Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TWSBI Diamond 50P Inkwell

TWSBI has just released their Diamond 50P inkwell, and I've been getting a lot of questions about what makes it different from the Diamond 50 inkwell. I covered how to use the Diamond 50 in this video. In today's video I talk about the two, and show how to use the Diamond 50P. Here's what I cover:
  • Unboxing the TWSBI Diamond 50P (0:45)
  • Showing the 5 bottle colors (1:40)
  • Comparing the plastic 50P cap to the aluminum 50 cap (2:10 and 6:35)
  • Using the Diamond 50P inkwell to fill a TWSBI Mini (or 530/540/580) (2:40)
  • Using the Diamond 50P to fill a standard international converter (4:25)
  • Swapping caps with the Vac-20 bottle (4:43)
So you might be asking yourself, why get this one instead of the Diamond 50? The main reason is price, the 50P is $18.99, the 50 is $25.00. It's not a gargantuan difference, but it's noticeable. The biggest plus I see to the 50P is that its cap will work better when swapped with the Vac-20, if that's appealing to you. But the main draw is the price.

What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Does this work with Lamy converter LZ26

  2. I think they should have made the whole thing plastic instead of just the cap.


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