrad Flex feeds. It seems some have had trouble with the feed not mating to the concave of the nib too well. Another concerned reviewer said a nib just broke near the tip after light use.

    I want a few more Noodler's Flex-nib pens (I have a Creaper) and I only hesitate to send my order to you due to these isolated reviews.

    I am a Fan of Noodler's! I like to fiddle with the Noodler's feed and nib to conform my style to my ink choice, but I do not want to re-form a feed.

    Can you comment tonight on QC and the Noodler's line?


  • Haha! Well at least it wasn't 10 minutes after the broadcast started, then I'd feel really bad 😉

  • Thanks! Yeah, this broadcast did take a lot out of us, but we're doing better now.

  • Sorry I didn't see your comment in time to cover it in the broadcast….we were not feeling well and just stuck to the topics at hand anyway, I could probably do a whole broadcast on the Noodler's flex pens! The Konrads seem to have a little more trouble with the feed than the Ahab, which is strange because it's the exact same nib and feed. I'm talking to Nathan about this and seeing if he can do something about it. In the grand scheme of things though, the Konrad still has a pretty low overall defect rate, they just seem to get a lot of attention because the price is so low and there are a lot of these pens floating around out there in the world now.