Love Letter Contest Winners!

As you may recall from earlier this month, we announced a little contest where we would be giving away two Royal Red Lamy Studios (winner’s choice of 14k nib), and 5 bottles of ink (winner’s choice of either Noodler’s Purple Heart or Noodler’s Qin Shi Huang).

We had anyone interested mail in entries all during the month of February for a chance at a random drawing for the prizes, and we’ve selected our winners! So without further delay, here are the winners. For privacy’s sake, we’re only posting the first name and first initial of the last name, we checked to make sure there are duplicates are there shouldn’t be any confusion based on what we’re posting here:

Lamy Studio #1: Bhuvana
Lamy Studio #2: Tess G.
Ink Bottle #1: Stephanie H.
Ink Bottle #2: Guiseppe A.
Ink Bottle #3: Lisa R.
Ink Bottle #4: Benjamine F.
Ink Bottle #5: Jennifer B.

The winners are all being emailed apart from this blog post, to get information about where to ship their prizes. However, in accordance with the rules that we originally laid out, if they fail to respond within 3 days of this blog posting, we will select an alternate winner for the prize in limbo and contact them on an individual basis. If you’re unsure whether you won or not, send us an email to confirm.

280 Love Letter Entries

We have gotten a few people asking why we chose to make this a random drawing rather than picking winners based on our ‘favorite’ letters, and that’s a very valid question. The main reason we didn’t want to do that is because honestly, it’s just really hard to pick favorites! We received some letters where there was amazing drawing/ink washing work, some had simply mind-blowing calligraphic handwriting, and others were cartoons that were very funny and clever. Some were elaborate sonnets, others were adorable stories written by 9-year-old kids. We have no idea what criteria we would have used to pick favorites with such a diverse range of entries. We ended up with right about 280 entries, so you can imagine the time it would have taken to give everyone fair consideration for winning if it was based on picking a favorite, and how subjective that would have been. We’ll consider that for future contests, though.

Though we didn’t pick winners based on favorites, we do have some letters that really stood out to us and we will feature those in a separate blog post once we contact those individuals and get their permission to use their work (keeping it anonymous, of course). Thank you so much to everyone who entered, it’s so awesome to see how much love there is for the beloved fountain pen 🙂

Write On,
Brian and Rachel Goulet and the rest of the Goulet team

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  • Jonathan Lebel

    Congratulations to all the winners. Hope there are more contests like this one soon. Now I'm going to have to try to not convince myself that I need to spend $160 on a pen. That studio is so beautiful though.

  • We'll definitely plan to do something like this again, it was a lot of fun 🙂 I'm really amazed to see how many people entered, and to read how much everyone loves fountain pens! It was very inspiring.

  • Brenda

    Nice! Congrats to the winners!!

  • Sealy

    Thanks, Goulets, for another great contest and congrats to the winners! I can just imagine the excitement you must be feeling. Good stuff!
    I wrote a letter but alas, it is still sitting here waiting to be stuffed in an envelope. O_o
    I shall mail it in as a thank you letter instead.

    ~ Signed, The Eternal Procrastinator.

  • Oh, I'm sorry you missed it! But we'd still love to have your letter. We'll be hanging them all up around our office, as motivational wall decorations 🙂

  • Bodah

    Congratulations to the winners! It was a fun contest and I enjoyed writing my story. Thank you Goulet's for another fun way to do what I love doing so much.
    I love the Red Studio and will save my pennies to get one, come hell or high water.

  • Thank you for taking part in it 🙂 Sorry you didn't win, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself anyway.

  • For a future contest like this one, it would be interesting if there were a simple way to offer a set number of random prizes and then also create some sort of entrant's choice vote where the people who have entered could vote on any entry for that prize. This would be a real challenge to administrate unless there is already a tool out there to do it with.

    Failing that, setting aside a small pool of prizes for the cream of the crop entries would be interesting. They could be as simple as perhaps a single use coupon code for a free ink sample of the winner's choice with their next order. Enough of these prizes could be offered to make it pretty easy to screen them to determine who got the prize.

    It's a tough thing to administrate, for sure.

  • Chuck R

    Very impressive response! And the Spencerian script on the airmail envelope in your photo is very humbling.

  • I know, that one just blew me away!

  • Yeah, I think next time we could definitely look to do something more like this, it was our first write-in contest and we didn't want to overcomplicate things.

  • Laura Roberts

    Do we get to see any of the entries? I'm curious about some of the Goulet faves!

  • Of course! We've picked out favorites and were working on contacting those individuals before we published them in a blog post. It'll be coming out this coming week 🙂