January 2013 Ink Drop Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered into our January 2013 “Northern Lights” Ink Drop Contest, and to everyone who voted! There were so many great entries this month!

We were seriously impressed with all of them. It was a really fun, inspiring theme.

Art Winners: 

The first-prize ($25) winner was Michael F.!

The $10 Art runner-up was Suzy L.

Writing Winners: 

The first-prize ($25) winner was Dezi V.!

The $10 runner-up was Ted A.

Congrats to all four winners, and to everyone else who participated!

On Thursday we’ll reveal the February 2013 “Valen-tines Day” Ink Drop colors and commence the new month’s contest!

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  • Thank you to the Goulets and everyone who voted & congrats to the other winners!! 🙂 Everyone's work was especially beautiful this month, really a treat to see!

  • skyppere

    This is such a great idea… both the art and the writing. It's a pleasure seeing the winners and the runners up!

  • Michael

    I want to thank the Goulet Pen company for inspiring me to get back to art. The delicious anticipation each month makes the Ink Drop fun! The contest helps me put my ideas into action.

    Also, I cheated. Last October, we had an incredible all night display here at 61°33'5" N. I tried to share the experience, but that is akin to photographing the Grand Canyon. Actually, I find the Aurora more awe inspiring than the Canyon, and that's saying something. Alaska is awesome, really.

  • I was excited when we planned out this month, because I knew we'd get some cool artwork!

  • Thanks! I agree, great work all around from the entires this month : )

  • I'm so glad you're getting inspired! That's the best of what I could hope for, and a lot of why we do these kinds of things 🙂 I don't know that I'd consider you a cheater, but you definitely had the advantage of enhanced inspiration! That's great, I saw the pictures you sent and I can only imagine how supernatural the Aurora looks in person!