Write Time Topics 1/9/13

We’ve taken some time off of Write Time, but we’re coming back tonight! It’s the beginning of a new year for us, and we see a lot of potential for us in 2013. Here’s what we’d like to talk about tonight:

  • Our thoughts/ideas/goals for 2013, with your input about what you’d like to see us accomplish
  • New 2013 Rhodia/Clairefontaine products
  • Timelines for new Iroshizuku inks, TWSBI 580s, ebonite Konrad pens, the Diamine Music Set and other various new things
  • Our holidays at the Goulet shop/household

 If you have some time tonight, we’d love to have to stop by and see us at 9pm EST for Write Time!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • michael g. ellis

    I thought there's a podcast or way to hear it the next day. I'm trying your link and even one on Justin TV and neither of them work.

  • You may be visiting the wrong Podcast feed. We used to throw everything into one feed, but now we split out the Ink Nouveau videos into one, the Write Time videos into another, and the Write Time audio into another. It makes it so the content you get is more regular and consistent for each feed. Just do a search for "Write Time" in iTunes and you'll see the feeds there. Last night's broadcast is there.