Changing Noodler’s Army Green…BACK!

Back in September of 2012, I posted this blog post talking about the change that Noodler’s made to Army Green. It was originally an olive green color, and changed to more of an emerald green. I wasn’t the only one who preferred the original olive color, and the responses on Ink Nouveau and my YouTube video reinforced my thoughts. Army Green was great as it was, and should be changed back.

Left: Original and now current Army Green formula. Right: Old emerald formula made from Sept. 2012-March 2013

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment with their support, Nathan (Noodler’s creator) was able to see the support that the original color had, and decided to change it back. It took from September 2012 until March 2013 for the emerald color to work its way through the Noodler’s distributor, but now I can say that the original Army Green is what will be made going forward. At we’re seeing only the original color coming through our shop, but if you’re looking to buy at other retailers you may just want to ask them which color they have in case they have old stock.

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone! It was because of the grassroots support for the original color that Nathan changed it back. Bravo to Nathan for listening to his fans, too.

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Brian Goulet

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  • Susan

    Bravo to Nathan! And to Brian! Collaboration and customer service–a beautiful thing.

  • Incredible! Super-excited about the return of original Army Green. I'd stupidly given away the rest of my existing (original color) bottle, and then learned about the change.

  • Mine turned brown, but that wasn't a bad color!

  • Fabienne

    Wow I had no idea there was a movement. I had bought a bottle, it was emerald and I hated it. Gave it away and have resisted believing that Noodler's Army Green was really that great dark chartreuse I wanted. Thanks for posting this, Facebooking it and lobbying for it to come back.

  • Anonymous

    This news really made my day!!

  • Nathan Stone

    Excellent… I will be putting in an order for the old formula in short order.

  • Judging from the swabs, the emerald Army Green was nice enough but a dime a dozen, really: the original version was a gorgeous dark olive, and as soon as I run out of Herbin Vert Olive I am getting some of the Noodler's.

  • pjh

    Ditto, Susan. Thanks Nathan! Thanks Brian!

  • Syed Ali

    That is great news!

    Thank you Nathan for bringing back the Olive, I'm glad you changed it back!

    I was already a Noodler's fan, and now I am a fan with more conviction. Now if you could release more of the Konrad Ebonites I'd be ecstatic. The Mottled Green would be a perfect pen for Army Green (original) ink.

    And thank you Brian for the awesome job you do on your blog. I visit it often.

    In the midst of this Army Green episode, I went searching for other similar greens, and I tried R&K Alt Goldgrun which I thought came pretty close. And I picked up a prototype Franklin Christoph Emerald ink, its more of an olive color and less Emerald (in this context). I didn't go for J. Herbin Vert Olive.

    So now I have a sizeable cache of green inks.

    My dilemma is, do I get the Army Green (original) now? or do I wait for Konrad Ebonite Mottled green to be back in stock.

    I have the K. Ebonite Walnut and Chestnut colors, but I want to collect all of them. I love that pen!!

  • Maja

    Exactly—the new AG was pretty run-of-the-mill (but a nice green, nonetheless), but the old formula is a lovely shade of green that is harder to find. Thanks, Nathan!

  • Leah in NC

    Thanks Nathan! Thanks Brian! Olive rocks!

  • Michael Hosea

    I missed this video when it came out. Although back in September I talked about using Gruene Cactus Eel, my preference has shifted back to Army Green again. It's good to hear that I can replace it when the time comes!