Apica Premium CD Notebooks

Apica has always made decent paper, so when I heard they were coming out with a premium line, I just had to get my hopes up. Often, when I get my hopes up, it’s easy to be disappointed….but not here. Seriously, this paper is awesome. It’s not perfect, and I go over all that in the video, but it is seriously some paper worthy of the name “premium”. Here’s what I talk about:

  • Paper quality and dry time (0:50)
  • More writing samples and doodles (2:25)
  • Paper color/comparison to other brands (4:12)
  • Writing on the paper (5:39), Notebook sizes (7:55)
  • Cover colors and rulings (9:15)
  • Binding and cover quality (11:36)

There are 4 different sizes, with 3 different rulings. The rulings determine the cover color: lined = blue, blank = black, and graph = red. You can see the nitty-gritty details of all the different specific notebooks at GouletPens.com. Though Apica doesn’t advertise the paper weight, it is my best guess that it’s around 90g. It’s consistent throughout the whole line, the paper does not change from one notebook to another. It’s super-smooth, very ink resistant, and it’s really tough to get any ink to bleed or feather, it really holds up.

All the notebook sizes come with 96 sheets, which is as thick as most bound journals. This is a pretty new line, so if you have any experience with it I’d love to hear your thoughts. It’s not cheap stuff, it is a premium in every sense of the word (prices range from $12.60-$27.00 per notebook). But they are nicer, sturdier, and thicker than the regular Apica line, so the premium is justified in my eyes. Will it be for you? I can’t say that for sure, but if you like the feel of Clairefontaine and Rhodia Premium, then you will probably like this paper a lot!

Apica Premium, available in 4 different sizes: A6, A5, B5, and A4. Colors correspond to their ruling: blue = lined, black = blank, and red = graph. 
Apica Premium A6, the smallest of the bunch at 105mm x 148mm (4.13″ x 5.82″). 96 sheets, in lined, blank, or graph.

Apica Premium A5 is 148mm x 210mm (5.82″ x 8.27″), with 96 sheets in lined, blank, or graph.
Apica Premium B5, similar to the A5 but slightly larger at 182mm x 257mm (7.17″ x 10.12″). 96 sheets, in lined, blank, or graph.
Apica Premium A4, biggest of the group at 210mm x 297mm (8.25″ x 11.75″). 96 sheets, in lined, blank, or graph.
Apica Premium notebooks have stitched and glued bindings, better than the staplebound Apica CD in their normal line.

The lined notebooks have three different size rulings. A6 is 6.5mm, A5 and B5 is 7mm, and A4 is 8mm. 

Apica Premium is thicker than most notebooks at 96 sheets, but still lies completely flat when open because of its excellent stitched and glued binding.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Kiran

    Awesome review! So glad to see some more options in the unruled category. Do the unruled notebooks have the index page at the front? I like that index page!


  • Robert

    Thanks for another great review! I'm really looking forward to giving this paper a try. I'm particularly pleased that they offer a variety of ruling options. Is this paper available loose or unbound (seperate sheets)?

  • Nope, only bound. It is some good stuff though!

  • Richard

    Thank you Brian for the information you provide on your blog. I just recently started getting into fountain tip pens, paper, and ink; and your blog is a good road map for my burgeoning interest. I wish I had known about Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens sooner. Right now I have a Clairefontaine basic life unplugged notebook, and this is the only paper I have tried so far. Your review has really sparked my curiosity in Apica. I am just wondering how the Apica Premium CD notebooks compare to the aforementioned Clairefontaine notebooks? Would you choose one over the other?

  • I just received my order, one A5 (Black, Blank) and one A5 (Red, Graph), and they are REALLY nice. Pretty amazing quality for about the same price as a Moleskine soft-cover (and MUCH better paper quality). I only wish they had an elastic band. But they are juicy. If you're a notebook geek, you should really try one. I can't wait to start using them.