Edison Beaumont Stealth LE Coming Soon!

Brian Gray just announced that an Edison Beaumont is coming in a sleek stealth design! It’s a limited edition, to be released next week with a total of 100 pens worldwide, and each pen will be individually numbered. We’re fortunate to be one of the retailers carrying them at GouletPens.com. They are a black resin with ruthenim colored clip and centerband and ruthenium-plated stainless steel nib engraved with the Edison logo. Ruthenium is a plating that is a gun-metal color, and is something that Edison has rarely done in the past. No production Edison pen has been available with ruthenium trim before.

The Beaumont Stealth LE is going to be released next week, we’re not yet sure what day but we’ll update when we know. You will be able to pick one up for yourself in an extra-fine, fine, medium, or broad nib for $159. This is a cartridge/converter pen (converter included). The Beaumont is not recommended for eyedropper conversion because of the way the blind cap is assembled on the pen. To be notified as soon as we have these pens available, sign up for our “email me when back in stock” notification here.

Edison Beaumont Stealth LE, cartridge/converter pen
Pens will be individually numbered XXX of 100 with a subtle engraving on the pen body

Ruthenium nib and trim is something never offered on a production Edison before

To see how the size of the Beaumont compares to other pens, check out the Pen Plaza, and to see how the Edison nibs write, check out the Nib Nook on GouletPens.com.

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T14:27:20+00:00 April 11th, 2013|Pen News|8 Comments
  • Roger

    Brian, this is not helping the money drain that fountain pens have quickly become. Every time I sit down and thing "okay, that's enough for now," something like this pops up.

  • Eduardo Molina

    I am so ready to buy one, I already love the Beaumont, but the gun metal finish that's just fantastic!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any chance he might stealthify the the 1.1 and 1.5 nibs as well?

  • At this point no. Maybe in the future. Thanks!

  • Andy

    I have a question about this pen nib. I used the nib nook and I just wanted to ask if the Ef nib on this pen would be similar to a Pilot 74 custom F nib. Thanks!

  • Yup, those would be a pretty even match!

  • aw, sorry! 😉

  • yeah, Brian really nailed it with this one 🙂