Love Letter Contest

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! See the winners here

You may have heard about the Lamy Royal Red Studio contest that we did back in October of 2012…we’re going to give some more away! February is often associated with Valentine’s Day and love, and we thought it would be fun to host a contest where you write a love letter expressing your love for fountain pes.

Here’s a list of all of the prizes that we plan to give away:

  • Two Lamy Royal Red Studios, brand new with a 14k nib of your choice: EF, F, M, or B
  • One of 5 bottles of ink, your choice of: 
  • Noodler’s Purple Heart, a lubricated purple Goulet exclusive
  • Noodler’s Qin Shi Huang, the latest Noodler’s color that fluoresces red under blacklight

That’s a total of 7 prizes that will go to 7 individual winners, with one winner for each prize.


The contest will begin as soon as this post goes live on, and will end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern US time on Thursday, February 28, 2013. To enter, you will need to physically mail a letter or postcard to:

Goulet Pen Company, LLC
10201 Maple Leaf Court
Ashland, VA 23005-8141
United States

You will need to include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The specific designation “Love Letter” somewhere on the letter
  • Your email address (so we can can contact you in a timely manner if you win)
  • Why you love fountain pens

That’s it! If you’re unable to physically mail in your entry, you could also scan and email your submission to us, as long as we get it by the contest deadline. This way, if you’re outside of the country and aren’t able to physically mail it to us in time, you have that option. We will plan to share some of our favorite entries, but the content of your submission won’t be a factor in your chance of winning. Still though, we plan to hang the letters on the wall of our office, so we’d love to see some fun stuff!


All qualifying entries will be compiled from the physical and emailed submissions, with each person’s name compiled into a single list with a number assigned to each qualifying entry. From this numbered list, we will randomly select the winning numbers using The specific prizes will be randomly assigned to each winner. If you’re chosen for one of the Studios, you will get your choice of nib size (EF, F, M, B), and if you’re chosen for the ink you will have your choice of either Purple Heart or Qin Shi Huang.

We will announce the winners of the contest in a blog post on Friday, March 8th, 2013. We will contact all winners after the announcement to coordinate getting prizes to them. If you are a winner and there is no way to reach you or if you don’t respond to us within three days after the announcement, we will consider your prize forfeited and offer it to an alternate winner. We will cover all shipping costs for the prizes if applicable, both within the US and internationally.

We hope this contest will be a fun way to share our fountain pen passion with others, and it’s a great way for us to say thanks for supporting us and what we do. Thanks everybody, and good luck!

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! See the winners here

Write On,
Brian and Rachel Goulet

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  • Andrew C

    Holy poop! I've been drooling over that red Studio for a while. As I don't have any extra $$$ right now, this may be my first best chance.

  • Joe

    Nice color combo with the shirts, Brian. Best color combo ever!

  • Bodah Christiansen

    Sweet! This is going to be a kick. The red studio makes my heart flutter a bit and the concept of the Love Letter is, well lovely.

  • If I win one of the pens, I sure hope it's the one with the cap included. :p

  • Hey, for the cost of a stamp you could win a nice pen, what's wrong with that? 😉

  • That combo is no accident 😉 Not relevant to the contest, just what I happened to be wearing that day to motivate our newest (Hokie) employee.

  • You could write about how your heart flutters for the Royal Red Studio, that would be an extremely appropriate letter for this contest!

  • Hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? 😉 Haha!

  • Tim Ames

    So silly of me to say this, but I want the ink!!! OK, I will not say "no" to the pen of course LOL

  • Well, of course I think all of us would take the pen over the ink 😉 But it's good to see you're excited about the prospect of just the ink, too!

  • Niall Casey

    I am drooling over the Lamy!

  • Roger Bello

    I am sending my letter today the 25th from South Florida, I am not sure if it will get there by Thursday the 28th. Will it still be valid if it is received afterwards but stamped prior to the 28th? I also have it scanned but did not want to double enter to make it confusing. 😉 Again thanks for such a great contest.

  • Pen Klepteau

    Brian and Rachel, I've been rewriting mine because it's too long! I hope the postmark of Feb. 28 qualifies because it won't arrive before then since I'm going to get it hand cancelled tomorrow (the 28!)

  • Go ahead and email it to us, the double-entry won't be confusing, we'll get that straight.

  • Do you have a scanned/picture copy of it? The reason we made the contest last all month was to give plenty of time to mail it, and we have the option to scan and email it for anyone sending it late. You'll need to get us an emailed copy before March 1st…that's what we set out in the rules, I'm sorry! We have to be fair to everyone.

  • Pen Klepteau

    Thanks, Brian. Guess I thought "contest for month of February" that it had to be postmarked by then. I already mailed it tonight at the Post Office, but I did make a copy. So will scan it and email it to you. Next time I'll get it done quicker! I appreciate your response.

  • Haha, I don't know when we'll do another mail-in contest, but next time we do I'll be more clear 🙂 You should be good this time though!

  • snedwos

    If I win the ink, I'll have a dilemma. Which one do I want more? I'll probably go Qin Shi Huang, but…

  • Decisions decisions… 😉