Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad Flex Pens

Noodler’s is legendary for its inks, and has become a major force in the pen world the last couple of years. They’re stepping up their game once again with the release of Acrylic Konrad Flex Pens. This acrylic acetate is the same shiny, sparkly material that you see many higher-end pen companies use because of it’s visual appeal, durability, and stain resistance. The dimensions, fit and finish are nearly identical to the Ripple Ebonite Konrads you saw come out in December 2012 (the overall pen is just a tad shorter), which is a good thing in my view. In this video I showcase the four colors being released with the introduction of these pens, which include John Mung, Himalayan Ruby, Baikal, and Rattlesnake & Adrenaline. There will be more colors to come, you know that Noodler’s likes varying colors in their pens! Many of you will also appreciate that this material does not have that distinct “Noodler’s pen smell”.

Top to bottom: Noodler’s resin Konrad, Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad, Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad

Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad Flex Pen, in Baikal

Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad Flex Pen, in Himalayan Ruby

Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad Flex Pen, in John Mung

Noodler’s Acrylic Konrad Flex Pen, in Rattlesnake & Adrenaline

I did a post yesterday about the release of these pens tomorrow, see that here. They are more expensive than the resin Konrads, because the acrylic is a more expensive material. But still, $40 is not too bad for what you’re getting! And it’s a #6 nib, so you can put a Goulet nib or any other #6 size nib you have in it (see how here) to increase its versatility. I’m glad to see these pens come available, and I think it’s a step forward for Noodler’s pens.

What do you think?

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T03:37:43+00:00 April 16th, 2013|Pen Reviews|15 Comments
  • Michelle Busse

    Really excited about a new Noodler's pen (and the Goulet nib of course) that doesn't have that resin smell. Took me forever to figure out what it was on my first pen, if the colors weren't so fun, the resin pens wouldn't be an attractive option at all.

  • Peter

    Like the blue one, but cannot order right now and would like to see the other colours also. Do you know if these will be available for a longer period of time and if these will be discontinued when the new colours come? …. I would like to order one together with the Goulet nibs…

  • Da

    I just hope they work better than the 3 Konrads I have

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Konrad has been by far my favorite Noodler's. I don't need them, but I purchased a John Mung, and I got a brown ebonite. I'm kind of hoping this Acrylic comes out in some kind of a green or a really dark red.

  • marchsky

    Do want!

  • I wonder if Nathan would trade me a couple of Ahabs for an acrylic pen. The resin is just too soft or something and my ink reservoirs won't stay on the sections any more. 😛

  • inkstainedruth

    Love the blue one, but I'm not sure my budget can handle the extra $20 any more than it could for the ebonite ones. I think I'm going to have to settle for one of the "standard" resin ones for the time being — I've really liked both of the ones I've gotten so far (and didn't particularly notice the odor of the resin).

  • Yeah, the smell is definitely something to be experienced with the resin pens…these ones are a completely different material, and are probably very recognizable if you have any other acrylic pens.

  • Honestly, I don't really know the future of any Noodler's pen! I know there is at least one follow-up batch of these colors, and I think around 6-7 more colors that will be coming relatively soon. But since we're out of most Goulet nibs right now, it's actually good that we don't have more Noodler's pens yet 😉

  • Celluloid has it's own smell, different than the Noodler's resin pens. I like the blue too! But I'm a sucker for blue 😉

  • Reports have been good so far. I'm sorry you're having trouble with yours, shoot us an email at and we'll try to help you out.

  • I don't know what the future colors will be, those would be cool 🙂

  • Hmm, I'm sorry to hear that! How old are your Ahabs?

  • Fair enough, there is still a really good selection of colors in the standard line.

  • marchsky

    Any idea when these will be back in stock?